Quarter End Crunch, Mom’s Ailments, and Electronic Goods

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The world is at our fingertips this morning! Or is it? Maybe the world has us by our toenails. I guess it’s a matter of perspective. It’s mid-week. Big things are looming.

Quarter end – is going very slowly this time. System program failures causing things not to balance. And I’m behind on it now, having lost precious hours seeking what needed to be found, waiting on data, leaving for appointments and all. Even though the doc appt time has been made up already across the month twice over at other times. But I’m looking at some very long days for Thursday and Friday to finish the crunch week out. I have a hair appointment today which I’ve had on the books for about 8 weeks or so- maybe 12. I’m not cancelling as it’s needed and it gives me a mid-week break. But the rest of the week I’ll be trying not to work on Saturday. If I have to work on Saturday, I will be in a wretched mood next week for not having been able to do what we needed to do over the weekend. So for the sake of all of us, let there be some rest and rejuvy time. I think since the end of the month falls on a weekend, the due dates are Nov 1, but I’m only working 1/2 day Monday as the closing walk through is that date. I have to get to work by 12:30 and will only get to work on time sheets and payroll related activities before the Tuesday payroll. I am not fond of the last week of quarter end.

I realize now why diverticulitis has usually tried to occur during this time. It’s hard to drink water. I’m purposely focused on trying to get through with things and I forget to drink. I only know this as I’d been tracking it. I see what these last two weeks do to me now. I also get the crunchy munchies. I stopped and fixed popcorn one day. Crackers help. Nuts aren’t enough. I’m also craving something and can’t figure out what it is. I want to stress eat terribly. I have to figure this out – how to handle these stress inducer times so that I don’t totally forget my goals and end up eating as a reward. Awareness is half the battle of anything they say.

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So, I get home and everything seems normal. Then Mom tries to get up and she just flat can’t walk! She winces with every step and acts like she is going to topple over. I’m thinking Is this really happening? Just days away from seeing her new house where a walk-thru is scheduled and she can’t even walk to be able to walk through it? There is something wrong with this picture. A little over a week to close and the house is hers and I’m thinking, Should she even be buying this house? It’s not like I’ve not already wondered this, but with her being able to shower herself, fix a meal, get up and down out of her chair and bed, and get about – we can sustain her in that house. If she cannot walk, we can’t sustain her there.

At the table as we ate she began shivering miserably. Horrible shaking. I wondered if she was going into shock or having a stroke or something. I got a blanket and put around her while she ate and it calmed down. She says she thinks it’s gout and has begun consuming apple cider vinegar. She says that the extra dieretic the doc put her on is likely doing it to her. I knew as did she, from the moment he prescribed these, based on what she was saying, they weren’t going to work and she wasn’t going to be able to take them. Other than being out of breath and it being a misery to move more than a few feet at the time, she was doing pretty good. Anyways, during the night we ended up having to go to the girls room at the same time. So as we passed in the hall she said her foot was doing better. If it’s gout, it can get better. This is just crazy. Everything is crazy. I guess we will see what transpires in the coming days. None of us is really in control. We are only at life’s mercies. And I guess God will make it what he is going to make it, which is pretty much a mystery most of the time. lol

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I know that God’s not going to give me any more than I can’t handle. We know we are biting an elephant one bite at a time. We know we adjust the sails when the wind blows from a different direction. But it’s these worn out days of life where I feel very much like a robot. Wake up, pour coffee down, go do anyone’s agenda, try sneak in my own in the five minutes left, sleep and doing it all over again.

I’ll be back Friday for an update but I appreciate any prayer you can give to us right now for final pushes through this week’s and next week’s hurdles.


Well George sent an email yesterday that if I needed anything electronic – might not be able to get it soon and if you can – it’ll be expensive – to go ahead and order it. I considered ordering my lighting kit I’ve had on my list (it’s a light with white umbrella diffuser) but was waiting til Mom left as it can take up some room. And I’ve chosen to just put that on hold and I hope I can get it next year. I may reconsider. I think it’s either $59 or $69. I have been using sunlight and floor lamps and a ring light. It’s worked. But as you know I want to get better and better. And want to look better on screen. But I guess this can wait. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on me right now.

But I went ahead and ordered my Rode microphone and dead cat (wind muff) for my camera. This seemed a bit more urgent because I have others that have used this particular one that I know will fit my camera shoe and works well with vlogging. I also don’t know how much longer my particular camera will be a thing ya know? So I went ahead and bought that on Amazon yesterday for $59. George was happy to have another Christmas gift.

I teasingly told him lots of clothes come from China that I might need to stock up! lol. Our country is going to have to gear back up to supply ourselves or be able to get in supplies from elsewhere. Our global supply issue is in a crisis right now and with China’s issues – not only in another virus crisis but with their economy and policies shifting – things are going to be changing it seems. You can read about it in the news articles. Or is this just a ploy to get us to spend more money sooner. Who the heck knows.


We are in full mode Christmas prep already. Not having much time to be able to do a lot of shopping over the months to come, and worried over the economy and supply and demand, it seemed the right thing to do. We are not finished by any means. And life is pretty expensive right now. I just try to remember we’ve not done much in the last two years but we are spending a lot right now across the board. Plane tickets, hotels reservations, two trips, Christmas, blog upgrade coming up. And our Christmas gifts are not cheap – new iPhone, electronic recording things for George, new upgrade to Final Cut Pro for videos (that’s my birthday). So yeah, the spending is on overdrive right now.

And I need to head on out of here and turn my day over to someone else for a while.

I hope you all are doing well. And I’ll be back on Friday. Lord willing. I may have to go in to work early and if I don’t get back Friday I’ll get back when I can. Prayers please for all at hand. Anything you need prayers for? We can pray for each other.

Meanwhile in Texas.

I’ve not posted in a while about Little Roo. He is crawling fast! And pulling up. He’s likely to walk early. He is chasing the family dog and he and the dog both love it. He’s playing peek a boo – learning to hide himself and hear his Mom say Peek a Boo. And he laughs. He’s learning so much about his world and how it works. I’ve ordered some Christmas and Birthday things from Carter. I hope we don’t all end up getting him the same things, lol.

I’ll get to see him soon. Still haven’t heard about Christmas but waiting. We’ll know soon.

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  1. Hi Sonya, Oh how I wish I lived nearer to you than 1000s of miles away. If I did I could have perhaps been able to help you a bit with Mum at least. It is such an awful situation for you ALL to be in. I don’t suppose over with you you can get someone to go in and check on Mum perhaps just to see if she needs anything during the day when you MUST WORK….I Certainly do keep you in my prayers that by next week Mum will feel better. Hope she has decided not to take the new medication and to go back to what she was using. If she is going to have trouble getting up from a chair i know there are things you can get that can help also if she needs something to lean upon to help her walk about ….but all that is of course depending on Mum accepting help. Lots of old folk look on relying on walkers etc as loosing their independence rather than it actually giving them independence…
    We are having same problems over here about getting goods from China or indeed anywhere overseas. Shipping is being held up, then over here there is difficulty in getting lorry drivers etc. they keep telling us to buy now for Christmas but i say what we don’t have we won’t have, no need to worry about it…many people are buying in frozen turkeys etc etc so they can have their Christmas dinner. In case there is a shortage of Turkey by Christmas !…. I hope that today at work is going well and that you have time to relax having your hair trimmed later. I had mine done yesterday and feel better for it looking better….you ask if you can pray for me. Bless you love, but I would appreciate prayers for my bowels to start behaving themselves or getting some attention face to face with a Doctor.,,,
    Take care love. Give your worries over to God and tTRY to FORGET .THEM

  2. I hope your Mom is ok. Maybe you should call her Dr. and just ask what it could be or how she can feel better. These are strange times we are living in for sure. I may buy Christmas gift cards this year if I can’t get what I want to buy.
    Little Roo is cute. I bet he is enjoying exploring all over the house.

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