Trying Not to Stress, But it’s a Pitiful Situation, I Tell Ya!

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Wouldn’t this be a cool place to work? Ha! It’s quarter end crunch week here. No time for a proper entry but just checking in and saying hello. I don’t have a view like this to work from at work but I have made it a comfy place and at least enjoy “my space” and even the work day itself. Although I worked over which I said I wasn’t going to do, but QE is not going to be done if I don’t work outside a normal person’s working hours.

Yesterday I left the house at 5:50 and got home by 6 or so. A very long day. I was able to get half of Wed’s work done so I can try to “get to” QE. It’s the only way to get time to work on quarter end as much of it has to be done after hours.

Just a lot of demands on my time at work and home. I also lost 8 hours when Dex got his neuter (but had to so we could board him) putting me behind in addition to all the other infractions and interruptions and busy times, my own doc appt to get RX filled, and including getting data late (I still don’t have half of the data I need to finish). It’s all in unison putting me behind. I’m doing what I can so as to not fail the department, but in truth I think 1) there is not a set up for success going on and 2) we are just all kinda failing one another. Not ALL on me. I’m not sure if we need another person or what. I don’t think we need one all the time but for quarter end we sure do. All I know is that “life happens” and I’m trying to deal with it the best I can and be there for everyone, and it’s just never enough. But it’ll have to be. Because I can’t make it go any faster. And I’m only one person.

I don’t think we’re gonna make it and it makes me sad b/c I don’t like to lose. We go through this every quarter, yes, but I’m like two weeks behind this time from where I should be which means QE won’t be done until way into Nov at this rate.

So after being gone a whopping’ 12 hours yesterday from home, I did not get my personal hour to do blog/vlog as I had responsibilities and to do’s to take care of at home, which means I’m borrowing time from my getting ready time this morning, which means I’ll be later to work, which means I’ll be working later which I was going to do anyway. So who gets the shunt in the end? Probably work then because if I’m going in later then staying late is not as effective. It’s just an issue all round. I also missed an hour sleep last night staying up and trying to get things done around here. Then I was too wound up to go to sleep and then didn’t want to get up this morning.

I had to get our TV in the kitchen fixed when I got in last night. The new streaming box came in and George got it started but I had to get it back on line. I did this for him as he asked me to. And then I needed to get our weekends booked in Hot Springs. Got it done but the Thanksgiving weekend was harder to do than the week before it. Expedia would not allow me to book and had to switch to to get it done. I was able to use Expedia for the first weekend and really didn’t want to use two different agencies to book through, but Expedia kept saying my dates were not available even though they were through other sites. Their loss.

We are booked and I have “suites” in both even though we really didn’t need them, they were just all about the same price as the others. So I got them with a little living area so we can read. They also have little kitchenettes which sometimes we have leftovers so we can heat dinner for breakfast. But we also have a free breakfast at the hotel b/c I only booked where we could get one. We won’t be there very long either stay but anyway if same price, might as well have a little suite. So glad to get THAT off the list. They were booking up. It’s just a great place to stay when traveling through and cutting up our trip to TX on the way and on the way back. WE are doing something different this time instead of LaQuinta since we don’t have dogs traveling with us.

Anyway, just bopping’ in to say hello. Gotta go get a shower. But payroll is done, now to do my weekly after PR responsibilities and then I work on QE some more. It’s a pitiful work situation and quite frankly, I feel sorry for it. As for me? I’m just bee bopping through it the best I can. I’m just me doing the best I can. It’s just been a busy month and so many things have gone wrong, putting out fires, etc. I’m not sure why it’s so busy other than that. I get called more and more and interrupted 200% more than ever too. Anyway, it is what it is and we’ll forge forward. I’m trying not to stress, but my mind and body start wearing down, less sleep, more pressure, and that takes a turn on my morale which then takes a turn on my immune system.

Trying to count blessings and a friend brought me a Java Chip Frappe yesterday from Starbucks. And Terretare sent me a Halloween card. I thank you so much for thinking of me. It’s the little things that make the day.

Ok now on to make up. This blog entry was pieced together. It’s the best I can do but I did a proper entry after all.

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