Want to see an Old Plantation Farm? What it’s Like Visiting Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage in Nashville, TN

Good morning! How ’bout a little peaceful video to start off your Saturday morning? Here’s our visit to the Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson, in Hermitage, TN – about 15 minutes from where I live in Mount Juliet. I couldn’t film or photo the mansion inside but the rest was fair game. There was so much more to visiting the Hermitage than I thought. I enjoyed our day. And this video was intentional on showing the grounds, gardens, and all that it has to offer.

On their website they have special events planned at times, making it more special. If you make it to Nashville, I recommend you include it in your plans. It was a peaceful day! Make sure it’s good weather if possible because there are some walkways, garden paths, (smooth and level) hiking paths, nature, streams, and maybe some wildlife to enjoy. The gift shop, restaurant and wine tasting too will be something to enjoy. We didn’t really know about the restaurant so I want to go back there some time.

I’ve tried to capture these things for you. I hope you enjoy. There might be a little humor in there. Look for the turkeys and “George Bush”. 🙂

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Thanks so much everyone.

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  1. I enjoyed your video. What a beautiful place. I would love to see it in person. It would be a great place for an outdoor wedding.

  2. What a lovely place to visit. It will be nice to go back in a different season to see the gardens look even nicer….itself funny how when we live near some quite famous place we never seem to go visit, so I’m glad you made it now. Video was lovely and as usual your background music just beautiful, so peaceful…I nearly nodded off !!

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