Sneaking in Some Fun: Nashville Zoo, Franklin, Cellar53 Winery

The next video is out on YouTube. George and I got out and around while Mom rested up at home after her move. Great clips from Nashville Zoo, Downtown Franklin from our Dinner and a Concert and taking a nice afternoon at Cellar53 Winery in Brush Creek, TN.

I’ll be working on a Christmas blog post here soon that I will schedule for posting in the morning. If all goes well. I hope you enjoy the video for an after Christmas break. This one was fun to edit. It’s fairly short but we crammed a lot in. Gives a good vibe for our lives in June this year. We were so happy to have so much behind us. We could get out and enjoy life and some friends again. I love going back and putting these videos together. I remember how fun and free we felt and how blessed we were to be able to go and do a few things with so much work behind us in Mom’s sell of the house, and move #1. We felt blessed to see family, friends, and get out and enjoy events and outings in our area. I enjoy sharing our lives and experiences with you. And in making the blog come “alive”.

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m so glad the next video is out I’m going away to look at it now, I know it will be fab. They all have been….spect your back to work again tomorrow.,,we are lucky workers have another day to relax….I’m exceedingly tired tonight can hardly keep my eyes open, but know if I sleep now I will be awake after a few hours. And won’t be able to get back….oh dear I don’t know if all this cooking entertaining isn’t worth it. Nobody ever seems to say a thank you ….Ah well of to watch the u tube. Thank you

    • I am exhausted from Christmas 🎄. All I could do was iron yesterday and wash all our sheets and blankets. I sat in recliner and watched shows and took naps. My body says “it was all too much”!

  2. The video was. FABULOUS…loved every minute…now looking forward to the next one….I know I, greedy, LOL. Bet your Christmas one will be great….take care xx

  3. I enjoyed your video. The winery was a beautiful place. And seeing the zoo made me want to go..It has been many years since we have been.
    I hope your Mom is enjoying her new home. You have had a busy couple of months ..I don’t know how you do it all.

    • We are worn down in a big way. I’m so glad you liked the video! I’m working on Roger’s little tribute now- well not right now- but next. I wrote down notes this morning.

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