Plowing through Extra Work at the Last Minute and Getting Ready for Travel

Hello there friends. I hope your week is going well.

I started the week a little frightened by all the work there was to do. The board above shows all my returns I have to do. Being busy this month, Dexter’s neuter, Mom’s eye appt, my visit to the doc for blood pressure med refills, fixing lots of things that went wrong, getting data late – all contributed to a nightmare of a final week of the month – quarter end crunch week. I had to work a lot of hours on this, this week – about 11 to 12 per day. And about 3/4 of it is done. I have Monday 10/31 left and most likely any payments after lunch time will be posted as late on Nov 1. But I gave it my best shot and worked ungodly hours so we “wouldn’t look like heathen bafoons”. I’ve been able to at least minimize the damage and that was my goal. I didn’t get much done on the home front though and it really shows around here. I did manage to make some time for myself to work on video and some blogs – otherwise I’d have been an angry little old wet hen on a squawkfest. No one wants that.

Monday I will not be staying late either. Dexter goes to doggy daycare for his 2nd visit and I’m working a normal day and limiting his stay as much as I can. George and I also have plans for Halloween night too, so if we need to get quarter end done, we’ll have to start earlier in the month, but I’ve mentioned before I often get what I need very late in the month and it doesn’t give me much time. It used to make me mad. But I’m trying to learn to not be angry over things that are out of my control. Not sure if I will ever rewire my brain for that, as the ire can run through my veins quickly when I feel I’ve not been given a fair shake, or I’ve been given the butt end of life.

And yes it is true if you don’t like things you can change them. So I am learning to either accept life’s ways or change it and it’s my choice to do so. God sets the path also for situations were I have no choice. So I just prayed each day and got my feelings out.

That said, we ate well this week.

We had our hello fresh 3 nights this week but George fixed some crock pot BBQ for last night and tonight. I love his cornbread!

Dexter has been great lately. Only getting into bits of trouble here and there. We just love him so much.

The pic may bring some questions. My crocs are on the dresser so he won’t get to them. My shoe shelving is behind the door so I have a headband that fits to the knob on the dresser and stretches over to the door knob and that keeps him from chewing my shoes. lol. Our house is a mess with this dog around but maybe one day he’ll quit chewing on things and we can bring stuff lower down.

Getting ready for travel.

So I’ve booked our hotels now for Hot Springs on the weekend before and after Texas so we can break the trip up going and coming and only travel about 6-7 hours a day instead of 13 to 14.

George booked us for a nice Italian restaurant one night and I’m so impressed he did that for us. I’m impressed he picked Italian. That’s my “jam” as they say.

He also has his car scheduled for a tune up so we can be assured of a safe car while traveling.

We have Mom’s Thanksgiving booked, we have plans to get her groceries and take her out to eat before we leave. I have stopped the Hello Fresh for the week before and the week of. It’s important to have Hello Fresh for the week we get back as we may not get to the store for a few nights. That week will be crazy also with work and also laundry.

We have Dexter booked for boarding. So things are slowly coming together.

We are also trying to get a gain on Christmas and get ahead. We have an excursion planned for tomorrow and I’ll blog about it – probably Monday if I get the chance. Or maybe Sunday. We’ll see.

Next video is finished, uploaded, and scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday at 7:00 a.m.). I will come back and leave the link for you. It’s a nice fun little relaxing video – a little humor, not much. It’s a very peaceful little video of our tour of the grounds at the Hermitage – home of Andrew Jackson. The mansion – we could not take photos inside but the grounds were allowed. Love it and I hope you will enjoy it tomorrow.

What are YOU doing this weekend? I’m hoping to get laundry done, dusting, doing a “Christmas check” to see where we are, do a Target order for personal and household needs, get the Xfinity box turned back in (the old one), drop off Mom’s stuff at Good Will, restock for work (food), have some office time, new Intro for video, filing – I won’t get it all done, but it’ll be nice to get something done around here even if it is just reading!

Better go – need to get a few things done tonight since we’ll be gone tomorrow for a good chunk and Sunday at church, taking Mom out to eat, and getting her weekly groceries. No rest for the weary but we’ll try. It’s just a busy life right now.

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