Sharing my 5-Tier November “Blessings” Challenge | Plus a Template to Download to Make Your Own

I’ve been wanting and needing to do a challenge again. Last year I was inspired by KYD’s (Keep Your Daydream channel on YouTube) challenge and it opened my eyes to how you can build habits by using a similar tiered “push” to accomplish a number of things at once that you have been wanting to do. So here’s mine. You can substitute your own with whatever goals or habits you want to do. I themed mine using the terms Blessings and Gratitudes because it was November.

I think it’s important to make it something you know you can accomplish but yet it’s a reach. I didn’t do “no sugar” or anything like that with vacation and holidays coming, lol. But these are wonderful things to improve for me for this month.

So I thought of you too. And here is a blank one you can use to make your own. 🙂

I’ll be doing this during the month of November.

Happy Halloween. We are about to head out for dinner. Dexter is tired out from daycare.

Here he is, the brown and white doggie, sniffing up his neighbor.

See ya later in the week.

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