Humorous Blog Names I Could Have Used for this Blog

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Whether it’s worth reading or not is totally up to you. But let’s have a little fun here. If you have read my blogs long enough, you will probably have a few of your own, and you are welcome to share (be nice), lol.

  1. No Time to Piddle or Pee
  2. Project Momma Strikes Again
  3. Where Did All the Pets Go?
  4. Where Did the Sister Go?
  5. God’s Biggest Project
  6. What All I Bought on Amazon
  7. How to Wait For Flooring for 13 Years
  8. Talking On and On About Things I Know Nothing About
  9. Living with the Fear of Running Out of Time
  10. How I Planned My Life but Didn’t Get to do Half of it.
  11. How Not to EVER be Bored
  12. List Making 101
  13. How to Amuse People in the UK (Sybil, Mary)
  14. Undercover Writing: How to Say Everything You Need to Say without Really Saying it
  15. If You are Happy and You Know it Drink Your Wine
  16. If You are Sad and You Know it Drink Your Coffee
  17. If You are Mad and You Know it Let Everyone Else Know it Too
  18. Farting Away the Frustrations
  19. The Ditto Pages
  20. The Anxiety Archives
  21. This is Why I Need Less Hustle and More Coffee
  22. The Crazy Chronicles
  23. Sonya’s Sarcasm and Snafus
  24. The Coffee’s Hot But I’m Not
  25. Bless Everyone’s Heart (It’s a Southern Thang)

I had to think about those last two so I’d have a full 25. What would you add? Regardless of the humor, blogging has saved my soul (well not really, God did that) but he provided the avenue in which to release my feelings, frustrations, excitements, dreams, goals. A place to be heard in a world that is not usually listening otherwise. Or if they are, it’s for the wrong reasons.

Well, I feel like I don’t really need to go into work early this morning with all the hours I’ve put in over the weekend and over the last month. But I probably will go on in a bit earlier. I wasn’t going to deny myself the time to blog though, this morning.

We have a bit of snow and ice coming and I need to see the forecast to see when. I think it’s all rain tomorrow. Still hoping to get nails/toes done tomorrow and a quick outing with friends on Thursday – so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to be out and it get icy on me.

Mom had some really good chili last night. It was so good and hit the spot. I love to crawl into the recliner at her house after dinner and play Blokudoko. It’s so relaxing. Blokudoko is also very good and lowering anxiety and getting rid of nervous energy. I often do it while we are riding in the car on the interstate so I don’t get nervous. It’s a game where you place the shape of blocks they give you and you complete the squares (the larger square of 9 boxes) and complete the rows which clear them off. You get points if you complete more than one at a time such as a box and a row at the same time or two squares at the same time. And you get points if you clear off several in a row really fast. And the game is over if you can’t fit the piece anywhere again. I started a game below so you could see.

It’s a game you can do when you are tired, bored, or just needing to blow of steam. Don’t really have to think hard but yet you do have to think about where to place the next piece. I have a method I like to use and I think you have fun developing “your method”. Some games are over quickly and some you just have a lot of luck with. You get to take your time over where to place the piece. This is a free app but it comes with some annoying ads at times. lol

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February is here. Thank God. And I have! I still have a lot on my plate to finish up and do from year end of course. Just because it’s February doesn’t mean it went away but the deadline is gone so que sara sara. I will be providing a list of suggestions once I get time to work on it. Improvement is needed to avoid the Impossible Month so we can try to make things a little more Possible and Positive. There is no reason for anyone to have to dread a month so badly. I retire in 2.9 years. I’m sure I’ll probably want to leave on my exact birthday (Jan 3) so as to avoid at least one more year of going through a January. lol I had thought I’d probably wait and go in February out of loyalty but no as of right now, I think not. lol. Who knows AnYThInG can happen before then as life throws twists and turns and God leads our path. I just have to pray about the future and see what happens. I love my job as a whole, but I don’t mind saying that January is just too much for one person. The tribe has spoken again. The tribe is really smart.

But February is the love month. I am going to love my February – love my family, love getting some of my time back, and love all the things we are doing, George and I, both together and in doing our own creative things. I’m going to love letting God lead where he needs me, and love the love month.

Ya’ll have a good day!

17 responses to “Humorous Blog Names I Could Have Used for this Blog”

  1. It looks like we will get our share of the weather this time. We’re expecting 12-15 inches of snow, but we’ll have some ice first. No, thank you. I retired last year on my birthday. It was my Birthday gift to me.

  2. I love the names… You are so clever!!!! I particularly like “The Anxiety Archives.” I think I could write a book on that one. Here is my a.m….. Jamison goes in late today so I am not going to his house until after lunch. I had a list of things I needed to get done, including some work for my “part-time” job, and GUESS WHAT…. the internet goes out AGAIN!!!!! I am not in a good mood. However, I have made two meatloaves for dinner (one for tonight and one to freeze for another day). I guess I will have to call that a win but I am not happy about the Internet.

    Hope you have a great day!!! Happy February… I just read where you should say “RABBIT RABBIT” on the first day of each month for good luck. That is a new one for me.

    Love ya!

    • Ha! Never heard of rabbit rabbit. Wonder where that came from? Yes a meatloaf is a win and to not have Internet these days is a crises! I try to focus on non internet related to dos. As long as I know someone is about to fix it!!!! Good luck today. Happy eating! I get lamb tonight! 😉

  3. Time is going by so fast your retirement will be here before you know it. I too am glad January is gone. February is a great month, I Love Valentine’s. I was looking today online for some gift ideas. We have two Birthdays this month in our family.
    I am getting my nails and toes done this week too. I am going to pick out something pink and sparkly.

  4. You have me ROFL at your list of blog names! One I could add is “Life Between the Full Moons”. Ha!

  5. Can you breathe a little better today?
    I’m sure your more relaxed.
    Most of those titles would work. You just need to slow your hustle down woman!

  6. Oh Sonya, what a laugh you have given us today….or actually yesterday….I had problems with my internet connection…it is ok at the moment….anyway I leave it to you to change if you think you need to but I think back porch is ok….maybe a question title. though. Join me for coffee, or. Never stop chatting…
    Hope work went well once you went in and that your weather won’t prevent your friends visiting etc. wonderful that you are going to have a wee holiday with Kate Cody and Roo…. Hope you get your pedi. done and you have a relaxing time …God Bless

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