Simply In Between

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Very rarely do I have a time when I sit at the computer on blog day with coffee and feel I have few words. But today I do. I normally have a least something interesting that has happened to me or some grand thought or theme I’ve buried myself in. Today is just the raw me I guess.

Work has been – enhhh – home has been – enhhhh – I’m in between audio books. Traffic has been scary. The dreaded illness is on the rise and has been. Not every day can be epic, even when we try to make it be. The average day is ok too. I could share some special subject blog entries with you – some ideas I have for a rainy day when there are no thoughts and nothing happening in my world but grey bleak days – but none of those really interest me today for sharing. My heart just not in it.

No I’m not depressed, I don’t think. I’m just in between. That perfectly describes me, my mood, my life, my presence. I’m simply just in between! In between events, in between moves, in between stages of life, in between changes on the work front, in between just about everything. Life either all happens at once or you are waiting for something. I’m simply just in between.

All that said though, tis not a bad thing. Every season in life has its time. We are blessed, somewhat content, and have made the best of what we have. On the days we choose to make life more interesting we can do so, but some days all you want to do though is come home, sit on the sofa and watch a show or play all your lives on Candy Crush. Some days the brain just needs to disconnect, unplug. Some times you have to put away the calendar book after all the appointments made (it never ends) and to do list captured (it doesn’t either), and just be a speck in a moment of time with no movement, no pressure, no striving, no thriving. Just sit and be. I follow this @Peacefulmindpeacefullife on Instagram and it’s so full of wonderful things. I’m not sure who else was following but I liked their sayings and began following them too. They help you realize things you didn’t realize before.

As I look back on this odd year, much like last year’s odd year, I realize it really is a SWEET SEASON of being in between and one we will never forget. While all of us have had our moments of scrambling, trying to make life better for the entire team as well as meet our own individual needs, we’ve had some joy, some peace, some good eats, some good memories.

I appreciate this time I’ve had in my little space of our home in my office. My little but comfy 6 inch foam mattress, having my special space, my journal chair, my office space, and even my little “fake dog” and sloth snuggle button “Snuggie” that is my non-living no-needs companion until we get the real thing. My little room- it has become my “escape to” room for my introvert self-my happy place, my dwelling place – where I find God, peace, comfort, reading, scrolling, gaming, blogging, journaling, planning, and peaceful resting. When I put this room together, I had no idea how special it would be for me or how God was making a special spot for what my psyche and soul needs for this period of time. I’m thankful for that. Each piece came together beautifully – the office section, the journaling/reading/insomnia chair, and the comfy bed that only God arranged to pull together at the last minute! Grateful!

I appreciate all we have done this year so far as I work on the photo and video files for upcoming videos and when I look back at these I appreciate life for what it is and for what it was. I realize how God has been with us and as long as we follow His will, He will continue to be.

What a time of rest he has given us this summer and as fall returns our schedules get more gnarly and our to do list thickens as we move Mom, get all our realty appointments in, doc appointments in, help her decorate and unpack, and begin upkeep of two households needs, and doing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a birthday trip to see our Grandson, and doing quarter ends and year ends – I realize how busy we will become. We will have fun, we will be stressed, but we’ll make memories.

Upcoming Today and the Weekend

So it looks like our Labor Day weekend will be much more restful than the Memorial Day one! And yes! We are up for that. George and I will both be working on personal projects but no major plans or excursions. We have a fabulous meal coming together on Labor Day. I requested homemade burgers. Mom is making the potato salad. I’m making REAL barbecued beans – from scratch – you know soaking the beans and brown sugar and mustard and all that! 😉 I think one morning we will have a nice breakfast. One of my personal to do projects is to dust and decorate! Going ahead and getting ready for fall.

I found the fall totes downstairs. I was afraid it would be out of sight or covered up or hard to get to, but George placed things wisely of Mom’s so we can get to it. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, to resting, to decorating, to reading, to working on video clips and photo files and hopefully starting the next video. I need a catch up day.

Today Mom has her electrocardiogram. I don’t think we get the results until the doc appt where they will go over it with her but it’s not for a few weeks b/c the doc was only available on critical payroll dates or dates we already had other doc appts. But we finally found a date to work. I hate that but it’s a juggle to keep everyone happy.

I teased Katy that there was a Hurricane Kate out there. She said “don’t tell Cody”. He will tease her! lol

Meanwhile in Texas

“Grocery Cart Little River Roo”

Better go – we have an early appt this morning and then I have to go to work! Then we kick off our weekend.

Please tell me what you are up to this weekend?????

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  1. If I saw that adorable chubby baby in the store I would have to talk to him. What a presence he has.
    I was trying to read in between the lines of this post. What you didn’t say, said a lot. I can’t explain it but I get it. Time will tell.
    I believe the rain & it’s storms are done for now. The temps are in the 60’s & breezy. I did have to search my closet for something leaning towards Fall.
    This weekend is up for grabs. Nothing set. Yet.

    • You’ve learned me well lol! I’m ok 🙂 just tired 🥱 and ready to relax. I think the weeks take a lot out of me. But I’m content. And looking forward to days to come but ok with things now. Just moseying along!

  2. Hi love, I’m sorry you are having one of these …off…kind of days….we all have them at some time or another. Before you mentioned what were we doing this weekend I suddenly realized it was the weekend !! It has been such a quick week I had forgotten what day we were in. LOL. I can’t remember if I told you yesterday that I opened up our church community cafe again. We have been closed since the start of our shut downs I think almost 18 months. However as places are beginning to open up I thought it only right we should open. It’s a good place for people to come if they want company or even just a quiet place to sit observing others ….I had gathered two other helpers plus a husband. Jo’s husband Mark was very good but I was worried as he is waiting for a hear operation they have to replace a valve so I kept a good eye on him…I hope to have someone else to help bring the tables and chairs out etc. my other helper Hazel has said she will try to find us some other helpers she is very active in the village so I’ve every hope she will find someone….The opening of the cafe has been foremost in my mind…so I haven’t given a thought to the weekend. All I know is tomorrow Peter will be taking us out first thing then we will decide what if anything we do for the rest of the day and Sunday….I hope Mums appointment goes well today…you will soon be on your way home soon. Drive safely….God Bless.

  3. Hi there!

    I’m glad you have a nice relaxing weekend coming up. I am a firm believer that everyone needs to have of those weekends to just unwind and not think about what is going in the world. Nothing to strenuous on the mind or body. Sometimes Tom and I just close the blinds and watch a series on Netflix or Hulu or Prime. Snacks galore and a good dinner that can go with us to the living room. Ahh…. can you feel it? LOL

    Funny you said hamburgs on the grill for your Labor Day meal. We just had them with onion rings and all the fixings. Its just us with my adult daughter so we didn’t have the salads. But your homemade bbq beans sounds delish! A lot of work though. Don’t tell anyone but I would cheat and make semi-homemade! lol Much easier!

    I get the “in between” times. I love my own space and I like to tune everyone out for a few hours! Its nice to just be sometimes. Hubby is a all out sarcastic, funny, joke guy. I can do it for a little while but then I want down time. Of course then people think there is something wrong with you because you are not the bubbly woman that strolls in somewhere. I love life but I also love down time. And you have so much going on. Trying to work full time, take care of your home and George and now your mama. It’s a lot! I’m glad you take your time for you! Its needed to keep one sane!

    That baby boy is so darn cute! I could squeeze him ! 🙂 I’m sure you are chomping at the bit to go hold him and give him so many Grammy kisses!

    Have a wonderful labor day!
    Put your feet up with a nice drink 🙂

  4. Enjoy your time off. We going to visit our daughter and sil and grandson this weekend.
    I bought ribeyes for Monday. I will make a big salad, hubby will put some other veggies on the grill.
    I bought a beautiful red velvet cake to take to my daughters. They are smoking some meats and she is fixing some other things to go with it. I saw mums were already out when I was at the market. Time to get ready for fall. It just seems like yesterday when I packed my fall and winter things away. Hard to believe it is Sept already.
    The older I get the more quickly time goes by.
    I have been really worried about the virus. Cases here have skyrocketed. Hospitals are full. A close friend who is like family has it. She is doing some better after they gave her prednisone. She said it started out like she had a sinus infection. I am most concerned for my grandson who is back at School.
    It is a beautiful day here. I am getting ready for our little trip . Have a great weekend.

    • Your weekend sounds perfect! Enjoy your family time and your wonderful meals. I hope your friend recovers well. She can go get a monoclonal infusion- IV meds – they have learned that will keep you out of the hospital! Had to be done within the first ten days or something like that. May have to meet certain criteria though like specific conditions or high risk category. Not sure. But an option she should check into. Just posted another blog post today! Now off to do laundry and decorate. I think Mums would die here right now lol. Can’t wait for cooler air and I hope my fall and winter clothes fit!!!!

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