Looking Forward to….

Looking Ahead

In looking ahead to the future….I find myself looking forward to several things:

  1. Enjoying the new things we’ve recently ordered: Omaha Steaks, jewelry (fashion), and the personal apparel previously mentioned (new bras I’ve needed for ages).
  2. Reorganizing the kitchen – a complete redoing – like – probably gonna take a vacay day to do it. And it will be dramatically different.
  3. Getting my car washed and doing the inside.
  4. Getting my mani-pedi after work today.
  5. Getting some time off Vacay day – I need to schedule it. I thought they’d be hiring an HR person soon but don’t see any sign of it but I’m taking a day off before long either in Sept or Oct or both. It’ll be on a Friday.
  6. Our anniversary in September and even looking forward to planning it. Mainly where to eat. lol
  7. Thanksgiving and going to Texas
  8. This weekend and spending time with friends.
  9. Having Mom come up for a weekend near Thanksgiving so we can also have a family meal with her.
  10. Christmas Village (if we are not in Texas that weekend – I think we might be – have to check.)
  11. Fall – I’m looking forward to cooler weather and playing with the clothes – love to switch the clothes around.
  12. Getting my Apple Mac computer for Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. Getting new eyeglasses, which also requires some time off from work b/c the place I’m going is not open on weekends.

I know there are more things that I’m looking forward to that I failed to mention but time is of essence and I need to skedaddle to work.

What are three things YOU are looking forward to?

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  1. I too am getting new glasses and contacts. Getting a new mattress the kind that adjusts to different settings for Christmas for hubby and I . Going on a trip with my daughter this fall. Gatlinburg and Dollywood.

  2. I was at the hardware store recently and I thought of you. ๐Ÿ™‚ For several reasons. Your kitchen floor!

    I was in the flooring aisle and they have a lot of very reasonably priced vinyl laminate options for flooring.

    They also had some really gorgeous but not at all expensive large tiles.

    And finally the reason we had gone was to buy these enormous carpet squares that we use around the house. If you go back three posts on my blog, under the kitty litter enclosure we built you can see them. They are rubber backed, about a metre square (3.2 feet?) and quite heavy, once you put them down they are not going anywhere. You can also cut them to fit, the one at the front door is one and a half squares wide plus the other half custom cut it to fit around the skirting board.

    On the hardware store site it suggests you glue them down but there really is no need, they are too big to go anywhere and the bottom is not slippery. Our current floor is vinyl laminate and it is actually like they are glued down but they aren’t, you can’t move them without quite a bit of effort.

    I don’t know if you can get something like this in the US but if it were available it might be a reasonable cost effective solution until you can redo the floor. And afterwards you could use these tiles in other areas. We’ve got them in the laundry because that floor is tiled and the carpet warms it up, we’ve got one in the hallway just because we had a spare one, we’ve got them at the entrance to the house, we’ve got them at the door to the Nirvana, and under the kitty litter enclosure. I’m going to do a post about changes we’ve made to the house soon, I’ll be sure to include some photos.

    Most times we go to the hardware store we pick up another one, and eventually maybe the entire house will be covered in them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. 1. New Glasses. I’m going to try Transition lenses. I hope I’m happy.
    2. The Fall. My favorite time of the year.
    3. Thanksgiving & Christmas. I love the holidays.

  4. I’m looking forward to a trip to Washington, D.C. this fall, Christmas when our family will be all together, and more time at the lake before the snow flies.

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