Downloaded Final Cut Pro and Setting Up for a Productive Full February

Finally in February, I have downloaded my Christmas present. George told me it was my birthday present. Whatever. It was the main thing I’ve wanted for Christmas and had planned for this for quite some time – maybe since last year. At $299 for the download, I didn’t want to just download it any day but made myself wait for it. Then when January was so busy, I thought how cruel it would be to download it and not have time to use it. So I had a few minutes and I’m slowing trying to crawl through all the list of to do’s that got put off. This was a big one. I’m grateful for the 45 minutes I had before dinner last night to get it done and even watch two short videos on editing. I think I watched enough to know kinda how to get around in it. Or at least enough to know that this is something I can do. I mainly wanted the upgrade to iMovie because I wanted more options, more tools, and a great ability to do more within the video timeline itself. I want to learn as much as I can as I also learn more about my camera and video creation.

Next up is working on my Intro. I think it’s a good opportunity to switch songs and do a new intro entirely. I may also up the game on my “OUTRO”. The intro may take some time to do but I’m anxious to do the next video so I’ll be pushing to get it done. I am going to go through video materials I’ve done before and see if I can find some clips of us to use in the INTRO – which will be in every video. The INTRO has to be short but yet inviting. So I’m a little anxious over it. But that is good b/c where there is anxiety coming from me there is a strong will to make something work. It’s just how I was made.

HOLD on while I go get more coffee.

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Ok I’m back. lol

So while January was IMPOSSIBLE and I think I was able to prove that it was, February is FULL. But this time it’s not so full with events – there are a few, but mostly it is full of things that got behind from last month. I mean there’s like hundreds of little things built up. I chose to remove all these things from being worried about in January – just absolutely cleaned the slate as much as possible. So I have a lot of tasks and to do’s built up.

I went through my planner where I had taken notes about things and just made a list of the random things. I’ve listed much of these before, but this is what is on my mind (again) today. I’m looking forward to the end of February and seeing how much of it got done. I could be doing 10% of them instead of typing this blog entry this morning but what fun would that be? lol

Instead let’s just do a run on sentence of To Do’s, as everyone is probably tired of my lists at this point! ha! These are obviously not in any order of importance and some of them are not really important at all but just little things I wrote down that I want done:

Cancel Isagenix auto ship, extra bulbs for the lamp at work, bubble water to work, regular water to work, plastic cups and tea to work, oil and cotton balls to get the crappy dust off the plant at work, sending sympathy cards that should have been sent already, prepping for company coming, did I see Bryan Adams had new album or songs out – I need to check it out, make my colonoscopy appt, make Mom’s heart scan appt, do my last audible download, then cancel audible, give George a hair cut, put together the little bookshelf for my office at work, do a trim on my own hair (dead ends), Hobby Lobby for stems for my vases, mani/pedi, grocery for fresh items, clean house, watch sister wives, watch Being the Ricardos, work on intro for videos, work on next video, appointment with myself on blog and vlog growth, take Mom to AT&T store, Fancy trim, shopping for furniture. These are the ones that I really want to do for February. Everything else can wait a bit. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway it was a huge morale boost to get Final Cut Pro off the to do list as something I wanted done so bad is now done! I was patient and waited and saved us $ in January. Tonight I get my nails and toes done. I’m going to go in as a walk in. When I schedule it they always give me to this certain person and I don’t really like her work but when I walk in I have a chance of getting a random person other than her. lol And they always take walk in’s unless it’s just overwhelmingly crowded at closing time or something But if crowded they still usually take them but will tell you it’s a wait. So on a rainy Wed night I figure is a good time to go and hopefully get different people. I didn’t want to change my nail place but was considering it because of the quality of work going down when the older lady does it. I’m sorry but I think she just can’t see to do it and it looks sloppy. She also hurts my fingers when she works on them b/c she can’t see where my nail ends and skin begins. So noooooooo! I will walk in and hopefully get someone else. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings either. So if I’m assigned to her I will just endure it. And eventually change salons if it keeps happening. I mean who wants to hurt someone’s feelings. I don’t want to be a part of that.

Ok over and out! It’s a rainy messy couple of days that end in ice tomorrow night. George says we should still go out to eat. Go figure. I don’t know about that. It’s only a mile away and he thinks we’ll be fine for the evening so we’ll see. I just don’t want to be out in it.

A lot of you are probably getting some snow, ice, or rain from this system too. Getcha a cup of coffee, relax if you can – or if you are like me – pretend to relax but go after your to do list! Make it a fun full fabulous February!

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  1. Hi Sonya, you really do love your lists !! But I’m glad to see that your a bit more relaxed at getting them done…I pray though that you will manage a lot more than 10%. I must go as we are having our hair cut and I’m next. Hope your able to enjoy your night out….God Bless

    • Oh I agree – I just meant I’d rather change salon than to complain about the elderly woman. She’s really sweet – they wouldn’t miss me/ if I complain they’d never forget me lol lol 😂

      • Well this was posted with a fine attitude. Your mood is improved.
        You obviously can breathe easier.
        Knocking some items off your lists helps.
        We’re suppose to get ice then snow starting later today, Thursday.
        We went grocery shopping, mainly because it was time to go, so we’re good.
        I hope you didn’t get stuck with the old lady. I wouldn’t want her either. Don’t feel bad.
        I know if you get bad weather you won’t go out in it.
        Stay safe and warm.

      • I got my favorite lady doing my nails and on toes a good one did it. My morale has improved greatly now that our lives are not moving at the speed of light with nearly every moment taken.

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