Kicking January Out of the Way Today / Here Comes Fun February

Good morning! I am going to work today feeling good about our weekend. Even though work ended up hogging much of each day, we were able to accomplish a lot. I mean just getting the Christmas trees and Christmas stuff out of the way was a big deal. I was able to finish getting the rest of the normal Nic Nacs back out and those tubs out of our den. And while I obviously didn’t get anywhere near all the things I’d hoped to, we got some things done that I didn’t intend on that were big things.

And guess what! We have our Hot Springs weekend booked with Katy and Cody and Little Roo! Katy picked out a nice and cutely decorated 3 BR house on VRBO (River Roo gets his own room so he can sleep good). So excited to get that done. I figured it would be after Feb 1 when we got that done so that was another surprise for myself.

I also was able to set up a focus board for myself so I know “where I’m at” when I come and go! And I listed my goals for 2022 for things I wanted to work on, change, fix, improve. One section is for the video work. I also have to keep track of what date I’m on with my iPhone photos/videos so I can put them either in my 2021 or 2022 photo files or I can put them in video project files (either way both are kept) and that is how I easily can go from video to video. Probably in Spring or early summer, I’ll have another quarter’s worth to go through. But I always have to know where to begin in my photos on my iPhone. I have gone through all of them through Dec 18th, lol. I also have a section here for Mom’s needs and my own desires and to do’s. It doesn’t list them all but at least the couple of weeks anyway. I was really happy to get this done.

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So I got some work done and the day really went fast. I worked mid day into the afternoon. George had needed a hair cut but we really didn’t get time as I worked until after the game started and then he was into the game and then we went to Mom’s and took BBQ and took her the couple of packages of frozen biscuits and her mail, which had some important things in it. I was just feeling like it’d been a week and she was probably ready to see us. But I appreciate being given the week this past week to focus on Work Impossible. It should be a show, lol. I made a list on the year end returns and/or w-2 reporting for all the state I do, and it’s 3 legal pad pages long. I’ve done about 2.5 of it and all since Friday. Nutzoid. Some states go by fast though as some have ZERO employees and some have just a few. Even with ZERO employees you still have go in and file zero, to keep the state open. We usually keep them open in case a sales person is put there again. So anyway I’ll go try and knock out a few more today but we will not meet the goal of getting it all done. I don’t think we ever have but we get close. We are down to the manual hand entry of hundred or so employees depending on the turnover. You don’t do that overnight. It takes about a minute or two to enter each person and other minute or so to check it b/c if you don’t balance it’s a night mare to go back and figure out. So anyway, Jan 31 is finally here, we are not through but at least the deadline is coming and going. And Mom’s fixing chili tonight for us and we’ll celebrate. lol lol lol

I also have Wed night to get nails/pedi done but may have to change if the weather gets bad. We have another system coming through and I’m not sure of all the details yet, but my nails/toes are horrid. I’ve put it off b/c of work so I could stay late, and my nail place is closed tomorrow. We have plans with neighbors Thursday night and my other opportunity would be Friday.

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Little Roo was dedicated at church yesterday – meaning he was prayed over and “given to God” to become His to work through and he is being raised to do God’s will. There is a sweet photo of them at church yesterday but I don’t really want (well I do, but I won’t) to post it here.

So I tried to find a wallpaper to use for February for my iPhone. I didn’t really find exactly what I wanted yet, but here are a few I downloaded from Canva, if you need one.

I went with the last one.

So I’ve cleaned up the debris from the last video and I’m ready to download Final Cut Pro! I will wait til I get some time though – might have to be this weekend. Saturday is Fancy trim day and Mom wants to go to Bed Bath and Beyond and then get a few groceries. So maybe late Saturday or Sunday I’ll get time. We’ll see.

One of the things we’ll be doing though is focusing on the house this month as we have friends over on the 19th. We only have this weekend and next to get everything ready. So yes, February is a busy month too but at least it will be more fun, one can only hope.

One of the changes we are making this year is to have a creative night during the week instead of watching TV together. Because we can’t get the time on the weekends so much anymore it seems so we will be starting that soon. George has some recording he wants to do and I have, of course, things I’m working on that I never get to do. We might also read those nights – it’s just a night to accomplish things we aren’t getting to otherwise due to changes and more responsibilities. Here is George’s Christmas present that he wanted.

It’s amazing how different we all are. I mean if I had to learn what all those knobs and buttons do I’d go crazy (crazier).

OK well I better get to work and try to knock out what I can on the remainder of these w-2 reports for the Impossible Month and get payroll ready to run tomorrow. It is what it is and it is what it was. lol.

Stay tuned as at some point this week I’ll be giving you a rather humorous list of what all this blog should have been named! ha.

So welcome to February (tomorrow) and I have never been so glad for February to be here. We are picking an Asian place for Valentine dinner and have a list to choose from (did you think we’d do it any other way?) Tonight we start knocking a couple off – we will each cross one off the list – until close to Valentine’s and we will have decided where to go. We picked low cost, no reservations, no waiting options.

What are you looking forward to in February?

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  1. It sounds like a great idea to have a night where you do creative stuff instead of watching TV. I wouldn’t want to learn what all of those knobs and buttons do wither.

  2. Hi Sonya, I’m so glad that January is almost over for you I pray that February will truly be a joyful month for you….that’s a nice word isn’t it…joyful…you even smile when you say it. I’m also saying. Congratulations for getting through January….
    As I live from day to day mostly I can’t say I have any plans for February …whatever happens happens…..I just want to have some nice sunny days, you know me and the need for sunshine …Hope today has gone well… drive home safely. God Bless. Xx

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