Tricia Leach Cookbook Review and Updates from the Weekend

Many of you know that I faithfully follow Keep Your Day Dream each week. And I have always loved the segments where Tricia Leach invites us viewers in for dinner. She has mastered the art of cooking – on the go – and her recipes are not just for living the RV life, but for busy working people too. The recipes and cooking ideas in this book are practical and inviting. I was so impressed with the photos and the quality of experience with this cookbook. I have to say that out of ALL the cookbooks I’ve had, this one is the prettiest! No cookbook I have, has the beauty of the photos like this one. It’s very colorful. She also has spice blends on her website too. (This blog post is not sponsored and no affiliate marketing here, I’m just sharing with you what I like as always).

Remember when that movie came out where that blogger girl set out to cook all Julia Child recipes? lol. Yeah that could be me with my Tricia Leach, Small Space, Big Taste cookbook. ;-). I could never do the one recipe per day thing though. George wouldn’t let me in the kitchen that much, lol!

See a sample of the cookbook and order if you like here: Tricia Leach

Blog Growth

Amazing that the blog continues to grow. Some are probably people looking for followers on their monetized blogs/business accounts, but I’ll take them. Anyway, I’m honored that 501 people will allow my words into their feeds and emails several times a week. Thank you so much.

Even more, I love the ones that comment as it makes me feel like this is worth doing. Although I did say when I began that the blog is more for me than anything so I can vent, share my day, consolidate my goals, and go on to the next day. But I love all of you here. You have been so nice to me and I appreciate all the support.

Video Embed of My Latest YouTube Video

Here’s the video. I put the link in the last blog post, but here’s the actual embed. You can watch it from here or you can click on the “watch from YouTube link” in the bottom left hand corner. I recommend watching from YouTube so you can SUBSCRIBE, Comment, or give me the “Thumbs Up”. I appreciate your support in my video efforts. These are a joy to do. I love the entire process of doing the video version of the blog.

As you will see with this one, I covered a two month span. lol. Not having done a lot of videoing or vlogging in the last few months, the catch up is getting easier. ha! I will be working on May next and our “move”. As usual, I want to stop and do some “file work” before working on the next one.

George’s Roast Beef in the Instant Pot

It’s not always instant – it took a couple of hours or longer and it was almost my bedtime when it was ready, but dinner was wonderful with roast, potatoes and carrots. The YUM factor was an 11 on a scale of 10. The roast was tender also. Not pictured were the speckled butter beans which we devoured and are all gone. We do have leftovers for lunch.

The Week Ahead

Well not a LOT on the schedule this week. There is a tentative dinner with my neighbor and friend one night, which we have to set up. We briefly talked this weekend when she was rescuing a turtle from her yard. 😉 And she said “let’s go have dinner one night”.

We have Fancy’s dog trim on Saturday, a friend’s yard sale on Saturday, breakfast out – which may just simply be a donut shop to go order since the virus is making it’s rounds again. And Saturday I also have a bone density test. Has anyone ever had one? I need to look up what it’s like. It doesn’t hurt does it? lol I’m shocked the doc office does these tests on the weekends but they do. I’m not sure how we will manage to get all this done Saturday but we’ll give it a good try. It might be my last chance to see my friend’s doggie, Ozzie, that looks so much like Maisy.

The To Do List

I had to leave a few things check marked to show we actually DID SOMETHING this week. Then I’ll see how far I get this week on the upcoming things. Some of these are low hanging fruit and I still can’t get it done. lol

Ok off to get ready and head in to work. The traffic is building up again now that schools are back in session. Sometimes taking 45 minutes instead of the 20 or 30. Yuk. I’m used to any few minutes I can grab. And the loss of 15 to 30 min a day is not something I want to happen. Sometimes those 15 to 30 minutes are the only time you get to be productive.

Oh, I do have to iron, redo the vitamins for the week, and fold some laundry – not listed on the to do list. But we’ll take it from there and do what we can.

Prayers Continued for Flood Victims, Families of Lost Lives, Missing Lives in TN

I can’t close this blog without asking for prayers for our neighbors to the west of us here in middle TN. So many lives lost and missing in the recent floods, including babies that were swept away. This is unacceptable in my mind and it’s hard for any of us to imagine. Many just working at their work sites and floodwaters came and no chance to escape. Some barely did. Harrowing stories coming out. Prayers for all the families. My heart hurts for everyone there.

I’ll be back, Lord willing and the Creeks don’t rise – apparently they do and have – see you on Wednesday! Have to work early tomorrow! Payroll Day.

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  1. Hi Sonya, I often wonder as I reply to your blog then get ready to dash to work if you ever manage to read my comment before you have to settle down to work. I imagine you driving along the highways…I’m sitting here having just let my imagination run away with me !! Hope all goes well today and pay-roll goes well without to many complications. It’s almost one here and time for me to go make Mary a sandwich for lunch, I might have one or I might just have a yoghurt…depends if I’m tempted…..We have just watched the Flog Video it’s great. As always. God Bless….

  2. You are really good at your videos. Your mom’s new place looks so nice. It will be perfect for her. It is much smaller than her house. . It made me miss Roger too. He was such a sweet little dog but you could tell he was sick and didn’t feel well. You did the right thing.
    Last night husband was watching the news and I saw that about the flooding. Sonya that is just awful. I had no idea it was that bad. We had 4inches of rain last week in a short amount of time. The husband had to put a pump underneath the house to get the water out. He was not happy about having to do that. I can’t believe how much rain fell there. My heart breaks for those families. I hope the red cross steps in and helps them.
    I am ordering the cookbook you told us about. I have watched the show but it has been a while.
    I hope work goes smoothly for you this week. Today is a big day for our Grandson. He starts back to school. 5th grade. Hard to believe. It just seems like yesterday he was just starting kindergarten. Praying for protection for him and all children starting back to school.

    • Thanks I’m glad you liked the video! It is exciting to piece them together! Yes I could tell George was having a hard time watching too. We always watch the video together on the big screen TV when it goes public. I had seen it but hard for him as he hadn’t. We were so lucky to have known Roger and we will do a video to his honor. There was 17 inches I’m hearing and just found out one of the deceased was a past coworker. I’m very saddened by this. She was 71. I think. I was HR and we gave her a big retirement party.

      • I wonder if homeowners Insurance will help those who lost everything?. Even their cars washed away. Heartbreaking. Here we were upset with under our house flooding. And they had to climb on the roofs of some houses. I guess we would have to climb into our attic if it ever floods. I have never seen anything like that. And hope I never do. That is terrible all the lives lost. How far was that from where you live?

    • Oh also glad you are getting the cookbook- you will love it! Awwww for your grandson- I know it goes by fast! Mine is 7 months – almost 8 months and trying to crawl and saying Da Da and eating some things from the table.

      • That is the sweetest age. I love when they start jabbering and then crawling all over the place. They are so proud.

  3. Congrats on the 500 + ! That’s pretty cool.
    The DEXA scan aka bone scan is painless. Basically you just lay there. It shouldn’t take too long.
    It’s Monday & I feel like it 🥴

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