What happened to WordPress Font? Ugh! Just NO!

I cannot blog like this. I’m really struggling here with this ultra tiny font. Something has changed since Wednesday when I last blogged. It never used to be this little. This is just small. I think when it saves it will be bigger font. We shall see, but in draft mode as I type it is so incredibly small and honestly, I really just can’t stand it at all. I imagine if it is going to be like this, I’ll have to adjust it or I’ll just flat quit blogging. I tried to adjust it and it only stays adjusted for the paragraph or block then you have to reset it again for the next block (paragraph). Ughhh. Yeah, I’ll NOT be blogging until I get a fix for this. This is not enjoyable. I can barely see what I’m typing. No – just no. Come on Word Press what are you doing to us?

Anyway I can’t blog like this ya’ll. It may look normal to you when it’s saved but I’ll be back when I can figure this out. Just no – unh unh. I can’t concentrate on what I’m saying with it this little trying to type it out. I can hardly see it. You can see how tiny it is above in this pic. Geeesh.

I’ll be back if I can figure this out. I’m not putting up with this though. NO way. I guess some millennial played with the settings? lol. This ain’t happening! Over and Out. Not blogging if it is going to be like this.

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  1. Oh dear Sonya. I don’t blame you. Actually it’s the same size font that I have to use when I’m replying on here. But I’m not having to write screeds, if I were like you I coudnt do it for any time….So please love although I would miss your blog etc etc miss is not the word I should use….I’d be devastated if I coudnt get news of what was happening with you and the family….I LOVE getting your news every day usually around our lunch time of 1pm…Mary to loves me to read it to her….
    Keep trying to fathom things out, your a whizz with computer problems….keep up and when you come on tomorrow all will be back to normal. Hope George is good and thinking up something nice for dinner….Hope today gets better and better God Bless. Take care driving home tonight.

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