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Hope everyone has had a wonderful Mom’s day. We took Mom to Paula Deen’s Fri for her Mom’s day (previous post) and then took her some of her favorite things today as a surprise (all the flavors of her Welch’s bubbly drink we could find and some popcorn and a gourmet sweet roll) and took her to church.

George took me to the Hermitage yesterday for my Mother’s Day outing. And we ate with Mom again today at her house. I ordered her things on the internet she needed and got her driver’s license ordered with the new address and her voter registration along with that so she can vote in the upcoming election. Our week and our weekend has worn me down and I came home and could not move or do another thing. I also had a couple of stabbing head pains. So I took a pretty good nap and forced myself to get out of bed, drink coffee, and “start the day again” and begin on our laundry for the weekend, changing my sheets, getting my vitamin pack reloaded, ironing my dress pants, picking out my wardrobe for the week, and packing up my work bag for things I’ll need this week. I opened the boxes from Target that came in a few days ago finally and got that stuff put up.

Happily, late afternoon, I got a face time call from Katy and River this afternoon to wish me Happy Mom’s Day. It was good to hear from them today and watch River play and eat dinner. I am sad to learn that their Findlay dog is experiencing swelling and issues from her recent intestine surgery and is having to have a plasma infusion – something to put protein back in her blood to help her gut recover. I only got bits and pieces. It sounded complicated. The cost for this is astounding. So pray from them as they deal with all this on top of everything else. I hope Findlay dog will be ok.

Hopefully within the next few days, I’ll be able to post our Saturday and give our day out the proper attention it deserves on a blog entry. It will take some time to get all the pics in and I just really don’t have time today, tomorrow or the next day. Unless it is in the evening. I’m cooking tomorrow night though. And will have to finish up laundry. The whites are washing now. I still have two or three loads to go and didn’t get George’s sheets done yet. The dusting is needed but it’ll have to go as I ran out of day and got tired and decided to do this blog entry as I ate leftover squash for dinner. Just not very hungry.

I worked on editing you tube videos some this weekend doing voice overs, picking out music and doing some editing (not all that much – I think I had 45 minutes worth in two or three sessions, not enough to sneeze at). But I’m in transition mode in my head regarding the changes I’m wanting to make as I morph into the next chapter with that. I’m still pondering how things will work. So basically scratching some of what I’ve worked on with this latest one. But mostly just not getting enough down time to think about it much less to work on it.

We will have been gone for 21 days straight I think by this next weekend without having a full day at home to work on things here. So I gave up TV tonight (robbing Peter to pay Paul with time again) to be able to finish some chores. I know we have been gone the last two weekends – not having a day at home. And more plans this weekend and then plans next weekend too. My colonoscopy is also coming up. I hope it goes well and I survive being put under. My body has been weird lately, so I’m hoping it all goes well. God is in control. I’m not used to having ZERO days at home for a month. Oh I forgot we are off on Memorial Day. I hope we have ZERO plans. I need to have a day to recoup and regroup. It’s very depressing being so busy.

My mind and body is so tired. And now I’m having these head pains that keep getting stronger in my right temple area. They have come and gone for a year just periodically. Very minor pains. Not really enough to mention. I think I’ve mentioned a few times though as I figured it was from chewing gum or something and the muscles shooting pain upwards from my teeth to my forehead/temple. It mostly doesn’t occur. Today it has been excruciating several times. Not a constant pain but just like a nerve thing that shoots periodically. It’s like having a contraction in temple if you can imagine that. If it continues tomorrow (I will try not to chew gum) I’ll have to be seen about that. I can’t go on with this. I think I will take an aspirin. It’s done it several times in the last hour.

Pray for everyone. I need your prayers. I need to feel better. I need to lose weight to do that too. Findlay needs to get better. I need a dog to love and love back. And am getting desperate for one. Even though I know we are probably not here enough. I would have gone to visit some places today if they had been open – rescue centers etc. And there are some hurts in my heart that need fixing but I won’t discuss that here.

I’ll go to sleep tonight grateful for the God we have that loves us so much- even if life seems to suck temporarily in so many ways. And hopefully he will see us through all that we need him to see us through.

I will try to be grateful for at least the warm bed to sleep on, family, a roof over my head, books that I enjoy thinking about getting to read the next chapter, and Netflix shows when we can sit at the end of a busy day – if we have time leftover, and a puzzle that I have at least framed the outline on that I wanted to work at Christmas, lol. Tonight I chose to blog (robbing that Peter to pay Paul in time syndrome again), instead of watching a show. I’ll close before this blog begins to sound like a scene from The Jerk. “All I need is this tennis racquet and this chair…” I tried to embed the scene but it wouldn’t let me. I’ll try not to be sentimental of the things we have left in life. But I do miss the things that are gone and are no more and routines that use to guide life along.

George’s week is supposed to be pretty stressful so pray for him too. I suppose I’ll be back mid-week. Or perhaps in the evenings. My life is so reshuffled and rearranged and off beat. I’m not sure where I will be when. Nothing is like it used to be. Yet here we are, scrambling and trying our best every day. Even when life disappoints or keeps us guessing, we keep trying. Each day starts anew. I mean what else are you gonna do?

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  1. You need to schedule a weekend at HOME. Your Home. You might have to turn down an invitation or two & make sure mom is good to go, but you need to STAY HOME. You need your home time more than running around. I know you live to be busy but you can be busy at home. Or Not.
    I get weird when I don’t have my home time. I love company. I love going out to eat. I love going to the beach every May, but this year I had to draw a line & pass on going to the beach, my brother’s house. Now I feel quilty about my decision, but there are 4 of us involved & I had to be the adult voice of reason. LoL
    I hope Findlay will be ok. 🙏
    You should be fine with your colonoscopy. They shouldn’t put you out OUT. Just a bit of twilight. I’m proud of you.
    I made Paula Deans ooey gooey butter cake once. It was so good & totally disgusting. I felt so quilty every time I took a bite. I would be in hog heaven if I went to her restaurant.
    I hope you rest tonight. If the pain in your head persists please do something. You need to find a doctor that you like. I know.
    I’m sorry your Mother’s day wasn’t exactly what you wanted, but I’m glad you got to talk with Katy & River. 😍
    Nite – nite 😴

  2. Morning Sonya It’s 6-25am over here so I’m hoping you are fast asleep in bed, and that your brain as at last resting. You seem to have had a wonderful weekend, certainly a packed one, but as you say every day is packed or seems to be. You have Memorial Day in your own hands you can stay home shut the door refuse to move…OR….you can arrange to go visit Mum, go out with George, go see friends, worry about work etc etc etc it’s up to you. It’s in your hands. You don’t need to feel guilty about upsetting other people ( ie Mum) you MUST take a day on your own…..PLEASE…….I’m sorry to read about Finlay, I hadn’t realise he was so poorly. I do hope whatever the vet has done will have cured him and that they won’t have to continue with vats bills, I know how quickly they can mount up especially when you don’t have pet ins. and that’s so expensive many of us try to avoid paying that, and just keep fingers crossed we won’t have a big bill (….I used to put money away every week/ month in a separate box just for Masy in case of big vet bills ) that did work out in my favour I think…..It was nice though that you were able to see the wee one and Kate on Mothers Day…..well love best go and get my day started. We are having some lovely weather lately so I’m thankful for that and Thank God that I’m able to sit out to enjoy it. God Bless take care xx

  3. I love the picture of you and your husband. You two make a cute couple. Vets are too expensive. My Mil use to take her two poodles all the time. I could not believe what they charged her to pull two bad teeth. It was more than a human dentist would charge. . One time her dog even had tonsilitis. I didn’t know dogs had tonsils. I hope Findlay pulls through whatever is ailing him.
    I am sorry you are feeling bad. If it keeps on call your Dr. Maybe you could take a couple of days off just to get some rest and destress.

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