New House Walk Thru / Visiting the Christmas Shop

Walking through Mom’s New House for the First Time / Visiting the Christmas Shop

Here she is! She was so happy. She has a beautiful villa in which to reside. God is good. He made so much happen and so quickly. This is the one where we did a walk-through before the actual closing. She then closed on the house and we celebrated. It has pics of the deer that we have come strolling through in the mornings/evenings and also a stroll through our local Christmas shop. It’s almost July so get a cold blast of a feeling by watching. Of course you know, I’ve added some good music all through.

I’m happy to say that I gained 3 subscribers this week. And the last one had more views right away than I had anticipated. I’m happy to see that people are enjoying them. I know more would enjoy if they knew we were doing them. And more people are probably realizing it’s more of a channel than just a personal video or two. So give me a thumbs up if you liked it, and leave a comment if you did. If you haven’t subscribed, it’s free and if you would like to see more, it’ll let you know when they come out. The regular time is Saturday’s at 7:00 a.m. There won’t be one EVERY Saturday but when they go up that will be the date and time.

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I’m already working on the next one!

7 responses to “New House Walk Thru / Visiting the Christmas Shop”

  1. Great job. As fast as time is going by Christmas will be here again before we know it.
    The deer and the rainbow were beautiful. Your Moms place is just the right size for her. Is she still liking living there? I love the brick and the layout of her house. She chose well on the countertops and the hardware on the cabinets. That is the next thing on my list of things to do. We had a new deck built and a new roof so next I want new kitchen countertops and backsplash. Maybe next year.

  2. That was a great video! Of course I love Christmas stores! Although they do tend to make them huge and repeat the merchandise a lot! We live in Yankee Candle area. We have a massive one around me and it includes a Christmas store with a santa all year ! Its cute!
    Your mom looked so happy going through her new house! I have to say she walks just like my mom does. My mom is going to be 85 and that hunched over started in her later 70’s.. Finally we got her (after she agreed to it) a cane and now she uses a walker. But she is so vain she will not use them in public! LOL Woman. Why are we all like that? LOL Not sure why I typed that. I think because your mom reminds me of mine … beautifully put together , strong, smart and stubborn! lol I hope she is having a blast in her new home!

    Take care and stay cool!
    Rose 🙂

    • Yeah she finally began using her cane. She has a pretty one that was her Mom’s and that helps. Yep Mom is all that you described. 🙂 I can say stubborn because we all are! lol 😂

  3. Nice video!! I loved going thru the Christmas store. 🎄 it’s closer than we think. We have one not too far. aka tourists trap
    Your mom’s place is so nice & just the right size for one elder.
    I hope she keeps meeting new neighbors.
    Has your mom/Fancy met Dexter? That should be exciting. Too soon?
    Ok, I’m ready for a Netflix/HboMax nite.
    Stream on…

    • The Christmas store was high price. I bought an ornament for George that looked like Roger. Katy bought me the Christmasopoly for Christmas. But it was fun to kick off the season going through it. Loved the oversized polar bear! If money were no object, decorations would be fun and exciting! Mom hasn’t met Dexter yet as we can’t let him meet Fancy or other dogs yet. She is coming over July 4. Probably not meeting Fancy then. I think Mom needs to check out the scene and see how Dexter is first. But soon they will meet. I hope

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