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  • February Challenge: Loving Yourself, Loving Others, Loving Your Space

    Hello everyone! So February is arriving! And one month of the year is already gone. Oh my. I’ve set a February Challenge for myself and anyone that would like to join along. February is the love month! So I figure we will pounce on that. Feel free to do your own layered challenge and change […]

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  • What Sixty Feels Like. What Now?

    I picked this photo out of all the other choices because it looks like me. It’s not, but I had to do a second take. I’d love to have a fluffy grey cat like that! But this is so me, getting out of the shower, contemplating life, loving on a pet, and wondering “what’s next?”. […]

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  • January Reset, New Dishes, New Bedspread | Come Organize with Me

    Somehow this week before I began feeling bad, I was able to get this video done. All I had to do was upload and get the thumbnail done. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link below. If you enjoyed it, give it a like ON YOUTUBE, or better yet, subscribe if you would like […]

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  • Hello From Bed…

    Ugh, I got whatever George had (has). He’s still not over it. I spent most of the day in bed. Very little sleep the last two nights. And fever got up to almost 102. So I decided I had to stay home. It’s currently between 100 and 101 now that the sun is going down. […]

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  • Ways to Be More Frugal This Year: Here’s What I’m Thinking! What are You Going to do?

    The economy situation is starting to hit a lot of us pretty hard. Life’s expenses are going up all around us yet often our salaries are not – especially for us older folks where companies often choose to invest more in their younger generations instead of their older more seasoned crew that are nearing retirement. […]

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  • A Weekend Full, The Spare, Milestone Birthdays, New Pill Boxes, and New Work Bags

    Yesterday was a very pleasant and peaceful day. We got to sleep in til 6:00 or 6:30 and yes that IS sleeping in. I get up at 4:30 and George is usually up by 4:50. We had coffee and enjoyed a first cup of coffee with NO rushing before starting on our to do lists. […]

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