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Well, I am about to do a “Thing”. I am going to remove myself from Social Media starting today through the end of June. I’ll be back on July 1. That is actually about a week I believe. And when I say social media, I am specifically referring to Facebook, Instant Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter. Those are mainly the ones I’ve been using. Honestly rarely on Twitter. I’m going to see if I miss it or if my mood improves.

I will remain on WordPress (blog) and YouTube (vlog and watching others videos as I know they bring me joy). Any posting from the blog or YouTube that automatically posts to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts will continue to do so – as that is something that is set up to occur for me and that will continue.

Why am I removing myself from Social Media for a week?

Well, for several reasons, but primarily there are TWO main reasons.

  1. I suspect that social media is the main culprit in altering my mood and my mindset, which I am set out to change.
  2. I could really use some more productive time toward my own agendas and to do’s.

So to break some of that down……

Is Social Media a Mood Altering Source?

I suspect so. I have been feeling an array of emotions lately and I suspect that most of them are related to things I’ve seen or read on Facebook and other social media sites. I believe that is where most of my negative energy is coming from of late. And energy, positive or negative, transfers into others. You are what you read, you are who you hang out with, you are what you fill your mind with.

The COVID-19, the racial ________ (I don’t even know what to call it so I’ll let you fill in the blank), the political fiascos. All of these things have now all melted into one – it’s all viewed in a political light and has become very confusing to know who to trust, who to believe, and what the facts are. Then on top of that, add in all the Know It All factors (I call them KIA’s) into that and their quickness to attack and step on their fellow human kind as if they were dirty trash on a sidewalk. I’m just not ok with that. I have been so mad coming off of facebook lately, thinking how rude people are. I’ve been sad, that our human race is actually like this. I think how disappointed God must be with the likes of peoples actions, words, twisting. It’s horrifying. And it makes me sad knowing people are so full of hate and for what reason? How sad to have missed out on a life of love. They do not have love. They do not have God, most certainly. They follow the Prince of this World. And we all know what will happen to this world, if you believe The Book.

While Instagram is mainly a positive experience for me with lovely pics and a bit of humor, I still will refrain from spending time there over the next week – from a time standpoint.

There are some other factors that have played into my mood of late, but unfortunately can’t really shed those factors out as easily. There are just a few you come in contact with that well, you’d rather not, as they are judgmental or in some way make you feel inadequate, or just in general make you feel bad or not worthy. And Lord have mercy none of us need that right now. But some things in life you just can’t shed so easily. So you learn to cope, ignore, park it, forget it.

I also want to enjoy having my own ideas and not filled with the ideas that others are trying to cast upon me. I don’t want to be filled with hate, judgment, and people’s views on this or that. Quite frankly, I want my head to focus on everything and anything OTHER than COVID-19, racism, violence, hate, differences of opinion. I don’t want to put my thoughts on there and have it be attacked. They are my thoughts -“just go away – you go post on your page” and “give it up I’m not changing my opinion so just go away”! I want to just flick them off with a finger. And I can. I am flicking them off with a button. The off button. Well sort of.

Is Social Media a Time Suck?

I think we already know the answer to that one. And I do need some more time back. I want to get into God’s word as I need God to be the center of my life and not Facebook or other Social Media accounts.

I want to work on my to do lists.

I want to do and enjoy things that make me happy.

I want to spend my time on things that give me positive energy.

I want to spend my time on people that I trust.

I want to spend time with people and things that emit joy and happiness and freedom.

Being in the Know

I do think it’s important for us to “Be in the Know”. So I have NOT eliminated the News. I have to have some connectivity to the world to be able to have some knowledge to know how to protect myself on a daily basis. I mean if there is riot in a certain area of town, you need to avoid that area. If a tornado or earthquake or traffic mishaps and knowing where the crime is and if our president is still alive and all that kind of thing. And when the dust storm is coming! So I’m not eliminating the news from my experiment either.

I Will Let You Know How it Goes

I’ll let you know in a week or so how it goes. I do plan on getting on Facebook, my main Social Media source, and letting everyone know that I will be gone as there is a certain expectation we have of one another now to see our posts and comments within a day or two, particular instant messenger. But IM, once a quick convenient messaging service, is now filled with various videos with everyone’s agendas for or against their views.

I’ve been angry, sad, depressed overall this past few weeks. I am turning my focus to other things over the next week. So let’s see how it goes. Will I be happier? Will I get more done? I am hoping for a better and more loving attitude, getting more reading done, more time with God, less fear over the state of our _____(everything) and a cleaner house!

11 responses to “Social Media Experiment”

  1. Honestly, I don’t spend much time on social media anymore for the reasons you said in this post. It’s a time suck and it’s disheartening to wade through all the negativity on there. I do scroll through FB to see pictures and updates from my family and friends, and I post pictures (to keep for my own records mostly!), but I steer clear of the hot topics and political posts. I’m not one for confrontation so I just keep quiet! Like you, I spend a lot of time on Youtube. Too much actually! But Youtube is a gold mine of information and entertainment. I love it!

  2. This is excellent news! I hope your mood improves & you will find that you can live without all that social media noise.
    I’m proud of you!!

  3. I was just out and about and I have to say people are crabby everywhere! Its not just social media. People are driving crazy, acting crazy and it is rubbing off on me. I just said to my husband that something has to give soon or people are going to pop! He just got called back to work for Monday. For 2 stinking days! What the heck is that?? He works with the disabled kids and its going to be a bitch for sure with masks and so on. And lets not get started on the racial things happening.

    My social media is very limited. I am very selective in who is on my list of “friends” and selective on what I want to see now. I don’t get pulled in to that easily. I don’t chime in with my thoughts at all. First there is a fear of who can find me! And again, people are not in the right mind now. And 2 – who cares? Honestly, who is going to listen to my thoughts and give a hoot what I think? Nobody! lol

    But good luck in your experiment! I hope it works for you. And I hope you can come out of your funk.

  4. Hi Sonya, I think it’s a good idea to come out of Facebook etc when it upsets you so much. You know that I have a presence in..on. Facebook but I very very rarely write anything on it, so I don’t get many comments good or bad, why is that I don’t really know and I don’t really care. I do look in on Facebook but it’s 90% of friends that I find that…again why ? Maybe cause I just don’t see negative things I’m not looking for them. Mostly I ….meet….my friends there, real friends …the other folk who write in ignore don’t even notice them. I hope if and when you come back you might be able to do the same….I just love, love, 💕 morning reading your blog and your Vlog ….take your time out love to look only for happy times, and happy places, and love like mine for you !!🤗🤗
    PS. I am sitting here roasting to death, if you don’t see me around you’ll know I’ve melted to a greasy spot temp today has been in the low 30s. Almost unheard of over at 8 pm it’s still 29c. Around 88f I think…oh dear will never sleep tonight xx

    • Yes. I don’t look for I’ll will by any means I just think that I have a lot of friends with varying opinions trying to rally and gather everyone to their opinions. Given it’s election year and racism issues in US is making it overkill here.

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