Opening up the Sun Room for Fall Months


Yesterday’s project was getting the sun room open again – as it’s used in the fall and spring and sometimes a few days other seasons if there are good weather days. After months of no attention it needed some love and care and washing away of pollen in such from the spring. So these pics here are the BEFORE.


But it looks so much better now and it’s ready for some fall reading, and a few fall meals and perhaps some games.


George moved a table up from the basement to take the place of the table I used for my office desk – so that hole is fixed. I moved games around. Notice there are bowls on the floor on each side of the fire place. They have to stay there. We have a leak that no one has been able to fix. Even with putting apoxy or whatever that stuff is on the roof – in no time it finds its way through. The previous owners couldn’t get it either. So we just keep bowls there, lol. One thing I have not done is to clean the fan globes. I need to do that. But yesterday I was tired after cleaning on this.


The flower cushions have faded but I’ve managed to make it doable by putting blankets over it, as this chair here. This is where I sit and read some. The other blanket for the sofa is in the wash knocking pollen and pet hair off.

The room was vacuumed and I even went around the edges, moving furniture and such. So this was no small project.

You can see where I moved some of the tea out here in tins as our tea center was overflowing. They have been here a while. (Center of pic toward the top). Aunt Martha gave that lamp and the other one is beside the chair I sit in. The used to both be on the long buffet table that I took for my desk. So now they are separate. They are really too tall to be used separate in my opinion but it works. Not trying to be perfect, but at this point, I’m ok with functional.

Board games and binoculars.
Games to the left, tea at the top.

George’s peppers are drying in the bowl there.

Saturday Afternoon Snack of Salmon Sandwiches
Smoked Salmon on toast

And more pics from Saturday and Sunday as the doggies enjoyed lazing around and they love bed time. We had a great relaxing weekend. I didn’t cross as much stuff off of my list as I wanted to but I did get to do some writing on two separate projects I’m working on and did a Bible study. I’ve needed these last two weekends as a retreat to recover from the stress lately of learning a new job while the other one still calls. The new HR Mgr should be there in two weeks. And it will be in good timing because I’m not making much progress in that role and some things need attention like getting everyone in their Oct 1 benefits. This week I have to pay taxes in just about all states as the monthly ones are coming due. I will work on them a bit each day and may even have to stay over to get it done. So no HR work for me this week. My job alone will be keeping me over.

Anyway it’s been a great weekend and I’ll leave you with these photos. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

4 thoughts on “Opening up the Sun Room for Fall Months

  1. I love your sun room. What a nice place to read. I hope you have a really good week.


  2. That’s a really nice sunroom. The doggies are so cute and obviously rule the roost!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lauren Michelle Scott September 10, 2019 — 11:03 am

    Your sunroom looks so cozy and inviting. I would spend all my time out there. Those doggies of yours are so sweet. It’s funny how they look like they have big personalities.


    1. They do have big personalities I think- Roger is a laid back little man. And Maisy is a sweet and sensitive little girl and very loyal.


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