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  • Sloth Christmas Ornament & an Overwhelming Time of Year

    Isn’t he cute? My spirit animal. Slow and steady she goes. It is somewhat comforting to know that one can move forward – even if slowly. So I decided on a whim last night to do Blogmas again.It starts tomorrow on Dec 1. It won’t be long and well thought out, but it’ll be something…

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  • Mom finally agreed to go the Doc, the Future Remains Uncertain

    Well, Mom finally agreed to go to the doc for help. We decided to try Care Now mainly b/c it’s hard to get in quickly to see your primary care doctor anymore these days. And this Care Now is associated with Tri-Star which already has all Mom’s meds and so forth. So we waited at…

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  • Christmas Decor, Mom’s Health, and My Spirit Animal

    Bye bye, fall decor. Hello Christmas. I was very surprised at how smoothly the weekend went in transitioning over to Christmas. It was a quiet weekend, overshadowed by the bafflement day to day with Mom’s foot. One moment it is so much better and the other moment she is lazy boy ridden and unable to…

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  • Getting my Hair Cut and Shopping Day!

    Good morning. You can watch the video HERE. This was a pretty good week all in all. It’s been fun doing the “spend the week with me” vlogs here and there when things are going on. We enjoyed our excursion and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. Secret: I’m thinking the Sloth is my Spirit…

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  • Thanksgiving Days along with some Thanksgiving Troubles

    Good afternoon. Post Turkey Day. I’ve looked forward to this weekend for a long time. It is so hard to come by a day at home. And to have a few days finally is just delightful. It doesn’t come without threats to it though, as always. Mom went to Thanksgiving dinner to see my sister…

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  • Proper Sake, Coco’s Italian Market, Friendsgiving, Plumbing, and Medical Results

    Saturday We had a really nice Saturday with our friends at Proper Sake. The main thing was just getting together for a Friendsgiving moment and catching up. Everyone enjoyed the sake and I tasted it. I didn’t want alcohol in my tummy. So I had one of the only two drinks that were non alcoholic,…

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