Cajun Food, Fall Decor, and Organizing

Hello….Lots to share…nothing big…just living life.

The days are busy but evenings have been more relaxing. Still keeping at some early mornings but for the most part have begun coming home “almost” on time in the afternoons. The mornings there is no blog entry is because I went into work instead. Not always acceptable, but I do what I need to to make life work. Well, most of the time. 😉 After all, I’m in charge of me. I try to go with the flo, there has to be give and take and like to make sure it all evens out. lol

The above pic was coming home Wednesday night and pulling into the drive way. What I really saw was 4 or 5 deer – Momma’s and babies. Some I got on video but I thought the one above with Little Bit in the pic was precious. I thanked God for that scene. He has given us a little bitty Garden of Eden – a glimpse of what it must have been like.

Thursday I had a hair appointment at 5 so I left at 4. It felt so freeing. I got several “atta girls” for leaving before everyone else. At the hair appointment my stylist told me that her son started Mother’s Day Out that day. I said “oh you will come down with all sorts of viruses- get ready” – when did I sound like my Mother? lol However, what happened next surprised us both. Within about 5 minutes, she had to run – and was sick. And again, and again. I felt so bad for her. That is three things this week that has been labeled as “weird”. To my knowledge, I’m not clairvoyant. But there were things that happened this week that would make one wonder. To tell someone they are going to get a virus and then they do – pretty immediately was pretty surprising. I’m sure it’s a coincidence but it did get my attention. lol I was only trying to make conversation.

That immediately made me think of two other weird moments this week in which just conversing on facebook I said to someone “I’m in the mood for crab boil”. First of all my comment was genuine but random. We were talking food and that is what I was feeling in my bones at that time that would be good to eat for dinner. To my surprise the person came back with a pic and said “well that is exactly what we are having for dinner”. lol How weird is that. Surprised me. Probably that person as well. And then one day I saw my “old” – not old – but “used to be” boss (direct report). And I said good morning. I was fixing a shake and said “oh I’d love to have an egg mcMuffin instead.” He held up his hand and had Egg McMuffins in them – an off brand but yet the same thing. Kindof a weird week as that goes. But while the hairstylist was in the bathroom tossing things, I said to the remaining stylist – “you know I’m ok if someone else wants to finish – tell her she doesn’t have to keep trying to get through this. She probably needs to go home and rest and go to bed and I’m not one of those that is afraid for someone else to cut my hair – I know you are all good at what you do.” So someone else finished. And I felt bad for my hairstylist friend. She is a sweet girl and I know she tried to get through the color and cut – almost made it – but someone else finished the cut. The cut turned out well.

Yesterday – Friday – George and I went to a meeting in Hendersonville regarding our retirement with our financial adviser. It feels good to have someone helping us with this. So worth it.

Afterwards we went to Half Batch Brewing. And we had said – what is it we want to do while we are in our “old” stomping grounds. So we went to Half Batch Brewing. And then we went to Sam’s Club and bought a few things as we are not really close to one near us. And then we went to dinner.

We had a great time Friday after our meeting and enjoyed a little date night of sorts. I had a cup of red beans and rice and also a cup of jambalaya and an order of some catfish strips. Oh my gosh it was good. George also ordered fried okra for us to split. So I was bad. lol And then I ordered a Beignet b/c I’d not had one in yeeeears. It was so good. Then we went back to my work to pick up our other car and headed home. George had picked me up there. Then George fixed us a Manhattan over ice. Whew, it stiff. I stayed up to drink it but it took me over an hour. lol I preferred it best after the ice melted.

This morning I was a little sickly to my stomach and got up early around 4 ish. I was not sure if I was getting what the hair stylist had, if I didn’t take to the fried food, or if it was that drink George fixed that was like a firestorm in my belly. I couldn’t drink coffee. I played my game and then finally went back to bed about the time George got up – about the time the sun came up in the six o’clock hour.

I felt better getting up the second time. My stomach has been weird all day though. But I finally had coffee, and had strawberry cream cheese on toast and then popcorn about noon. Despite the poor start, I was very productive today. I put on a Jazz music station I subscribe to on You Tube and got started with the laundry and the house and the fall decor.

The fall decor is pretty simple around here. Just a “feel” for fall. I missed a few pics though but here is what I thought to take.

So we are kicking off the fall season. Both of us now have “approved vacay” time for our trip to Texas. I’ve been told I might be able to take the Friday before as well depending. I said I was not going to schedule it yet but told George that I might at least be able to leave early that day. I just need to get as much done as I can that week, and so we decided to leave and head for Hot Springs on Friday early. We will get there late, but then we would be there for the day and be able to do the hot springs. Anyway even if we leave after work, George said we could still do it. But we’d get there really late, so the early we leave the better. So we are all excited about that now – getting our vacay approved and a much needed one too.

We haven’t had rain in a week or so, and things are really getting dry. I noticed that Tugie’s grave the flowers were wilting but they were hanging in there strong. I was thinking that Tugie was probably aiding that along for me. Kindof morbid but I try to think of it like she is showing me she loves me. No where else has the flowers bloomed so well. The white ones are fake, lol. I put them there long before the others were planted. I left them there. So the flowers got a good watering this afternoon and they will perk up even more.

Spider Lilies in our back yard against the woods

The Spider lilies got my attention today. They were showing off a bit. I often don’t notice them blooming this time of year. But I did today.

Fall is starting to show a bit – in hints ONLY. A cool breeze in the morning or night, and just faint hints of change of color. You have to look for it to notice it. And that said it is going to be near 100 most of the work week. Yuk! Here we are enjoying less muggy days, thinking of making chili, everyone watching football, and planning the fall season and then hot searing summer comes back – just NO already! I heard it is supposed to be a wicked cold winter -Winter almanac? Don’t people say that every year though?

So I’ve been trying to get my house in order. And decided I needed to clean the hall closet. Just a lot of old stuff that needed to go. Like old lotions I did not use. I’m not a big lotion person. I like a little bit to be around as I do use it – esp in the winter but a little goes a long way and I threw away lotions that I’d had for the last 20 years. At some point you realize that the quality is just not going to be the same. lol I threw away almost an entire trash bag full from this closet – of just old things and meds too. Here was the scene in the hall way floor. The best way to tackle this was to take everything out and just start over. That worked well and it was pretty quick and I enjoyed every minute. I like to organize things.

And so here we go. All organized now.

I was NOT going to throw away all those little hotel soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. No way. I smile when I look at these because they are my little hotel souvenirs. I have saved them. What have I saved them for?

  1. When I travel somewhere I take a few in case there are a shortage – usually there is not.
  2. I keep thinking when we retire we’ll not have to buy soap and shampoo but that is a ways off. lol Only not too far though if you stop to think.
  3. More recently I kept thinking – these would be perfect for RV’ing. (wink wink)

So I’ve decided to go ahead and use these little suckers up. To be honest they are kinda hard to get out of the little bottles, but I’m going to try my best to use these up. Maybe not every day as I have my favorites but I’ll work them in.

And why was I saving these? I’m using these this week!

Then I decided to start on my office. I did get my desk sortof organized. I had been throwing things on it.

Messy desk
Less Messy Desk

And so I’m just thrilled about the productivity today. George worked on the kitchen even though I told him he didn’t need to and he vacuumed too. That gave me time to do the other stuff.

I did not get the guest bed sheets back on the bed in time though before Maisy has wallowed and laid on them several times, so I will wash them again. ::sigh:: But, it’s the right thing to do. No one wants to sleep on pet dander. lol Oh well.

And Roger found his sunny spot. The doggies enjoyed us being home today.

And that is all she wrote for today. I have a few things on the list tomorrow to do. But it’s been a fun and relaxing and yet productive weekend so far. What have you been up to this weekend?

Enjoying the new popcorn arrival and the fall decor!

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  1. It was cool and rainy here today. I did manage to get out for a walk when it was only misting. I haven’t done any fall decorating yet. I’m not ready to give up summer until it’s officially fall. I love fall but dread the season that comes after. I’ve never had red popcorn. It’s nice your vacation plans our working out.

  2. Sonya I have just got to reading this days blog ..only to discover that your dear Tugie is probably no longer with you. I’m so so sorry….I am going to try to go ba ckwatds on your blogs and try to find the part when you had to say your final night night to dear Tugie. Xxxx

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