Things that have Purpose and Meaning…

Good morning! The coffee is good this morning. But it is the most serious day of the week. That used to be Monday. Monday is a prep day now. Tuesday is where “the beef meets the bun”, the “rubber meets the road” and payroll comes together and closes. Gotta make it happen. The world has to go away for about 48 hours til everything is closed, direct deposits complete and check stubs go out. Then the after payroll starts with check runs to agencies and paying taxes.

I spoke with someone on our team – My new department. I am not sure who I report to officially but probably two people. Anyway the person that would be my back up when I’m on vacay has agreed to do the payroll while we are gone to see Katy so we will get to go later in the year around Thanksgiving. I am so relieved and thankful for this “gift”. It is not easy for her doing this for me as it is a short week and she has company coming to her house too for the holidays. It is truly a gift of giving to allow me to do this and I am more than grateful. I will get to see my girl and actually get to hang with her around Texas. And our family will get a vacation again. Which I’ve missed. The travels to places for work have been great but it’s not the same. I like adventure and experiencing it with family.And I will not be doing any more work travel anyway. I appreciate getting to see places I’d not have been able to see. So thankful for that opportunity too. It took the edge off of my adventure needs I guess. (I still dream of RV’ing and watch with great desire as my RV’er You Tubers have managed to pull it off with the one they love. The one I love does not support my dream so much. And doesn’t even really have a dream that I can tell other than to not owe anyone anything. So I’m left to dream alone.) But I am so happy to be able to go to Texas. Elated, matter of fact.

That said, the week after is going to be hell, b/c I will have a lot of the week’s work to do on top of the payroll run, but we’ll get through it.

Still no word on an HR Replacement but I began working shorter hours yesterday. I left at 5:35. I’ve decided I’m no longer going to live there. There’s just going to be some things that the HR MGR will have to catch up on when they get there. I’m trying to get the Sept people in insurance so no one goes without but a lot of this other stuff is going to have to wait til someone comes on. I’ve told my assistant she can have overtime to help with the role as she has had to help with the hiring/ads and such. I just can’t do both payroll and recruiting. It was hard to recruit and do HR too as it was. One reason I moved over. At least a payroll can close. It’s a never ending cycle to hire. And prefer not banging a head against a wall repeatedly. So at least my schedule is somewhat steady and I know what I’ll be doing when I go in. And can see something to a finish. And that is rewarding.

Well I was going to come in and give a quick hello and rush out. But as usual, I keep writing. Have to have my fill.

This week’s to do list involves ordering a $49.99 special of Omaha Steaks, as I have an ad deal. And I need to order a curling hair brush b/c my cheap one actually messes my hair up more than it helps. My old one broke. And I want to order a black necklace to go with my outfits as this one I have the silver turned. And I need to order some new bras. Might as well just throw that out there. Nothing like having support – lol!

I look forward to ordering things on the internet! But also like to shop in person more than I admit – just no time to do so.

Personal things I want to do around here that have been rolling around in my head now I’m not totally consumed with ALL THINGS PAYROLL: finishing some books, my evergoing magazine project, cook more, and go through and get rid of things I no longer use, or clean things out – like the hallway closet – of old soaps and lotions that I’m never going to use. Just so much to do. I’m wanting to enjoy life now. I am going to get my life back in many ways. The job is no longer allowed to consume me – the reason I switched and so hopefully the replacement will be here since I’m not getting to do that job properly. I’m ready to claim my life back and live. I also am not going to be selling my soul toward any purpose other than God’s will or my own or my family’s/friends of course. I’m wanting to fill my time with things that have purpose and meaning. And I’ll end with that.

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  1. I’m glad you’ll be able to go to Texas for Thanksgiving and that things are falling into place. Have a good one.

  2. Life is so very short. We need to spend as much time as we can with loved ones. That is great you get to see your daughter. Maybe your husband would want an RV just to go to visit her. And you could go to Arizona. There is so much to see and do there. Some people I know who lived in New York moved there after Retirement and they love it. Our family is going to start getting together for Sunday dinners. It seems the older I get the more quickly time goes by. Good for you going home on time. I know your doggies and husband needs you at home too.

  3. Glad things are getting better day by day. Soon the HR will be in the past. That’s how I got through our last move…it’ll be over soon and in the past. Haha
    Take care, Sheila

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