Flowers, Cryptic Blogging, and John Denver

An act of love awaited me in the kitchen this morning! 😉 Looking forward to pulling out a vase and arranging these. George put them in whatever vase he could find. But I think I will get the bigger one out and I always enjoy arranging flowers.

A little secret – if I ever do not get flowers for Valentine’s I go and buy them for myself, lol. Just because the eyes need to see flowers this time of year. I may still buy some more when these toodle out. Sometimes I see the Sonya roses at Kroger- there is a thing. I will look for those at some point to carry me into spring.

One time I told George not to buy flowers anymore for Valentine’s as we needed to save the money. But when I reached about 45 or so, I realized how much I missed them. Glad to not be humming “you don’t bring me flowers anymore”, lol. He probably read yesterday’s blog and thought – oh I better stop and get some. But I’m hoping he did it all on his own. Since he says he doesn’t read my blog anymore, I’ll go with that. lol. Very thankful to have ‘rated’ enough to earn some flowers this year! I think it was last year or the year or two before I was disappointed not to have rated enough to get them.

Sorry for the cryptic blog yesterday. One can never really say how they feel or say too much. Words in black and white are too difficult for people to handle. I’ve always said that. So it’s hard to write a reality blog and leave 75% of your life out of it, but I do my best to curtail it so no one hurts themselves getting all bent out of shape over it the next day. lol

Remember when your Mom, or your teacher, or your preacher, or your mentor told you to say and act as though your life will be in the news tomorrow. I really try and go with that and I’ve told those around me “don’t be a butt today so you don’t get blogged about tomorrow when I describe my day” – lol. But I don’t think that always sticks. There are butts everywhere in one’s life. Most of the time I’ve just gone out there on a limb and posted feelings as I recorded what happened to me the day before. Or I posted opinions and my take on things. People didn’t like the fact to see themselves in black and white – and how they impacted you – whether it was someone at home, at work, or otherwise. Nothing bad happened yesterday but….there are some things I’m seeing and realizing and yesterday just kinda captured those thoughts – cryptic style. While I can’t really go out on a twig and just lay it out there, it did make me think about the times where I did. I was very cathartic, but then no one can handle seeing realities in black and white. So I quit capturing the day by day instances of things that impacted my world. I don’t mean to be secret so much as just want to maintain relationships and keep a job and so forth. Even though I’m in my total right to write about the things I’ve written about or will write about, as we have a right to our speech, we all know that the world is not very nice to those that expose information. So, at times I may express my feelings without totally doing it. But mostly, I just try to avoid the negative situations and the big butts in life – then your day is just beautiful and you can write about the gratitudes. I have worked very hard the last two years to avoid butts. lol Thankfully I’m mostly pretty butt-free at the moment. lol lol lol. But there are some situations looming that one probably cannot avoid.

Anyway, I’m fine and nothing is wrong with me. God’s got me! And I have Him and all the other stuff is kinda out of my control. Some things are just sad and change is scary, but nothing is immediate.

But it’s Valentine’s Day. So let’s be joyous. It’s all good. Worry and fear over the future events that haven’t happened yet is no good – even though you do it to try to plan ahead or have plan B’s, which I am a planner. I spend way too much time doing it too. But if I don’t plan I don’t get done what I need to do and end up doing other’s agendas.

God says not to worry about the future and even the Bible suggests not to spend too much time talking about what you will be doing b/c we don’t know what we’ll be doing. I think that is in Proverbs or so – through the writer there. I will place my worries in the one that can control things for me.

We are going out to eat all weekend! We are doing a new asian place in our town tonight and then we are eating pizza (I may eat something else on the menu) at a place we have been wanting to try tomorrow. We are meeting my BIL and SIL there for that. And then we are eating out Sunday. I forgot where he wanted to go Sunday. Duhhhh. I think it was one of the places that got crossed off that he wanted to go.

I finished the John Denver book last night. These funky grey mood days that mirror the grey skies, are excellent reading days. I’m not really sure how to describe John Denver. I said in a way I was a lot like him in spirit. I always see myself in others I think when I read about them. I think it’s our way of being able to have compassion for another person or to try and understand them – to notices our similarities. And to think that another person is like you – makes you feel better. lol. But then there are sides to him that disappoint as he was human. But then so am I and I’ve disappointed many myself so who can judge? He was a spirt of adventure and always seeking something. I’m not sure he ever found it. He was open minded and always wanting to learn. He was compassionate about the planet and used a lot of his money for things that would benefit the hungry, or our earth. We could all learn from that side of him. He had a hard time connecting with others though it seemed. He was always focused on his career and had a hard time maintaining his relationships as many entertainers do in that lifestyle. But he seemed to be a beautiful soul in many ways. He made a lot of mistakes in his life. But then again we all do. I am afraid I held him up on a pedestal though so it came down a notch or two. Then I’m ashamed to say that b/c I myself probably are down a notch or two with everyone that knows me. lol. Anyway, I did enjoy reading about his career. I wish he hadn’t left this earth so soon. I wish I could have known him. I think George is a lot like him as well. We probably all have a little of John Denver inside our souls.

I better quit writing so I can go to work, lol. And I am going for another cup of Joe. Hopefully we can see some sunshine and get rid of these wintertime blues.

There’s just nothing like coffee in the mornings while blogging in your waffle robe. But off to work we go! Oh how I want to just be home today!

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  1. Thank goodness it’s Friday. Your flowers are beautiful. Very sweet of your hubby to surprise you with them. Enjoy. Hope whatever is foretelling change in your life won’t be too disrupting. sending prayers your way. Happy Valentine’s Day. Take care. Have fun at all your dinners out.

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