A German Meal with Friends and Reasons to Love Monday

What a grand time we had at our friend’s, D & L’s, yesterday. Fabulous time! Table decor very pretty. We ended up having a German-themed meal complete with Grilled Lamb and Brats, German potato salad, orzo veggie salad, and German beer and wine.

The lamb had been marinated. It was similar to Sauerbraten – I think.

Yes that would include bacon there in that German salad and fresh parsley from George’s herb garden! 😉

Don knows I love Kolsch and had warned me ahead of time that it was waiting for me! Love the taste of my “go to” choice of beer when not drinking the light version. It was Don that recommended this type of beer as I said one day I was looking for a medium bodied taste. Spot on! Not too dark and stout, not too Pilsner-ish!

Yay, I cooked some brownies. They didn’t actually cut very good but they were great. I think we have one left! lol

BROWNIES with Choc Chips So I forgot to add the vanilla but they were still good. I also used Dark Choc Cocoa. Recipe is there above in the link. I saved the website to Pinterest so I can go back there. Jack and Jeanne have the website and they have some other really neat recipes. You can follow them by email too at their “Love and Lemons” website.

We got to spend some time with fur babies! And after dinner we hung out in the pool, floating on noodles and having conversations. Good times, good friends.


GUS is the little grey poodle and Reese is the Standard brown and beige poodle. So sweet. Love seeing the fur babes.

Reasons to Love Monday and the Start to a New Week

So it’s Monday again. And as blogger friend Heather G used to say “There are many reasons to love Monday if you just look for them”.

  1. I feel refreshed after both a productive and relaxing weekend.
  2. I no longer feel rushed.
  3. It’s George’s birthday week.
  4. I get my nails done after work today.
  5. Going to have fun at the store on Tuesday. (I enjoy the store run when I’m not harried.)
  6. I went through some recipes and have new ones I had saved a while back and will fix for the fam to contribute to the cooking scene.
  7. Mom and I get our pedis together Wednesday night and its rumored we may take home fajitas from the next door Mexican restaurant.
  8. Did I mention it’s George’s birthday week? Lots of meals out this week. Some with friends/family.
  9. I started the next video so I have glee in my soul and have something started to edit in my spare minutes this week.

See you guys back on Wednesday morning! Tomorrow’s my early day so not post tomorrow. Everyone take care.

7 responses to “A German Meal with Friends and Reasons to Love Monday”

  1. Oh Sonya, I’m so glad you have had such a relaxing weekend. God is good..he sends you help when he knows your near the end of your tether….dinner Saturday sounds good, and I just knew you would have a good time with your friends especially your cuddles with the doggies….the German style food went down a treat as did the pool afterwards. Hope Mum was ok on her own when you were out. It’s a pity she can’t take Fancy out for a little stroll round your neighbour hood I am sure it would help her to exercise a wee bit. You will both have a good time on Wed. Getting your hands done, I hope tonight will be another relaxing time having your feet done. By now you will be about to go out the door to work as your blog has just appeared…Please drive carefully. Enjoy the rest of the week xx

    • Mom was invited to go with but declined. As far as walking- she won’t walk far. It wears her out. But yes it would do her good if she would. It’s pretty hot here but even if it cooled she would go for a walk. It’s just not her thing. She prefers recliner and her tablet. It would extend her life, but she has not been one to exercise much. She liked silver sneakers 👟 before Covid in her old town. But I don’t think there is one here in town. If so, we work and would be hard to get her there. Showed her a YouTube channel for seniors and net with no commodore I assume she’s not interested.

  2. I should not have looked at your blog @ 8 am. The FOOD. Dang!
    I put the brownie recipe in my bookmarks. Yours look perfect.😋
    I’m glad you had such a great time. The doggies look so soft. I know they loved all the attention.
    It’s Monday, so let’s do this!

  3. Your German meal looks wonderful. I have never had lamb. What does it taste like?
    I wish I had a pool. Such good exercise and so relaxing swimming and floating around.
    Husband says no. He doesn’t want the upkeep of one. Both of my neighbors have pools. It was very hot here yesterday. 94 degrees. We both decided we did not want to cook so went to the deli at Ingles and got fried chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Ingles has really good fried chicken. That is where we do our grocery shopping. I am glad you had a good time with friends. Sounds like a good week ahead.
    Have a good one.

    • Our friends made the lamb and brats and potatoes. George made appetizer of marinated shrimp (not shown as we ate it all lol) and the orzo salad. Anyway lamb almost tastes like beef. It’s hard to describe the taste. To say it’s “gamey” doesn’t do it justice. But it kinda tastes like beef that’s been marinated in vinegar- wow that doesn’t sound right either but honestly the best I can do. Try it sometime. I loved it and craved it again after I had it. Some people don’t. Some can’t get over eating a sweet lamb. I try not to think about it lol. But I’m thankful the animal gave its life to me that I could ear and be sustained. I like pigs, cows No chickens too.

  4. Yum! Brownies are my favorite! And I love German Potato Salad. Bet it was all so good.

    The best reason to love TUESDAY is that It’s not Monday. LOL. I saw your stories on Instagram. Hope you have a better day today!

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