Questions? And Other Thoughts over Coffee!

I thought I’d do something different and let you all ask questions and I will answer them in an upcoming blog session. The coffee is so good this morning.

Just a blip of a blog today. It’s Friday. The week has gone well for the most part. The hours are getting better. Although I could have worked til midnight each night if I stayed to do the HR part, but I’m tired and burned out from all the hours now, and worked the HR part over the weekend and anything I get done now will have to be during the normal hours when everyone else is working or just not get done. I would grimace when I was the first one there and last one to leave. But that was important for my efforts in learning the job and being baptized by fire into it. It was my choice to move and I had to sink in it or swim, and I wanted to be a champion swimmer at it. But I’m tired now.

I noticed yesterday that I was just weary. And I had planned to go get my nails done. We had a problem with one of our uploads/downloads (both really) and I didn’t get one piece done that needs to be done, but it can be done today. One can hope. So I left at 4:30 yesterday and got nails and toes done. It was relaxing to get the pedi done, but I’ve gotten to where I don’t like having to sit for the “solar” nails to be done. lol It’s mainly b/c I am so tired when I get there. Especially after getting the pedi and you are all relaxed. I’m not complaining, just explaining – that’s how tired I was. I’ve not slept well a couple of nights this week – waking up at 2 a.m. And so I was feeling it – all day yesterday.

I slept really good last night though but my eyes and my persona are still a little weary and draggy today. I don’t have my persistent power up to full speed this morning. My “care factor” is at the bottom. I need rest, rejuvy, and to have my mind focus on other things besides work.

I have been doing Tropical Farmville this week and in the previous weeks as a way to relax my mind from all the worry of the job changes. Some things are still not settled – like my salary wage. I’ve given what my rock bottom allowance of it will be to take the job but have not been officially told what it will change to and that makes me nervous. I mean who does this, who does a job w/o knowing what the pay is? Me I guess. So there are still things to worry about. I don’t think anyone will screw me over, but you know me – I always worry about the unknown. I am familiar with life and I know how things can go south. So I’m ready for it all to be settled, a new person in my old position and trained, and me knowing what my rate will be and happy with it. If all that works out then life can go on. If it doesn’t then we’ll have to figure out what life holds next. But playing this game when I get home keeps my mind off all the things I have a tendency to worry about. So things are still very much up in the air with the whole thing until all resolved. And this in itself can be tiring. But I’m used to having to wait for everything in life. I can say that this is a first for this particular thing as it’s unusual to take a job w/o knowing the salary. I’ve asked, but haven’t heard – so maybe it will stay the same. And that is fine. Because it is a lot of work and with old systems and programs. And a lot of responsibility. And a lot of plants.

And I have been reading Joe Russo’s book – about the couple leaving their jobs to go RV’ng full time. lol Why I tease myself with this stuff I’ll never know. But at least it’s fun reading and watching about it if I can’t do it myself. It’s fun to have a dream. It’s fun to imagine doing it. So many people are now and doing it successfully and working from the road.

Anyway, I said I was not going to blog much today. Doesn’t that always happen? And it’s 6 and I should be on the road already, but it’s Friday and I’ve put way more hours in – in the last few weeks than a body should have so if I end up working a normal day today then so be it! 😉

Ya’ll have a wonderful day. Going to be the weekend soon. George and I are eating Sushi for dinner and then have a weekend planned with friends. Then Sunday afternoon will be rushing to get ready for the work week – laundry, Isagenix paks for the week, ironing, house cleaned, grocery run, and such.

I’m also trying to get ideas for how to change up the kitchen. What it really needs is new flooring, new stove, new countertops – but since I can’t have that I will change everything else I can change. I’ve waited for years to be done with that floor. Still there. Not surprised? Me neither. George won’t replace anything if it is not broken unless we have a Come to Jesus meetin’ about it and there is usually shoutin’ and stompin’ before the conversation is finished. As Momma says “time to put your foot down”. However, I choose my battles. And if I can be satisfied with totally rearranging the kitchen otherwise I will get it out of my system. I understand flooring and appliances and countertops can be expensive and we’ve chosen other priorities in life to do first. So I get it. So I’ve not pushed it. We’ve upgraded a lot – sofa, big TV, really nice fridge – so it will happen in time. But I’m ready for a do over in the kitchen and I want to start cooking some more but it’s not efficient right now. Some things need to go, some things need to be rearranged. So I’ll be on a Pinterest excursion soon to get ideas. My head is starting to get some ideas. I want it to be functional, cute, and easier to work in. Rearranging, discarding, containers or space savers, and even decor are things I’ll be considering.

Well, I better get to work. But I’m moving slow today. Turtle speed it is. I’m weary, tired, and ready for my weekend. I really should have taken the day off. But still too much work to finish up. I am starting to look at the calendar though to plan a couple of days off in the fall. On Friday’s.

What fun things are YOU doing this weekend?

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  1. They should be paying you more since you are still doing HR work and putting in so many hours. Summer is running down so I’m thinking about going to the lake this weekend.

  2. Check out the vinyl flooring at Home Depot. I want the Acacia flooring for my kitchen and bedroom. We just had new carpet put in our living room. We have no plans for this weekend but am sure something will come up. I need a good haircut, may call my hairdresser and see if she can work me in.. Have a good weekend..

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