The Last Two Days in Screen Shots

As seen on Instagram, LOL.

I thought I’d pop in and give an update. Just a busy week. Working most all week at work this week. I was asked to delay payroll and now our server is down. If I had been able to start on Monday I wouldn’t be having to worry about it – but there is one plant that is not done. Our server went down about 3. Everything we try to do these days takes about 25 to 50% longer to accomplish. It’s hard to get anything done. It’s hard going back and forth from work and home but I am managing it. I just have to make sure I have the right files, the computer, and everything I need. No ability to print or scan slows the process. I may have to work longer days at the office and shorter days at home to be more efficient. I have no idea. I’m just trying to make it work but I’m not getting time to work on taxes much and month end and quarter end because of the time everything else is taking. Something will have to give eventually.

George’s company is off Friday for Good Friday. I’m not sure why our company is not, being that so many of them are Christians and so were the original founders, and most manufacturing DO have the day. However, it is not a holiday for us so every year I have to decide if I’m working or taking off. I’d love to claim that Saturday back that I did payroll back a couple of weeks ago and have the day off. But being that I am behind in the month, I feel like I shouldn’t take the day. I’ll be home though and I suppose I’ll work on the tax returns. So, I believe I will not take off. That usually has happened where I feel guilty not to take off. And seems to happen always around any holiday where most people take vacation time. It ends up being hard to take. But it needs to be taken sometime and I’ll have to figure it out I suppose.

A minister I listened to Sunday had pointed out this in scripture in John 16. Depending on the version you use you may or may not see the word “Home”. This was in a sermon about finding and having Peace to go along with your faith. It meant a great deal to me to kind of “heal” me from the last couple of stressful weeks where I was kinda traumatized having let someone’s anger and rudeness hurt my soul and my psyche. Being that I analyze everything and try to figure out what it was I did wrong. It makes me cringe every day – feeling like I need to look at everything from every angle and walk on egg shells as not to cause anyone to stir over something I didn’t do, didn’t know to do, didn’t think about, didn’t know about. I’ve finally just turned it over to God of course and said you handle it, and started the forgiveness process as God says to do. And not to judge one another so, this message about “Peace” is not only about this COVID mess we are in but as a follow up to remember that if God is with you no one can be against you. And we always say, “Don’t let anyone rob you of your Joy”. Well, don’t let them rob you of your “Peace”.

As if my daughter reads my mind (most likely my blog, lol) she sent me this from her devo. I laid down last night and pondered it. It does make for peaceful sleep when you can talk out your feelings to God and take use of the messages He sends you during the day, whether it be directly from His word, or thru someone else. I appreciated my daughter looking out for me and the sending of scripture in a text was a “great gift” to me – like a little golden nugget and treasure and it gave me great joy as I went to sleep.

I hope you read that in it’s completion and not just the underlines. The words “Seek my Face” during turbulent times – really resinated with me. How beautiful is that? My daughter knows I have a “high will of my own”. And most days “my will” gets tangled up with someone elses sand sometimes against God’s I’m sure. And probably in the way that I get busy doing other things and not what He would prefer. So when things go sideways which in this world is nearly every 5 minutes, I will try to remember that He says to “Seek His face” for what is happening and where to go from here.

I went for a walk on Sunday and it was really nice. The weekend was truly beautiful and peaceful for us and joyous and happy. It’s been a while since I truly kicked back and relaxed w/o so much anxiety. And even with the diverticulitis thing going on (mild case) I was good. Here’s some pic from my walk in our neighborhood.

The grass is “spring green” and the leaves are popping out on the trees, things are blooming. And there is my house right there in the curve (garage open as George was working).

Some blooms at the house. George has done a great job making the winter yard transition into a beautifully groomed “spring yard”.

And looking back to the woods behind us. Love seeing the leaves come back!

And LOOK ya’ll the Corona Virus is dying out! I found lots of COVID-19 dead viruses in the back yard.

Want to see some interesting shots from the Nashville Web Cams. No one on the streets over the weekend. However, there has been a lot of traffic in the last couple of days. I’m thinking that lots more folks are going to work or finding other work or something. But I did a snapshot of these over the weekend on my camera. I didn’t crop so it’s got the black bars.

Mount Juliet webcam
Broadway web cam

And we have over a 100 cases in our county now. Here are the details. It really jumped up. By the way, this is on the Weather Channel app. They have a Corona update map for your area.

The graph really tells a story there.

And I was happy to see the queen’s message this week. It’s interesting having watched “The Crown”. We are on the last season now on Netflix. Oh my gosh it is so good. We are also watching Ozark. And it’s like Breaking Bad – maybe even better.

And I ave a screen shot of my daughter’s dog looking at the Long Horn cows. Cody and Katy took a drive out on the ranch. I hope she doesn’t mind my screen shots. I miss Fin Fin.

And here’s a little goody for you. It might need tweaking a bit. But George made this dip for us since I’m out of my hummus. I found some black beans in the cabinet. I like a good bean dip or hummus dip. I had a snack of this with some crackers (don’t have tortilla chips). Really good.

And I’ll leave you with a pic from our office complex at work. Love the tulips! And I’m off to try to get this last payroll closed. My boss says it’ll be interesting but he has a way he thinks we can get it done through a hot spot. Nothing is ever easy! Full moon, COVID-19, server down, and severe storms on the way! I suppose we should be looking for alligators and tigers in the parking lot and earthquakes and fires and what else? I guess we’ll see what happens. I am not quite sure any of us was be surprised at this point. I heard one guy say that he wouldn’t be surprised if a rhinoceros bursted out from the tree line back behind him. He believes anything now. lol True that!

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  1. I loved seeing your pictures of the green grass, trees and flowers! That bean dip sounds good. I’ll have to try it. Stay well!

  2. The Spring flowers are beautiful. Ours have bloomed out where I live as well. Spring is my favorite time of year. The picture with your sil and their little dog was good. Those long horns are sharp I bet. I would hate to tangle with one of them.
    I hope work goes good for you this week. Hang in there. This too shall pass.
    We just watched the last season of Ozark. It was good. I am thinking of watching it again. There is a few things I am not sure about. I know one thing that would not be not the life for me.! The money would be good but my nerves could not take all that excitement.

  3. Hello love, How have things gone today ? Do hope it’s been a bit less stressful. You know I have said before that you worry too much about not getting all the work YOU think you should have done. During this time of lay off for all but essential workers does it not mean everybody should not be going to work…..if all the factory workers are not working how come you have to be organizing wages tax returns etc etc. Maybe I’m just ignorant. I just worry so much about you. You will never know just how much. At this time especially when there is so much danger around…as for working on Good Friday I’m aghast .. you should honestly NOT be working that day. There are times when for the love of our Lord we have to stand up and be counted this is surely one of these times. Nobody should be made to work on Good Friday…Please make a stand love… Have a good few days, give them as much as you can. Then leave Thursday with resolve…..much love. Sybil x



  4. Wow! Nashville is deserted. Ghost town.
    What is the name of the little bush? with the tiny white flowers? I love those. It’s really hard to believe it’s Easter week. I’m in one of my up/down phases. 😷 But I will carry on. Take care, Monica

  5. so sorry you still have to drive to the plant. you are doing a great job. hang in there. a shame about good friday. your flowers look lovely and seeing them brings a smile to my lips. hang in there. one day at a time is all we can do. take care. be safe.

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