Prayers for Fancy and For All of Us

Prayers for Ms. Fancy. She is not feeling well and will be taking a trip to the vet today. She’s not eaten and kept anything down since Thursday. It’s been very traumatic of a time for Mom. We took over Immodium yesterday after church as no vets are open emergency wise in town on Sunday’s and Mom didn’t want to go to Nashville and pay outrageous Sunday vet fees. She seemed better yesterday and ate chicken but later in the day when I checked with Mom she had lost her dinner. So I texted my boss and told her I would be late to work.

Fancy is 16 or so? So…I’m not sure what the outcome will be.

Will be a busy week. Mom has haircut Tuesday night, we’ll have to eat out, and then a very quick grocery run b/c that will put me out late past my bedtime. George will be at home doing stuff he wants to do. Have to take Mom to get her replacement watch that is synced with her phone at AT&T on Thursday and they will program that for her. Mom wanted it ASAP (meaning yesterday) but I told her she needed to be there to tell the guy all her info and how she wanted it set up. I won’t know the answer to all his questions that he’ll ask.

Please pray that things calm down for us all. And there seems to be one crisis after another. Even my boss said, “oh my gosh it’s always something”. And that is not good to hear from your boss. I worry that my leaving early and being late will have some repercussions. But I refuse to worry about anything other than trying to get all my responsibilities done, with Mom, at home, at work, and still try to have a life and do things we want to do. As you know it’s been a challenge trying to fit everything in and adjust our lifestyle. I’m trying to figure it all out and when things calm down and I think we are there, there is yet another crisis.

So pray for Fancy girl.

Also pray for me and quarter end. Payroll and some of our companies recent inefficiencies (which I won’t go into here) have hampered my job and made it harder in recent weeks, and that makes extra work on me by default which takes over any extra quarter end time that was already hard to come by. ::sigh:: And with Mom it makes it very difficult to stay over.

I thought things were calming down but it seems we find ourselves nothing short but chickens running around with our heads cut off both at work and in our off time. Everyone is having to donate time lately to our cause. Even work.

So yay, here’s to Monday mornings and another busy week. I’m trying to be positive, but it is a very difficult time indeed for everyone. I hope we can get into some sort of routine. It is beyond time. But it can’t be helped when the dog is sick or a person is sick. I understand that – it’s not something that can be scheduled. But still we have to work it in and still get our work done so we have to stop and rearrange and figure it out. Today’s no exception.

Thanks for watching the video yesterday – If you missed it – see the previous post. I enjoyed this one the most although it seemed to flop. I guess they are just not very entertaining to most. I probably need to change what I do and how I do it, but that is for another day. Although the few that saw it really liked it. But I mean it’s about our life, and I guess that is kinda boring. I still enjoy making them. If nothing else maybe the grandson will watch them one day. He’ll probably wonder why he is not in there and I’ll explain. Anyway off to get Mom and Fancy.

Ok over and out.

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  1. Oh my dear Sonya,
    So sorry to hear about poor old Fancy I hope Mum will be ok at the vet if the worst come to the worst, poor Fancy is getting old and often they do get very sick….anyway please let us know how it goes as soon as you have a few seconds just to say she is having treatment or whatever. I really really. enjoyed. Your latest film. It took me a few mins to realise it was mostly snapshots and not video in the main…however it was I think ever so good….Take care love…I’m just so sad that this lack of time is causing so much stress…..God Bless…

    • I’m so sorry about Fancy. I hope she will be okay. I enjoyed your video. I had to put my computer in the Computer clinic. I have not been online much. Dogs are like children they get
      Sick too. And must be checked at vet. Work should be understanding. Emergencies happen.
      Take care. All this Stress is hard on you.

  2. Your video is not a flop or a bore!! Not even close. People may just be busy 😕
    Timing. Life.

    I pray 🙏 for Fancy & I hope the best.
    Sending good vibes.

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