Sharing Some of My Christmas Gifts: Clothes, Books, Food, Drinks, and Random Gifts

Well, I shouldn’t be blogging now, but who knew we’d have an extra snow storm. I tried to get out of the driveway this morning and neither me nor my neighbor could get it. I think the main roads are fine, it’s just getting out of the neighborhood.

We did fine in Cody’s 4 wheel drive truck. George made it fine. I have a feeling that by the time I was going to leave it was close to the freeze/melt point and might have gotten slicker? Maybe my car is just not meant for snow? Or the tires not good enough for it. I don’t know. But my boss also had to turn around as she could not get out of her neighborhood either.

I keep looking at the driveway. Still snow covered and no dripping going on even though the temp says 39. I’m going to give it a few minutes and see if the snow gives any. It’s going to be a rough payroll day or it will have to go into tomorrow. I wish I could snap my fingers and be there. If I could do that, I could snap my fingers from here and have payroll done, lol. So might as well be productive and get a blog entry done while I wait a few.

I’m sharing a few Christmas gifts as I do each year. Much of these I picked out back in early fall and gave it to George to wrap. I’d forgotten what all I had picked. Some of these things were on Amazon that had I had given a link for.

But here’s the clothes.

Katy and Cody and River gave me the brown sweater. Aunt Martha gave me the scarf and socks. I hope I didn’t get anything mixed up. It’s easy for me to do that though.

Some of the shirts are summery and I’ll have to wait for spring/summer but I needed a few more spring and summer things.

Here’s the food items. We love giving food items to each other. Then we get more inspired to cook.

George and I were given these together:

Here’s the books and a DVD! These look fun:

We have loved Somebody Feed Phil, and we also really got into Downton Abbey like much of the rest of the world. I’ve always been a fan of Diana and have recently become more interested in the Royal Family happenings with the Queen’s passing and with Harry and Meghan’s Netflix. Joanna Gaines is always special and I read her other book. The Pasta Book far surpasses the ones I already have I think. Even though this one is Williams Sonoma, it actually has pasta ingredients that I think I will use and make. I love pasta!

So keep in mind much of these things were from multiple people/families. But here are some random wonderful gifts.

Containers (much needed), spoiled Grandchild Pillow, candles, Rubik’s cube key chain and another game, puzzle, bronzer, FACES book, stress relief spray, evening bag, potholder, massage gun, Amish soap, and a colorful weather station leading us to a discussion of which way is north. I picked one direction and George picked another. Neither of us right. It was in between.

I am hoping the bedspread works. It looks awfully small and flimsy to work on a queen size bed. If it doesn’t work, I imagine it’s too late to return so we’ll have ourselves another quilt. I’ll try it this weekend. I could not bare the disappointment yesterday.

Yesterday I worked on laundry, we cleaned up some, ironed, got ready for the work week and now that it is here I can’t even get there. But the temp is up and it looks like there is *some* melting going on. I’m going to see if I can’t get up the drive now. I also need to get gas as I noticed we ran it out over the long weekend. Geez.

It was relief to get all the mess at least sorted where we opened gifts. In the next few days boxes and bows and bags will go back down to the basement and boxes in the trash and trash to the big trash.

Here are the gifts I had in my wish list to buy George but didn’t and I didn’t know that he could see them in my wish list and he thought I wanted them for me. While they are cool gifts, they were really meant for him. It was kind of him to buy them as he thought I wanted them for me. But I will never play them. I have hobbies I like to do better. So I will give them to him if he wants them. Or we can try to return them. This is an example of our communication. Everything all gets screwed up. I try to give him hints and it all fouls up. Typical. Communication foul up. In everything we do, he will do something and I will undo it. Or I will do something and he will undo it. I don’t know why opposites attract but they did. lol. Oh well. Maybe he can use the gifts. As we get older I fear it will only get worse, our ability to communicate.

Ok I’m going to try to get up the drive. It’s 9:51 and the temps keep going between 35 and 39 degrees. I can see that the grass is melting but the driveway is only barely melting. There is nothing dripping. I am going to see if I can’t get up it though. Geez. It’s going to be a long freaking weak, but then we’ll have 3 days off. I have to take Mom and Fancy out (her trim is on Sat 1/31) and Mom out to breakfast and where ever else she wants to go and then the weekend is mine. I will work on the house, new year plans, next video, etc. And I am looking forward to that. So I’ll do the best I can on the impossible work parts, and all the other impossible tasks this week and soon I’ll have time to work on some things on agenda at home.

Soon I’ll share what we did last night! I gotta stop blogging and try to get to work. Take care.

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  1. Good evening from me over in our wee village of BOX….it’s been a very wet day and I hear the wind blowing now…..I hope you managed to get to work…..I think!…I am concerned that you tried just to hard to get out onto the main highways….I know what it’s like where I live there’s no way I can get out when we have had snow or ice.So I’m sitting here praying you are ok…..thank you for showing us your presents. I know you get lots of presents from extended family and friends but I don’t think I have ever seen so much in all my life. I’m sure you could almost open a shop !! Lucky you….. Our Christmas meal out turned out well. Everything was beautifully presented, hot, and perfectly cooked. As I had expected I wasn’t able to eat everything on my plate but managed most of my steak and a lot of the lovely vegs. Thankfully Peter-was able to help by eating quite a lot of what I left behind !!
    Once we got home Mary and I felt quite …stuffed….so actually sat down and went to sleep,
    We certainly didn’t need any more food that afternoon/ evening…
    Well love looking forward to hearing when you get home and that all is well with you. We are seeing and hearing the awful weather 1,000s and 1,000s of people in US freezing and have died. I’ve never heard of such low temps. Please take care. God Bless

    • Hi Sybil, I’m here at work, throwing down lunch quickly and checking my phone. I made it in. Main roads were fine. But I had to wait til my driveway thawed.

      I probably should quit sharing my gifts because I’m sure people will judge as they like to do. We all came from families that did Christmas up big. We do lots of little things and it’s our way of helping each other out with practical items- except for a few indulging hobbies here and there!

      Our weather is supposed to warm up to 50 and 60 Fahrenheit but with rain later in the week.

      • I just saw you on film…think you’re mad going into work. They will think no more of you for even trying. Please make sure you leave early and get home safely ….

      • It got up to 40 – I just had one snowy road (my road) and mainly my driveway- everything else was dry. No other cars around so I could get through that. The streets have thawed now. It’s all good.

  2. I do not drive when there’s ice out. Nope. No way.
    I know you are going to be crammed at work but you’ll get thru it…somehow.
    Hopefully tomorrow we get temps above freezing. Fingers crossed 🤞

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