Thanksgiving Day, Discovery Plus, and My Heart is in Texas

It was just really ALL good. A meal and a day I look forward to all year. I think mainly I really like the fact we don’t have to go anywhere. A day we stay at home, eat, lolly around, and are not expected to do much. You can let your guard down, breathe, not have to accomplish fifty zillion tasks. It’s all about the meal and being home and gathering whatever family can gather.

Signed up for Discovery Plus – What a Deal!

Was able to watch a few shows yesterday. And I must tell you that I went ahead and signed up for Discovery Plus with their .99 per month deal for 90 days and it goes to 4.95 a month after that. Was too good of a deal. That was where so many of my shows went. It was getting harder and harder to watch things on cable on demand. And Sister Wives moved to Discovery also. I can’t watch the current season unless I go there. Plus the Magnolia crew is on there (Chip and Jo Jo) and HGTV and all the house shows and food network shows like Pioneer Woman – she’s even in a Christmas movie on there – watched that yesterday. There is all kinds of history and blue planet kind of shows. And Bindi Erwin and her family have a show on there about the zoo/kingdom they do. There is some science stuff on there if you are into crime, investigation, and forensic stuff. I think it’s even worth the $4.96 per month. So yeah, I signed up for that.

Mom’s Ready to Go

So Mom is ready to go – almost. I was collecting up my Fall Decor and noticed a stack over in the corner by the door staged and ready. As I type this she is packing up the rest. We are waiting for George to get back from a “secret” Black Friday mission. We may never see him again if he is in all that mess. I’m not sure what all he’s getting into. He’s not supposed to be getting anything much as I already have my phone and also will be getting Final Cut Pro. I need to shower though, grab some leftover Thanksgiving for breakfast and pull up the car and start packing things in the car.

Putting UP Fall Decor

So the fall decor is going back in the box and we’ll be dragging the Christmas stuff out later today after we get Mom settled over there. We also will take her on a big grocery run, if there is anything left in the stores after this week. I heard that milk was gone – as if there was a major snow storm, lol.

I’ve managed to do most of our laundry already. So that is good. Christmas cards are done! We’ll be dropping those to the post office on the way to Mom’s.

The TMJ is still there but not causing too many issues. I’ll probably have to see to that after our trip if it’s not cured by then. Will be interested to see if going back to my bed helps any or if it’s the angle I’ve been sleeping in. I think it is tension mainly and I catch myself clenching my teeth when I’m trying to do things, straining my neck or holding it certain ways at times but my back has been hurting too along with shoulders so I think it’s still one of those perfect storm type of things where the alignment is off, the stress is on, and I’m older and not able to bounce back as fast. Possibly degenerative type things or maybe even an auto immune type of thing. My doctor has said he would test for some things if I wanted to go down that path of finding out what is wrong when I’ve had muscle issues before. But nutrition had kept things in check. After all we have been through this year, no amount of nutrients can keep me in check, lol lol lol.

Word Press Alerts

So someone mentioned yesterday that the alerts are not coming through again. I need to know if it is because of email or the word press app alert – coming through your device? I just read that sometimes the email alerts don’t work if I have a stand alone website “” vs “” as I use a google domain to be able to have a standalone name. That was important to me. As they tighten security, sometimes the emails are not going through. There are so many things that could be making it go wrong. I don’t know if it is on my end or your end. But it will help in my research to know if you are getting them or not or if it is an email alert or an app alert. So I know what I’m trying to fix.

Meanwhile in Texas

And you know my HEART is in TEXAS right now. It’s a shame we couldn’t have been there!

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  1. Afternoon Sonya, well as I type this I’m sure you will be either on your way to Mums or even better on your way home from Mums…I’m so pleased that tonight you will be back in your own bed and snuggling down happily …..Loved the photos of your wonderful plates of food. Mary asked how many people were you feeding, I said just the three of you ! She was incredulous..don’t be daft she said, three people coudnt eat all that. LOL. I explained that I expect you have left overs for the weekend !!! The photos of wee Roo are just delightful he is growing up so fast. Won’t be long now till you see him and will be smothering him in love and kisses…
    We are having the first bitterly cold weekend with weather warnings of terrible gales tomorrow and into Sunday. They are coming from the North and will bring snow to high ground as far south as South Wales, I think it will just miss us, but we might get heavy rain…..oh how I hate winter….have a lovely evening. God Bless.

    • At Moms. We have loaded 2 car loads to get here. It wouldn’t all fit. So another load of clothes coming later. I didn’t realize we had so much of her stuff Upstairs lol. I should have realized. As we had to make room for it all!

  2. Everything looks good. We enjoyed our Thanksgiving with our family. I was tired last night from all the cooking. My right shoulder was hurting and i felt it in my lower back. But it was worth it.
    Your little River is so cute.. I know you can’t wait to see him and hold him. They grow up so fast. Sometimes it shocks me how much grandson has grown since I saw him last. I guess your Mom is all moved in now. It will take a while to get things sorted out but It will give her something to work on this winter. Did everything fit into her new place? Maybe you can get your space back now. The way you want it.
    Enjoy your weekend. I am getting my Christmas decorations out tomorrow. And maybe put up my tree.

  3. No notifications on my end. I came to check & I missed this & the newer one.
    You guys have done a lot this weekend.
    I can understand you wanting to get your bedroom & clothes in order.
    Your mom will get her place situated slowly. She’ll get there.
    Your dinner looked devine. We went low key, or I did. I tried to cut back on leftovers. I still had leftovers & I missed some classics. Oh well…next year.
    I know you can’t wait to see River. Soon!

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