Mountain Time

Christmas Shopping in Waynesville, NC

So glad to finally get in some travel. Have wanted George to come here! Have enjoyed our day. So many cute shops and local artists. It’s fun to see different things we don’t see back home!

George talking with a local! lol

We left at 5 this morning and drove in the dark a lot of the way. Took about 4 hours or so. Lots of unique finds. Lots of Sasquatch lol!

Lots and lots of gifts shops! it’s going to take a long while just to share all the pics! I took so many!

There must have been some sightings around here for Big Foot! I loved this store with all the animals!

So we have walked all day and are in the hotel. We are going to a French restaurant tonight and excited to try that. Just kinda resting a bit before we head out again. Bed gonna feel good tonight!

I’m blogging on my phone so not as easy to type! But I’ll pop in tomorrow with more pics!

I’m soooo sleepy and tired! But will hopefully find some energy here! So glad to be here! What a fun day!