Fabulous Easter Weekend / Slammed for Quarter End / Our Busy Schedule

Good morning! I’m in a terrific rush this morning but wanted to pop in as I see that people are popping in to check for new blog entries. It’s quarter end and I’m all out of time and having to use my morning blog time to get in extra work time. But my heart melted when I saw the regulars were coming on to look for a post. So here I am for quick update. Thank you for checking the blog the last couple of days.

We had a fabulous Easter Sunday. It was everything I’d been wanting a holiday to be – even if it was just the three of us. Katy was regularly sending pics of their day and that made my heart glad to see River. He had some cute pics which I’ll share at the end in the “Meanwhile in TX” section.

We went to church, had Subway at Mom’s. We went back to our place and spent the afternoon shopping. I bought some clothes (capri pants) and we went on line and ordered Mom’s patio furniture. George is going to have to put together not only my office filing cabinet with shelves unit that came in but also her patio furniture has to be put together. So he is lined up with not only regular work, commute, yard work, but keeping all us chics happy with our maintenance needs. Bless him.

But I was happy with the meal, and it was a pleasant and happy day with no arguments, no demands, and no fussing, nothing fell apart, nothing bad happened, and everyone was in a good mood including myself. So I’ll take it. Got a love a family holiday with no drama and no crises.

So the TOP deal of the day for me is getting quarter end (QE) accomplished. I’ve been leaving work (I say early but it is really on time) for the last couple of weeks as we have had appts and things going on. But it’s the last two weeks of the month and I have a huge chunk of quarter end left with no Saturday’s that I can work. Most of my progress toward QE is done on Thurs and Fri afternoons after my regular duties are done for those days. And well, this Friday is Mom’s eye appt. Saturday is Fancy’s trim so I can’t work then. And the last weekend of the month would be ideal to work but we are going to Knoxville and have had that planned since February and I’m not cancelling it just because life tries to run us over! It will be what it will be. So I’ve been going in early and staying late to try to get in some hours. The problem is that the payroll side has also been busy and we had the Holiday off. (You never really get the day off do ya? I mean you do but you see me making it up this week right? It’s all a scam, LOL).

But I checked my blog expecting to see that everyone had gone on about their lives and wouldn’t have gotten an alert and that my numbers and visits would be low. Then I saw the analytics and I realized people were stopping by to check for a post, I had to pop in. So I thank you for that.

I’ll be back eventually and am enjoying a little break from blogging. I DID change the picture though. I considered changing the blog format but really it’s the picture that needing changing most of all. While I’m taking a break, I’m considering what it is I really WANT TO DO, when it comes to blogging and also the videos. I believe I have determined and decided that I will continue both. I enjoy both, but I may have to reconsider the structure of both, the timing and the content. Being away some from both is helping, but it also makes me a little miffed that I’m not getting to do things I love for at least two weeks.

Many rob Peter to pay Paul when it comes to money. We do that around here with “time”, as you know. It has usually hampered my video time but now even the blog time is getting blown to smithereens. By doing this very blog post at 5:30 this morning instead of getting dressed and being on the road, is an hour I’m likely going to be behind in getting QE finished.

I sent George the schedule as he wanted to do a couple of things this month. I’m not sure we’ll get to do much. Here is our/MY schedule for April and May and some of June. This is on top of work and church and what is not scheduled is things like grocery shopping for us and for Mom – things like that. Mom and I also want to get our toes done and I want to do it this week but there is just not a good time because I’m working late in addition to going in early. Yes burning the candle at both ends! I have to QE done by end of the month! And then everyone always gives me their stuff at the last minute to do unemployment returns and transport’s returns. And then there is Oregon whose returns are a bear. And a lot of them too. Even if I’d been given the data on time to file them I’d have not had time in the month yet to do them. ::sigh::

So we are busy people and so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to pop in – until April is over. But I’ll do my best while trying to juggle. This month blog and video time gets robbed. It all gets robbed from somewhere and it just goes around in a circle stealing time from the next thing. And try as I may not to blog about time or how busy we are, I end up doing it anyway as it’s the main thing that is going on – we are just chasing our tails around….period. So why not blog about it.

Meanwhile in Texas

This one is my favorite!

Ok over and out so I can get ready and rush off to work. Crazy life we lead. But I’ll be back at some point. Hang in there with me!

12 responses to “Fabulous Easter Weekend / Slammed for Quarter End / Our Busy Schedule”

  1. Busted!! lololol
    I’m glad you had a positive Easter 🐣.
    Mine was nice & low key.
    This post made me a little dizzy 😵.
    I go to DC today. Wish me luck.

  2. Your Easter dinner looks good. We went out to dinner this year. The daughter and SIL and grandson went to visit his parents. I missed deviled eggs this year.
    Your Grandson is so cute with his Easter basket. He is growing fast. I miss having a little one around at Easter. The grandson who is 11 still got a basket too. He told me all about it.
    Your new haircut turned out good.. I know it feels better. Take care and good luck at work.

  3. Hi Sonya, If you have time even to stop to read the comments this week !! What a busy life you lead, I would be dead by now I’m sure LOL. I still think it’s well past time for you to seriously talk to your bosses about getting you an assistant even part time but someone that can help you. If you were to fall and break a leg or arm etc. they would HAVE to get someone…and if you don’t slow down that’s exactly what will happen….or even worse you’ll have a breakdown….Anyway I’m so pleased you had such a great Easter Weekend. Glad you got to church, there’s something special about Easter Services….Take care as much as you can this week. Same for George. God Bless.

    • Well there’s some problems there. I love my job but it’s a bit lopsided at quarter end with the extra work. My understanding is that’s just the way accounting is. Better 4 months of the year instead of 12 like HR was. Help is hard to get in the US. I will do what I can to get it done on time but I may or may not succeed. We will see.

  4. I am so glad Sunday turned out good for you. We took Travis and Savannah to an Easter Egg Hunt and I was exhausted.

    River’s pictures are precious!!!

    Hope you have a good week. Take time to rest!!!!
    Love you

    • Thank you 🙏- glad you had a good day. Sorry we didn’t get much time to talk Sunday! I’m sure 2 children at once is not for faint of heart! lol 😂 See you Sunday!

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