Productive and Relaxing Weekend, Cooking a Lot, and Spending Time with the Dogs

Good morning! It has been a great 3 day weekend. Of course, no, I did not get everything done as I have a month’s worth lined up each off day. But the main thing is that I get to enjoy being home, working on the household, getting to cook, plan, be with the doggies, and just breathe. We were gone 1/2 of the weekend so that explains a lot. If I hadn’t had Friday off I’d still be spinning my wheels trying to just get the laundry done and the house some how decent.

I finished The Spare, and I’m about to start Bayou Heist, written by one of our bloggers. She used to comment some, but I don’t hear from her these days. Cupcakecache, I think is her blog name. I found it recently and subscribed. I don’t get a lot of time to read blogs but I enjoy it when I do. I wanted to support her and bought the book and I’m looking forward to that.

I was able to get the puzzle started. Yay! Once I get the sides done (a couple of pieces I missed) then it’s easy to start plugging in a few pieces until it is done. This relaxes my mind and makes me happy. I love having this folding table in my office. I scoot it all around the office and put my camera equipment on top of it when I do the filming. But now I’ll have to be careful!

I was hoping to get further down my list of things to do but it was not to be. I did get the floors vacuumed and mopped, video edited, and the next video files set up for the next two weeks, ready to import. My clothes are ready to go for the week, a few things ironed, and some on line needs taken care of (Thrive market order for things with better ingredients, Amazon order done for Sleep Spray, a 2T Lacie hard drive for my videos and video files, some honey packets to take to work, and Bobs Red Mill Oat Bars). I’ve bought and addressed birthday cards and gifts and bought some more groceries in my efforts to eat better, at Kroger.

Running Lots of Errands

George took care of Mom yesterday. We rode separately. They ate at Jersey Mike’s and then went to Publix. I had a line up of things I wanted to do yesterday so I went separately. I stopped at BoJangles and got chicken (picked most of the fried skin off it, but not all 🙂 ). I got slaw and dirty rice. I love dirty rice. I tried not to eat the biscuit. But it was so good. Then my upper stomach felt like a brick. I’ve got to quit eating bread. I’m going to more gluten free options. I won’t be perfect, but I’ve got to change the way I eat to save my colon. It will help the weight too. Bottom line, the enriched flour, some of the oils we eat, sugars, and corn syrup really just go to belly fat or butt fat, lol. I’m trying to look at it that way when making decisions, so that I won’t consume it. It’s so hard.

Then I went to get my car washed and vacuumed. Then I went to Kroger where I could concentrate, read labels, not be distracted or rushed, and not have to worry about the frozen things being out too long. Then home to take care of doggies, do some cooking, and get on with my list. Next week will be my week to take care of Mom next Sunday. George did not get home until 2 or after. I was long home before then – like by 2 hours. lol I got a lot done in that time.

Doing Lots of Cooking

Ever since Mom and I had those grilled chicken tenders at Cracker Barrel, I’ve been determined to make my own. George had my chicken tenders laid out to make something else with, so I bought some more. I thought, I better make them before he uses those too, lol. So yesterday was a good day. It only took about 10 minutes. I made a little marinade (should have soaked them longer though). But I cooked them in the George Foreman grill as it does both sides at once. I cooked til they looked like that above. I used things like olive oil, honey, a little balsamic glaze, hot pepper flakes, pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder. I divided up into two dishes and I will take them to work to eat the next two days. This gives me a healthy protein. I ate one yesterday to see how it was. It turned out great. So I can see doing this MANY Sunday’s so that I have some healthy things to take to work.

Sunday, I chopped up some little potatoes and made potatoes with eggs in them. I also bought some spinach yesterday so I can add that in it next time. I’ve really started making breakfasts like this with potatoes, greens, sometimes a turkey or chicken sausage.

I also made a vegetable pork stew. We ate it Friday night and then last night we ate it over rice to finish it off. It was really good. So I always want to have pork stew meat on hand too. I can see my new staples forming: pork stew, chicken tenders, spinach, etc.

Fun Time with the Dogs

Progress was made in this moment when both dogs jumped on the bed and hung out. No growling, no jealousy, no one scared of or trying to intimidate the other. Dexter was bolder this weekend. I loved on him a lot and he has since been braver to come make his way to me whether on the bed or in my lap. He had been shying away and I’d have to go to him. He was trying to give Maddie space and not set her off. So I really think they do better when we are home more. There’s more time for everyone to see BOTH Mom and Dad. Things equal out.

Maddie is waiting for me to come sit in the chair so she can jump in my lap. Never mind my shirt and sweat pants on the chair (ready to be worn the 2nd time as I wasn’t in them for very long Saturday b/w shower and anniversary outing).

Anniversary Outing

We had a nice time and an excellent meal at Chateau West. It was French Food. And we stopped at CZann’s on the way and found an Octoberfest Celebration underway. You’ll have to wait for the video! lol.

The Week Ahead

The first part of the week brings video editing. The last part of the week is a banquet we attend on Thursday night. And then out to dinner with friends Friday night. These are friends we have not been out with in a very long time. We saw them recently at a memorial celebration of life event and decided to get together. We always say that and don’t. But this time we made reservations!

I also go and get my REAL ID Friday. I also need to work on Mom’s Medical Power of Attorney. Then I think we can go and get things notarized. So I won’t make my goal of getting this finished this month but we are on our way.

And when I get through with payroll on Tuesday, it will be quarter end. Again! So I will be rocking and rolling trying to get that done so I don’t feel rushed. There are things I can do without waiting on others. Then I’ll have the last week free hopefully, to get the stuff done I get last minute. Or not. I’ve learned not to fret over it, but to do what I can with the time I have.

Ok so I’ll try to do a few fall pics each day. Even if no words!

Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Well Sonya, you certainly had a good weekend, it’s nice to know you had a great meal out on your anniversary I loved the photos !! Hope all goes well this week. And work goes to plan…We have had quiet weekend, other than church on Sunday we weren’t out at all. Tomorrow we are going shopping Peter is taking us to a large shop in Bristol looking for a new comfortable chair for Mary. He is on holiday this week so we will probably go out for meals at least a couple of times…He reaches retiring age next week but isn’t sure just what he is going to do. He is off this week but when he goes back he is going to have a chat with his bosses to see what they can do, he may stay on if they can perhaps give him a lighter job, he has quite bad arthritis in his hand especially and he dosn’t feel so able to do heavy lifting…time will tell…..hope your week goes well..xx

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