Weekend with Friends

Don and George at H Clark Distillery in Thompson’s Station, TN

We headed over Saturday to Don and Lisa’s and had snacks and then out to do some things. I believe George was a little quiet which I took as he was mad at me for being slow on Saturday morning. I was slower than I intended as I began the previous entries and did a lot of writing. Time melted into nothing quickly and I was shocked at how late it was. I guess when I write I enjoy it so much that I don’t know what time it is and I’ve been told I completely ignore everyone. I do that when I’m focused and I’m focused on something all the time. Anyway I felt bad as it put us at a late start and I could tell he was irritated at our late start. He did not want us to stop at Publix but I could not go empty handed to our friend’s house. So I made us late to being able to do what all he wanted Saturday afternoon. We didn’t go out for our excursions until late after our snacks and we didn’t get to one of our stops in time to do the tasting. So it was my fault but hopefully one will understand that I worked 6 days of the week last week and I really needed a few hours of my Saturday morning as “me time”. No one said anything, but I could tell he was not pleased. And then that made me not pleased. So just blame work I guess, lol. That’s the real culprit. lol

Everyone seemed to enjoy the little tour and tasting. Lisa let me taste hers. I didn’t really want to taste it. I’m not a hard liquor girl. But the story was interesting and the process was detailed. I think the pics above Lisa took and these below I took.

Then we went to the Bottle Shop in Franklin to show Don and Lisa. Everyone seemed to enjoy browsing through but we missed the tasting.

Then we went to eat at a Pizza Place in Franklin near Don and Lisa’s named “Soul Shine”. I thought I had a pic but evidently we just took a dive into it. lol They had cauliflower crust so I got my own pizza. Then we headed back for Don and Lisa’s for Key Lime Pie and a dip in the pool and hot tub. Then on to bed for me. We had a nice guest room with big bed and we all fit on it. 😉 Roger had a bit of an uncomfortable night waking us up and needing to go out and to get water, but we slept great otherwise. And then up the next day for coffee and bloody mary’s by the pool. I’m not a big bloody mary fan like the others but it was good! I loved the bacon and celery too that came in it. Funny how I like tomato salsa and tomatoes and tomato sauce, but not the juice so much. I’m trying to get over that.

The toads kept getting in the pool and they were big ones too. lol

And then we came home about lunch time and I started to work on the house. I reorganized a lot of things in the kitchen and pantry. And I’ll have to share those pics on the next entry. It’s 6 now and normally I’m on the road but I’m running late. I’m not too worried about it with all the hours I’ve put in lately. I just feel like I need another day at home to unwind, clean the house, finish laundry, go to the grocery and take care of a few things here. But no – life must go on. I can’t wait to get a vacay day but it won’t be this week. And not the week after. And probably not the one after that. But eventually.

I feel like I’ve been on the end of a whip lash line at the skating place. lol Everything is happening too fast. But we sure did enjoy our weekend with friends with Don and Lisa and Dillon and Amber and the doggies, where were pretty good.

Oh but sad news, we have not seen “Itty Bitty Kitty” for a couple of days. I’m glad I got to pet her and love on her really good the day before “she left”. Maybe she will come back. But she might not.

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  1. Weekends go too fast. Sounds like yours was a good one with your friends. I hope your week is off to a good start.

  2. Looks like your doggies had a good time and got lots of petting. You deserve a day off. I don’t know how you go and do all that you do.

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