Tagine Cooking with George and Prepping for Mom’s Stay: The Next Video is live!

Here is the video!

Enjoy! This is back when we prepped a few things for Mom’s visit a few weeks before she arrived at the house and also inserted a clip of George cooking in the kitchen, a Moroccan dish with his new tagine clay pot. See how tagine cooking works! There might be a bit of humor.

If you have not already subscribed, please do so you won’t miss a video! Give me a like or comment on YouTube as it really helps.

Thanks so much. Off to move and unpack at Mom’s. It’s the final moving day!

6 responses to “Tagine Cooking with George and Prepping for Mom’s Stay: The Next Video is live!”

  1. The video was great. George is a sure star as a chef when he retires!! Mary and I both loved it ALL…..can’t wait for next one……you will soon be catching up to the present time. Once Mum finally moves for good….
    Take care and God Bless xx

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    • I hope I can get on to the next one soon! It’s easier for me to do them as I’m quicker. But we have a busy season ahead. It IS fun to stop and do them to get my mind off other things. It relaxes me!


      • Finally!!!
        Great video!
        I’m glad I had already had dinner.
        He did a good job on the rail for your mom and everybody who will use it. The rail looks like it’s always been there.
        That rain falling looked so peaceful.
        I hope things have settled in your household. You guys have come so far and you’re so close. So close 😊

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  2. I enjoyed watching George cook the Morroco dish. I bet the meat was very tender.
    It looks so peaceful on your porch while it is raining. You guys have a very nice place and a pretty yard. I hope the move is going well. Just think it is almost over.

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