Organizing Frenzy

Do you ever get something new in the household and it sets of an organizing frenzy? I recently gave George the air fryer and we love it so much that making it part of the counter seemed like the thing to do. So I set off on an organizing frenzy in an effort to find room. Funny thing is, the air fryer is still not on the counter yet. I think we are enjoying the space for now. But likely it will join the countertop community soon. Side note: the Ninja food chopper, blender, milkshake maker is hardly used and at George’s suggestion may leave the countertop. But I’d really like it to stay. I like making hummus now and then and homemade salsa and have plans to get in there and cook more. So I think it will stay. But most importantly to me – my shake blender will stay on the counter. It’s used daily. They say whatever is used daily has permission to be on the counter top. (I know, I researched on Pinterest and found a lot of great organizational tips.) But mainly just took a dive in and got rid of some extra, moved some things out, put things where it was MOST functional, even if it’s a non-traditional move, and everything is so much better.

As much as we love spices- it would be fun to have spice shelves in cute little bottles and arrange them around the kitchen on shelves all around. But neh – too much work. We love glasses and bowls of all sizes and coffee mugs. WE have way too many and love most of them too much to get rid of them. So I worked hard on Sunday afternoon. Also when you are cleaning something else, you get to put off the vacuuming. I hate vacuuming b/c we are hard on vacuum cleaners and always needing a new one. No more using the new vacuums on the sun room lady bugs. That is the problem there. We can use the old vacuums for that. Soon I will be going to get yet another vacuum. They are doomed in this house to about two years I think.

Anyway, all of this needed doing regardless of said new kitchen gadget. And as tired as I was, I just needed to dispel of some nervous energy and wanted to be “one” (lol) with my house again as I’ve missed my domestic bliss when selling my soul to learn my new job while still trying to do some of the old one.

So I’ve got some pics. They are not perfect, but it’s perfect to me and happy all is organized again. Even the snack basket got a new look (crackers, torilla chips, nuts, etc.). And the pantry is organized and the dog center is in the kitchen now instead of the laundry and if used daily it should be where you use it. So in the kitchen it went. At this point in my life, and since the blue linoleum is still there and old counter tops and old stoves – we obviously are not interested (well one of us is not) in decor so might as well embrace the function so you have at least something going for ya. lol

Here ya go. Not the most “perty thing” but it’s “my perty”.

And so there ya have it. That was my Sunday afternoon and it felt soooo good. I’m wanting to cook now.

So I need to go. I overslept by 45 minutes and still wanted to blog. Now it’s time for me to leave and I’m not ready. Story of my blogging life. Blog wins. I’m still here. lol

And we have taco day at work. Also payroll processing day so perhaps a long day. Perhaps not. One never knows. A lot of HR stuff has built up but there is just no time to work on it and I’m over living there. I’ve missed coming home and leaving when everyone else does. But the payroll job itself I’m getting used to and getting faster. So I’m trying to sneak the other in – but it usually doesn’t happen until sometime on Friday. Anyway I just do the best I can. And need to get going. The later I get started the later I will be there. Ya’ll have a great day! Looking forward to the holiday weekend! Not looking forward to next week though losing a day of payroll processing. We are loosing the day of “checking”. Most of Monday is last minute gathering of vacation forms and coding them with incentive pay averages, and checking of time sheets for errors. We lose that day so it’ll have to be done the Friday before and if someone doesn’t people will be short. Because the direct deposits have to go in still regardless of the holiday. How well the various plants do at taking care of their folks on Friday before will determine how well it goes. We shall see. I need to tell my fingers to stop typing so I can get on the road. Better go. Ya’ll have a good one.

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  1. You got a lot done on the weekend! I like the idea of using serving trays for baking supplies. Have a good one!

  2. I have been reorganizing our kitchen area. I am ordering a rack for the panty door to hold the spices etc which will free up an entire cabinet next to the stove I have a coffee pot Ninga on the cabinet as it use it a lot. I also have my emersion blender next to it. I use that a lot for my sauces, soups, etc. The large walk in pantry is a great help with our kitchen. Yours looks very well organized. I love the baskets for snacks, et. and may add one on our counter tops or at the end of the bar.

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