Running Errands, Packing, and Prepping!

While I’m looking at this I realize how ugly this pizza is, lol. However, it was awesome! It’s a meat lovers from Calabria here in Mount Juliet. We also ordered Pineapple Chicken – I think we were so busy tearing into it that I totally forgot to take a pic of it. The darker brown meat above is actually beef – not pepperoni and it has basil I think as well as prosciutto. I’m not a fan of their pepperoni. So when we ordered I took off the pepperoni. But this was our Friday night and George’s wish, to have pizza – it had been a serious while since we have eaten this kind of fat and bread for dinner. :-O

Let me back up to say that I finished quarter end at work yesterday and I’m one state in on paying our monthly withholding taxes. A few more states to go I’d say. I worked so hard on Friday concentrating to get everything done on time. It all worked out. But Monday I will need to work hard on getting month end states paid before I move into the payroll. Because after payroll – I pretty much head to Texas.

I have also calculated the time and hours I need to work each day to work more Mon thru Wed of next week so that I can work less on Thursday so we can leave early that day and get to our hotel room by bedtime so we are not driving sleepy on the road. I’ll still be working close to 6 hours on Thurs so the company will come out on top for the week – so no complaints or misperceptions- (if they do it’ll be their own fault for not knowing the facts and that for that I am not responsible.) I will even have enough hours that technically I would only to have to take a 1/2 day of vacay day on Friday as I’ll have 36 hours in by the time I leave at lunch time Thursday. But I’d rather give the company more and not have any complaints or misperceptions that are inaccurate by anyone. That seems like the Christian thing to do. Give more, get less. I should work only 32 hours in the 3.5 days and be done with it, but no I’m giving the company extra time – giving “two coats instead of one”.

I’ll probably need the time anyway to get things done. What is a vacation anyway right? It’s always been know you work more before you go and more when you get back, lol. Those overworked hours have long been due but I’ll get them back in various dental, eye, and gyno and mammogram visits in the next few months. I am determined to live life in a more normal way when we return. Not sure what that will exactly look like but I’m going to be done staying home continually and plan to go get doc visits in, get at least one shopping excursion in, and will probably get out and see nature and get in some exercise and take photos and such. I think George and I will get out more when the weather cools. But we don’t want to take anything to Katy or to Mom or even for ourselves so we’ll have to pick and choose and what we want to do. I think some outside locations and so forth.

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Yesterday after my day, a glass of wine, THAT PIZZA (and wings – not shown) I fell asleep during the original Oceans Eleven movie – even with the Rat Pack. I was cold as our a/c had been blasting and I was at peace, full, comfy, and with loss of sleep across the work week which is typical I think – I was just gone. Not by 9 – not by 8:30 – but by 8:00. I moved on to bed though by 8:30 when I realized I was “done”. I think it saddens George as he then has to watch the movie alone – and he values our quality time – but he sleeps later than I do in the mornings and I’ve also been awake two to four times most nights lately and just really needed this heavenly slumber. The work week gone, goals met, and just physically and mentally worn out.

I slept 9 hours and felt great this morning. Good thing as we had a busy morning planned and much to do at home getting ready for our trip ahead.

We got my car run through “MARTA” which is emissions testing we have to do before renewing our car tags. We went to the liquor store/beer store to stock up on things for our trip. I like the lo cal IPA beer as it is less but still has the full flavor. And George needed his favorite things.

Then we went to Kroger. I did NOT feel safe at Kroger. I will tell you that right now. There were too many of us there today. No one was mindful of social distancing – they would invade your space in a heart beat. Everyone was wearing masks but man – It was packed. We got what we needed which was a lot – and got out. But geeez. Publix is much better.

Once home, we put things up and I began “staging” – it had already started earlier in the week – but it’s getting serious right now and tomorrow I will actually begin putting it in the suit cases.

Then at happy hour George opened his birthday gifts. He has shirts, a pair of shorts, some wireless ear buds like mine, and some gourmet food items – a flavored Olive Oil and some rub. I tried to find things he didn’t have but would like. He is sitting here between the doggies and about to open gifts.

I loved this pillow today that I saw at the liquor store we go to. They have a gift shop there. It reminded me of some friends I have on Facebook that I grew up with at school that are married, have trucks, and labs and spend a lot of time in the tropical areas or their pool at home. Such a cute pillow. I kinda wish I’d bought it for my beach bedroom. But we have other things other than decorating on our minds – like this trip coming up.

I’ve not worked on the movie at all. If I’m to get this done I’ll have to find time tomorrow to work on it. I’ve packed, staged, washed, ironed, and done what I can do today. Tomorrow we have to get the car ready, do my mani/pedi (here at the house), redo my vitamins for the next week and beyond, get some more packing done, give George a trim (I do it for him now), and a whole host of things. But I will do what I can.

I’m back and forth on this next video, I really am. I guess I’ve not just been in the mood for it with our not doing anything special much. I will get off of here now to go work on it. We’ll see what happens.

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I cancelled iMatch with iTunes and maybe I’ll sign up for Canva premium now. Since I have iTunes premium or whatever you call it for 9.99 per month I really don’t need iMatch. So I could use those funds for Canva now, except I think it is more per year. I have been salivating over having the capability to quickly have numerous photos at hand, gifs now too, and most importantly having the ability to remove the background so you can place things on a video or photo – just like that! Without having to go through a program like Paint Shop Pro or other software. It would be done on my phone. I’m liking the thought on that.

I also could probably do without the Audible subscription too – but I might wait a bit to cancel that. I just don’t like having too many of these “subscriptions” going. But I enjoy audible. I’m ok with useful usable things, but I’ve been giving up hair cuts, manicures, pedicures, even vacations and shopping excursions – so I think this year might be a good year for subscriptions like this if you are using the services at home during the pandemic and it helps with your lifestyle or hobbies. That is my story and I’m sticking with it.

We also have our house sitter all lined up and confirmed. So thankful for that. And thankful for the webcams that we have while we are gone as well. So all in control on that front!

So off of here to try and get some work done on the video to try and make it a bit more entertaining, lol! Off to make nothing into something – I hope!

And we know that the grand baby’s name will start with an “R” whether it is a boy or a girl. So we’ll know in a week what the baby’s gender is. Then it gets more real!

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Have I told you lately how excited we are about this trip and our grand baby? I really don’t know how we are going to be states apart when he/she gets here. I just can’t see not seeing my grand baby again until it’s one or something. I may just have to move. I mean how can we leave our grand baby in January when it’s born not to see it for months? What will that be like? I can’t even think about being in another state. What are we gonna do?

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  1. I have several grands out of state that i rarely get to see but thankfully I get plenty of pictures it’s not easy but we make do . It is so much nicer to have the ones that live close

  2. Well Sonya, you certainly packed a lot into your day. You are such a wonderful thoughtful employee I just hope the management appreciate you, I think it’s sad that they rarely say thank you for all the hard work, but the minute there’s a hiccup they are down on you at the drop of a hat, well not just you it’s all the good people that are employed ….anyway your on the downward slide to get to Texas….excited is an understatement!!
    Enjoy your Sunday…God Bless..

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