Our Fall Day Excursion, Voting, Eating, Shopping, a few Splurges, and a Few Secrets too

What a beautiful day it was yesterday. We got out the door and headed out for our Saturday excursion. The weather was nice in the 70’s and one of those fall days you live for. I took a few pics. Some of you have seen these on Facebook. Usually I’m exclusive to the blog on most things as being first where I post them.

We were blessed to get a call from our grandson on the way out the door and me on the way to get some outside photos before rain and storms take the beauty away and leave us with bare trees. George said we were going to be behind schedule so we ended up cutting things short with Katy and River. Of course after saying we were running behind then he recapped and said “oh take your time” but his comments and hints were already taken at that point and Poppy had said the word “donut” (that we’d take him to the donut shop when we got there) and he began crying as he wanted a “do-not” NOW, so we said good bye and rushed off into the day. To vote. And much to my surprise, to Yard Sale. No wonder he was in a rush. lol He snuck that in on me. But it was fun. And we had to go to the Post Office and to Good Will to drop off Mom’s stuff. I think we’ve made three drop offs in about as many weeks.

Here’s some fall beauty.

Can you believe the rosemary bush? We have harvested so much rosemary already.

Our fall this year has been gorgeous. Good temps, good weather, and finally pretty trees, even though we’ve had little rain.

We stopped by my work and I showed George my office and our break room and then we headed off to a nearby restaurant for pizza. This has been on the summer bucket list and we never made it. (To see my office and go to Slim and Huskies.) George loves pizza and I do too, but we try to eat less of it these days. Anyway, theirs has a thin crust. It’s what really gave me the idea to make pizza out of tortillas – I cheated and went ahead to Sam and Huskies without him one day with a friend for lunch, lol. So I knew how good it was.

George kinda thought me weird to get spinach on my pepperoni but I take an opportunity to add greens whenever I can as our bodies don’t get enough and that is what helps regulate our systems. We all get way too much starch and carbs and not enough balance. It was so good and we chowed down. The downside to a change in this restaurant now is that they force you to do your order on an iPad out front. I really just want to tell someone what I want. But they made us do it which took some of the appeal off and made it seem more like a fast food type place. Although it was not fast at all. Not like the first time. It seems they were a little slow getting the operation up and running as it was 11:20 and it opened at 11 but we were one of the first people there. All that said, it was wonderful in taste and we’d still go back. And yes, we had to have help with the iPad ordering system as it was a little confusing. I hope this does not hurt their cause. Just know the food is good. I did notice the ingredients were not as plentiful and used more sparingly than the time before. I’m known for my honest reviews, and I think more pepperoni, more cheese, and a little more sauce could have been added to the basic pizza without having to pay extra for more. Just saying, I’ve noticed a difference. I told George it could be that their hurting in today’s world. I was also surprised at how no one hardly was out and about and hardly anyone was in there. More people came in and I noticed they got the order wrong from someone ordering after us. She had to wait all over again. So while I recommend it, just know it may not be perfect. But it was still good.

Here’s where we get into bigger trouble. They have excellent cinnamon rolls. Usually they have more to offer but they were “out” of most all of the choices. We got a six pack as I wanted to take Mom a couple. I wanted plain. George wanted the berry one. This six pack will set you back about $14 dollars or so. Yes, pricey but this was our Saturday splurge day out which are few and far between these days. They are also fairly big and homemade and very good. For having been wanting to bring George here for a year now, I knew that we’d be getting the cinnamon rolls too! So we had them for breakfast this morning and will take Mom hers.

We then went to Sam’s and on the way I took George through some newer zones of Antioch and it’s betterment of neighborhoods and being built up. It used to be a nice safe place to live back in my twenties with a lot of young professionals and then it kinda went down hill and there are areas of high crime now so it’s not a place we long to be after dark.

Sam’s Club was fun. We don’t have a lot of room in our freezer but we bought a few things for us. I bought a six pack of Bush’s canned black beans and also pintos. I figure if things get tough we can eat beans and rice which I rather like. Just add on some Frank’s and call it dinner. We had to eat this when Katy was a baby and we bought a brand new mini van – a green dodge caravan, that I called the “tree house” at times. We could afford the van but we couldn’t afford when George’s car pooped out and he had to buy a car too. So we offset by eating beans and rice for many nights. We also had my school loans to pay as I ended up paying for most of my schooling when Mom decided she didn’t want to pay it anymore as she didn’t agree with our marriage at the time, so “lovingly” (not) sent me the rest of my schooling to pay for. But that is fine. I don’t mind paying for my education. And since she had made some late payments would much rather make sure it got paid on time. I don’t mind sharing this as it is truly what happened. I figured that if people don’t want what they do shared then maybe they ought not do it, lol. The truth of the matter is my family cut me off until Katy was born. I had a tough time in the marital arena before George and had a tough time finding my way as to where I needed to be. George has been the most stable and safest of places for me to be. I don’t think I was really prepared for the world when I left home in my late teens and I had a hard time adjusting to what life was throwing me especially after having graduated from college and marrying into a troublesome marriage, that fell apart and me rebounding into other relationships that also were not good for me. But George brought stability into my life, and I knew we needed to be together, and then a year or so later we were blessed with Katy and having a child my parents decided to open their world back up to me and act like I was a person.

I didn’t really mean to dive into all that, but you know, it’s what happened so why not. That is the kind of rabbit hole you dive into when talking about simply buying cans of bush beans. Who knew there could be such stories behind beans and rice. So when my sister and I struggle today with relationships, you can see first hand where we get it from. I think my sister saw how you can just slice off a family member if they displease you and that is what she did to Mom as she saw how they did that to me. I had been told that if I did certain things they would slice me off. I was even told that by my Dad. So naturally I questioned everything I’d learned about love being unconditional and that even the people you thought would love you know matter what, didn’t regardless of the God’s love and Jesus’ love they say they emulate. No wow you see why I feel alone but yet resilient. In life I’ve learned I have to sink or swim and I cannot depend on anyone else in this life. And even though I love George I always have a plan B because it is really hard for me to trust anyone again.

That is what is so cool about God’s love though is because He replenishes, He restores, He accepts even the lowest of humanity, the biggest sinners. Yes I sinned, I broke vows, and I scrambled. I did it out of trying to find myself, to find love, to find nurturing, and was seeking balance in an insecure world. Ironically it’s God who I needed and not a man. Even though George DID give me the stability I needed as an adult, and I’m glad to have him. He’s just a blessing and not a need. God has me now. He knows what I’ve been through. So when I’m not patient with people, you know why. When I’m untrusting, you know why. My faith in people has been shattered several times. And all of that without therapy. I did my own therapy.

Beyond the Beans and Rice.

The day brought the joy of an Icee, like a kid. I love a Cola Icee. My thirst was great at Sam’s. We bought River some stuff and had to wait to get checked out but we had fun in there.

River had a good day too and we swapped pictures with him. Ours was above in the car. And here hs is out with his parents.

So we bought a pineapple for $2.98 and I wanted one. When we got home I suggest we have some kind of frozen pineapple drink, so George made us a pitcher of Pina colada type drinks. It was so good. It hit the spot. My thirst zone was something yesterday.

We also bought sushi and salmon at Sam’s. Say that 10 times in a row! Here was my sushi appetizer.

Then we watched a show about artificial intelligence and I fell asleep.

I did get some laundry done, and speak with Xfinity about our billing and upgraded our internet (they had a deal) and lowered our pricing.

So off to church today. And here is Dexter saying Good Morning. He’s a loving little doggy in the mornings.

Thanks for watching the video yesterday, if you did. It’s in the previous blog post if you want to see it. It didn’t perform too well and that is ok. Not many are interested in presidential history or grounds anyway, and the next one I think is about my colonoscopy, lol. We’ll see how that goes. I have been impressed that I have uploaded a video a week now for a while. But they may change some here as we get busy. But I’ll do what I can. Almost to Dexter’s adoption and then things go to more recent times – except I may do a summer dump video of anything I can pull together. Gotta rush now to get ready for church.

Have a good day. What you doing today? Or what did you do yesterday? Love to hear from you. It makes me feel like someone is reading. lol

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  1. Good post!!
    I usually go a little crazy @ Sam’s. They have a perfect Trail Mix. We get our steaks there. Prime. You can’t beat the quality. The closest Sam’s to us is 1hr. 15mins. in Morgantown, West Virginia. Beautiful college town.
    River is so cute 😍 & Dexter is a sweetie pie.
    I’m glad you found George. What a life you’ve had.
    Nice fall pics. We had snow one morning about 2 weeks ago. Crazy, I tell ya 🫨

  2. Good post!! I usually go a little crazy @ Sam’s. They have a perfect Trail Mix. We get our steaks there. Prime. You can’t beat the quality. The closest Sam’s to us is 1hr. 15mins. in Morgantown, West Virginia. Beautiful college town. River is so cute 😍 & Dexter is a sweetie pie. I’m glad you found George. What a life you’ve had. Nice fall pics. We had snow one morning about 2 weeks ago. Crazy, I tell ya 🫨

    I had to copy and paste my comment. For a few weeks now when I try to leave a comment WP says it’s a duplicate. Anyway, that on top of not being well is what’s been happening 🫤

    • Hope you are ok. I’ll say a prayer. Feel better! WordPress is weird sometimes with comments. Sometimes I leave one and it loses it because it says I’m not logged in. Then sometimes I can’t figure out where to leave a comment.

  3. You know I’m always here reading everything and watching everything you do ! I’ve got my beady 👀 on you. LOL. I’m so glad you had such a nice day out with George just what was needed after your awful week……We didn’t have a church service yesterday, can’t remember why ! But Mary and I took Chris ( a friend who helps me at the church community cafe on a Thursday ) out for her birthday lunch. The food we had was delicious but service was dire so bad that I actually wrote when I came home to tell them. I’ve just had a reply this morning that says how sorry they were to hear about it and they will take action and offering us coffee and cake for three of us at any time ! So was worth telling them…..Other than that outing it has been a quiet weekend…enjoyed watching your Vlog
    Hope after you get through next few days at work things might settle for a bit.. God Bless

  4. Wow! Thank you for being so frank about your family dynamics. I have gone through similar things myself. I think more people than we think might have gone through similar things but no one dares to speak about it. It is painful but would be better if people could speak about it and not be judged.

    Great pictures of your Saturday! Looks like fun, fun, fun.

    • We had a lot of fun getting out. Yes I’ve always been intrigued by psychology and how we form personalities and why we are the way we are. I think our formative years are so important. It’s always been hard for me to laugh and I’ve always been so serious 🧐 and I think I’m just always guarded and worried about being judged or criticized or yelled at. I see now why my emotions were so out of whack into my adulthood. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still responsible for my mistakes and choices and wrongdoing. I don’t speak of my past as it was so painful trying to get on the right path after things went so sideways. I’ve needed someone to talk to but just pushed it all back down inside. I was lucky to have gone through some very deep Biblical studies that showed me that God forgives even MY sins. Before I was taught my particular sin wasn’t forgivable. God does forgive and His son dying on the cross isn’t for nothing. And so with that faith I’ve not needed therapy. But… sometimes I think I need it so I can forgive and deal with others who never give apologies, are selfish, and toxic. I don’t react well now as I am older and losing my filters and don’t mind speaking my mind as I have walked on egg shells far too long!!!!

  5. The fall colors are beautiful this year. I have enjoyed seeing your pictures. Your grandson is getting big. He is going to love when you guys come to visit.
    That is sad your parents cut you off. I am glad you and George found each other. Sometimes God knows what’s best for us when we don’t know ourselves.
    Young marriages are hard. We struggled too when we first started out. Looking back I don’t know how we did it. We had no financial help and had to hustle and work to keep a roof over our head. We started out in a two bedroom duplex apt. We financed our furniture and I was so proud when we bought our first washer and dryer. But it was nice and it was home and it was much better than what we came from.
    Oh well live and learn I guess. I hope Dexter has not been too naughty lately. It is pouring rain today and I have to get off of here and get ready. I have an appointment with Eye Dr.

    • Thanks so much for your comments today. Yes it’s so hard (marriage) especially til you figure out what buttons not to push lol). Dexter is much better. Still getting into periodic mischief but not every minute like before lol 😂

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