Saturday Errands, Moroccan Tagine Meal, and Farmer’s Market Finds

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Happy Saturday! Great night’s sleep last night. Thank goodness for a 3 day weekend to rest and rejuvy. However, we seem to have a lot planned. Before I get into today, I’ll just say that the work week was busy, plus it’s quarter end and just lots going on there. It’s like the tide funneling into a tiny jetty area and the water all tries to come in all at once and there is no room so it crashes on to land, behind rocks, and wherever it lands. lol. This too shall pass. One of our plants moved and with a move comes disarray, mishaps, forgets, and oopsies. Don’t we know all about that.

Anyway, besides that I guess we are settled a bit more and getting into our “have Momma here with us” routine. George fixed his Tagine dinner one night. Forgive me if I have already shared. The thing about blogging every other day is that I forget what I said two days ago. lol If you are on my personal Facebook page, you have already seen this.

This was a Moroccan dish which had a very Indian taste to it. It had chicken, chick peas, onion, turnip and basmati rice. I love the basmati rice. Very long white rice. George says you have to cook it differently. Anyway, it was really good. I had leftover lunch with it yesterday.

A coworker that is “retiring” gave me her plant. I absolutely love it. I was so excited. Now to keep it alive and well!

Some of you may remember the days I longed for the beach. I DO LOVE being around water and the ocean especially. It has it’s appeal. I think my longing has changed from beachy to RV life though. I realized how you could have it all with RVing and not be stuck on one beach in one place, but could move around and be free to be where you want. I would be one of those folks chasing the 70’s I guess and now the idea of a good time is being in the woods, a shaded area, with a good view, a good breeze, a good drink, a good book, and dinner on the grill. Anyway, this was the pic on my calendar yesterday. And it made me ponder, is it really better at the beach? Maybe not. Maybe on a boat though or a condo looking over the water, or shopping at shops beside the sea or watching the boats come in. I think I’m kinda over having to have my beach at this point in life. Just want my RV, lol.

Meanwhile in Texas….

River has been enjoying his pool time as has his Mommy, hanging out with other Moms one of which has a baby about the same age. I think it is good for them to share their Mommy stories – what works and what doesn’t and give each other ideas and support.

We got up and went to the farmers market this morning. I knew Mom would like it. We have some good fresh things to eat this week.

After the Farmer’s Market we ate at the donut shop. Our new local donut shop now has kolaches! Yes! George was very excited. They had them in Texas. It’s a pastry with a hot dog in the middle.

Then we went to the bank and then we went to T-Mobile to get Mom a watch that would connect with her Samsung phone. It was free with a new line. So good timing! She was excited about it. She can also call “Bixby” and tell it call 911 or me or George or whoever. The guy was nice to get her all hooked up, show her how it worked and even downloaded Bixby for her. We got there right when the store opened so it was no waiting and we were able to get a lot of the guys time. It was getting busy though by the time we left.

Then we went to Aldi’s for a few things Mom wanted. Then we went to Houston’s Butcher shop for our steaks tomorrow.

In the next week or so, I’ll be starting to use this little handbook for ideas. I bought it from Go Clean Co from Canada. It took 3 or 4 weeks to get here. I mainly wanted it for their checklists and for their ingredients to clean with. They have good cleaning ideas too. Lots of areas need a good cleaning around this house! Hopefully I can find some time.

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Got the To Do List going today and this weekend. Much of it knocked off this morning for the errands, but in the house I have the following to do. There is a whole lot more but I’ll be doing good to get these done:

  • Change my sheets
  • Change Mom’s sheets
  • Send some sympathy cards
  • Make iced tea
  • Make some chicken salad
  • Plan Mom’s birthday night out
  • Make brownies for the weekend
  • Laundry/Iron
  • Make Italian Chicken on Monday
  • Have eggs and bacon for breakfast Monday
  • Need a gift bag from downstairs / tissue paper to wrap a gift
  • Find the flooring places to visit next Saturday.
  • Clean on the house
  • Work the Puzzle that came in
  • Still need to do the Bucket list – darn it – summer half over now
  • Probably go ahead and start on the fall one, lol

This afternoon and evening George and I have plans with dinner out and a Concert. We are leaving a few minutes early to go to the Bottle Shop a wine store we like in Franklin and also we are going to a discount store I like, “Gabes”.

So tomorrow or Sunday, July 4, we’ll be going to church. I had brought up church at the dinner table Thursday night if we were going and didn’t get a reply from anyone, so I said “silence is a no then”. No one still said anything. So then last night Mom asked if we were going Sunday. I said “sure we can go Sunday, I asked yesterday and no one said anything, lol”.

So we are going to church Sunday. Woot. I was prepared to do my normal thing but glad we can go. After church we are going to a friends house who is selling a lot of things in their house before a big move. We are going to look around and see if we see anything. I mostly want to see them and meet their new dog. We will really miss them when they move away. This past year we have felt so removed from all our friends. So perhaps we can make up for lost time in 2022 at least by spring or so. 2021 has not allowed much opportunity to do anything so far. lol. I wondered the last week or two if I was heading into a depression of sorts, but I believe I’m talking myself out of it, LOL LOL LOL

As long as I can keep finding some time to do a few things I want to do, or experience “happy” at least some of the time, things will be ok. If I swim at life and get no where, that is where we start to have problems. Life has been a little overwhelming for all of us lately. So we are adjusting and trying to figure out what the “new normal” is.

All in all. Life is ok. It’s gonna be ok. I do have to learn to live with change, just like we ALL do. None of us is any different.

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I still want to be able to do my to do lists, to take excursions, to travel, to read, to write, to make videos, to learn my camera, to continue to grow my channel, to get better and more creative in all that I do. I still would love to write a book one day. So we’ll see.

But we’ll take it one day at a time. And I’m thankful for a Holiday weekend! Yes I am. That will help me propel into some other things. At least now I’m getting time to “LOOK AT” my to do list, lol. It’s not just a flurry of sticky notes.

Thanks for following along in my little journey of life. I have been just very very tired, very very aggravated at a few things, but I’m trying to deal. It’s even been hard to write. I may have to do the private blog more often. But all is good. It will all be ok. Everything is an adjustment. Everything always changes in life so we just have to learn to adjust the sails. That I can do with God’s help. As long as he’ll make the technical difficulties go away, LOL. I can’t even get on YouTube on the Sony TV anymore. This is devastating to me. Somehow the TV signed me out and now it won’t let me back on – for NO amount of money! lol It just spins and spins and won’t take my password. I changed it to a new one and it won’t take it either. It works on my phone and iPad and iMac but not the TV. Won’t do it. It’s so annoying.

And with that I will sign off. Back soon.

Happy 4th to all!

8 responses to “Saturday Errands, Moroccan Tagine Meal, and Farmer’s Market Finds”

  1. Hi Sonya, your blog was late coming through today, only came in few minutes ago. Hope your ok. I agree with you that you have been extra tired these last few weeks/ months but it’s little wonder with all you’ve had to deal with and organise. I’m glad to read your going to church tomorrow, I’m sure it helps us to get our batteries recharged. If the other two are not on the same wave length as you, don’t let it bother you, there are times love when you should do what you want to do irrespective of what others want… church does not have a service tomorrow it’s only 2nd and 4th Sundays now till things can get back to normal..Can’t come soon enough….Well I’m going now I’m quite tired tonight, not sure why but I just know I am. So it’s night night from me. God Bless

    • Oh it came thru on time, I just did my post late. We were gone early and so I did the blog a few minutes ago, after everyone got what they needed! Yeah, I’m ok 🙂- all will work out.

      • If you haven’t made your brownies yet & you have a bag of chocolate chips, dump 1/2 bag of the chips into your brownie mix. YUM!
        You have had so much going on plus working FT in accounting with deadlines to boot. Those deadlines can be a beech. lol I can relate. I can also relate to the feeling of depression being just next door. 😒
        Anywho, your Moroccan dinner looked interesting.
        River has to be the cutest baby in the mom group, don’t you think?
        Does your mom drive? I’m just curious.
        I love the beach & the ocean but have no desire to live there. Give me the mountains & the woods & the lakes. Now you’re talking!!
        If you do blog private, please let me join. It might be a good thing especially if the depression monster is knocking on your door.
        I hope you can try my brownie w/ chips Tip. Um um umm♥️

  2. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. If I’m speaking to someone or to a group and I do not get a response I can get pretty nasty. I feel my time if valuable , too. My husband (who is a great guy) does this to me often! Drives me nuts! And then I get silent. lol And then he’ll say ” What happened ? Did I not answer you when you talked?” LOL I can laugh when my madness is gone but boy he knows when the wrath happens!

    Your life will settle down some. It will take some time to adjust to all the differences. Perhaps you can get hubby to put in a new floor for you to give you some joy during the summer months! 🙂
    Happy 4th of July!

  3. Happy 4th of July. Take some time for yourself. You work hard and sure deserve it.
    Last year was a rough one. I think we all suffered from the worry of it all.
    I hope things get better for all of us.

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