TENNFold Brewing, Donelson, TN / St. Jude Giveaway House, Mt. Juliet / Settling Mom in Our House

TEN Fold Brewery, Donelson, TN

Wow, this new brewery has been open for a year – opened as the Pandemic started. We have kept close in most of the year to our area, and this is about 25 minutes out from our house. We didn’t even realize it was here. But they survived and seemed to be going strong. We arrived yesterday at 11:05 just after they opened. Many breweries don’t open til afternoon. This one serves food though and not just appetizers so they were open for the lunch crowd.

We had run our morning errands, the first of which was taking back Mr. Honker of a Truck to Enterprise where we dropped her off and out of our way so George could come back and settle up this morning. A GRAND sigh of relief at dropping that thing off. Then we drove to a post office that was closed so had to drive to the main Donelson post office to mail a package off to our grandson, Little Roo. Maybe Kate will send us a pic of him getting it. Katy doesn’t know what it is and reads the blog some, so I’ll wait to mention what is in it.

A quick google revealed the new brewery. “Heck yeah” was the words of the day as we both looked forward to an “after move, Father’s Day, Brewery excursion”. It may have been early, but it was time! lol. George’s phrase “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start early”. For the most part he is only kidding because it’s a funny phrase he picked up somewhere. I say partly kidding because he likely had another while upon the riding lawn mower at end of day.

TENNfold Brewery, Donelson, TN
TENNFold Brewery, Donelson, TN

Oh my, the taste of their beer was SPOT ON! Nailed some excellent flavors. And a very interesting “hard to choose just six” flight menu.

TENNFold Brewery, Donelson, TN

We ordered a couple of appetizers. Honestly it was too many carbs with all the bread and beer too! But we ate it anyway. What was that promise of eating better next time? Oh well.

MUST DO Meatball Appetizer, TENNFold Brewery, Donelson, TN

The flavors of this sauce, the parmesan and the pesto was excellent. The bread was the freshest I’ve ever had and this makes me think their pizzas are going to be knock out good! We’ll have to come back for pizza and OH we WILL be back!

Hummus appetizer, TENNFold, Donelson, TN

Darn, I should have taken some video, sometimes I totally forget about vlogging! It’ll show up one day in the vlogs but with animated photos!

St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway in Mount Juliet

So off we went to our next excursion which was the St. Jude Dreamhome Giveaway House. We bought a ticket for $100. It goes to the charity, but you get a chance to win the home and get a tour of the property, or win the new Ford Bronco or other prizes. We did this in 2019. It was fun. So with the PanDamnIt going away we did this again this year.

So, we did a very quick walk through. We liked the house at first impression and the newness of it, compared to what we have in our house. However, considering the space we have here, there is just NOT a lot of storage in this house. After coming away from it, and in looking at the pictures, it’s a little dark for my style and comes across very plain in the pics. On a bright and sunny day, very little light poured into the rooms. The addition of all the blackness, gives a dark and dreary tone to this house. I think one could make it pretty with the decorating and certainly add lots of lighting. The house looks very masculine to me. But a woman could take it and pretty it up and brighten it up for herself! ;-). I’m thinking white roses here! And lots of light decor and pillows!

Anyway, after that we did a pretty good grocery run, George with OUR buggy and me with Mom’s.

Then we got home and realized Mom had saved the wrong mattress. Somehow the mattresses got switched around and she had us keep the wrong one. Either she gave hers away or it’s out by the road for the city to pick up. We are not sure. But the mattress in the hall is the wrong one. And it’s still in the hall. George had moved about all he was moving yesterday, lol. I told him I didn’t want the thing in our way all week, but we’ll see. It probably will be. Anyway George said he asked Mom before he moved mattresses anywhere, which ones went where. I think they got moved around though and mixed up somehow. So she ended up with the one she didn’t want and the one she did want either was the one that was given away or at the road. So we told her we’d go pick out another if she just cannot stand my mattress here.

Anyway, hopefully things will settle soon. We have found most all of what is needed for now – charging cords, personal supplies, password books, and other items. Working things in a couple of boxes at a time. We had all the last minute packing items all in one section so it’s been pretty easy to find those things from the last load.

Mom had a point, for the next move – we’ll be doing it exactly backwards! Furniture first this time. No more big trucks though. This one is closer to us so we can do several moves and George won’t have to worry about driving a BIG HONKER. lol. Then someone in the room (George) said “can we not talk about moving for a while?” LOL LOL LOL.

And we had left over Chinese last night but we added egg rolls from the freezer section at Kroger and made those in the air fryer. Quite nice.

Overwhelming To Do List and New Agendas

Almost makes me hyperventilate when I think of what all I need to do and want to do, not only for me but for Mom. This is an adjustment for her in a big way as she has moved from her house and lost a lot of her independence, but it’s also a big adjustment for us too. I’m sure it’s both exciting and scary on both ends.

It’s a lot of responsibility that I take seriously. I’m also afraid of losing my independence too, like getting my solitude time, getting to do things I like to do, and not wanting to be needed every minute of the day.

I’m just being honest here. I’m so happy and joyous that Mom is here and we are going to and have already had some fun memories. It’s just an adjustment we all have to go through and it is nothing personal. It’s just life. But there is a certain element of joy at having more than one generation in the house. The conversation is livelier, the camaraderie is there, and the helping of one another out, and support is there. So it’s a good thing.

And I’m going to head out to go get payroll done. When this payroll is finished, it’ll be quarter end. So that means come Thursday I’ll be working on month end, quarter end report printing, and all that. I’m glad the move is over so I can concentrate on that.

I do however, have to make more pet grooming, find doctors, set up pedi and mani appts (gotta get that done), figure out some time to go shopping, get flooring for the whole house (Lord help us), hem my blue pants, do the family calendar so we all know what is going on, get Mom’s car washed and vacuumed, get mine washed and vacuumed, change purses, plan Mom’s birthday, plan/shop for George’s birthday, plan July 4, meal planning, summer bucket list before it’s gone, have some fun, work on iMovies, go back to church, clean my house from top to bottom (ok the bottom -basement – is too full of stuff so just the top), continue my photography/camera learning, and video improvements, watch my shows, plan some travel, read, and daydream about RVing and….and…and…and….

6 responses to “TENNFold Brewing, Donelson, TN / St. Jude Giveaway House, Mt. Juliet / Settling Mom in Our House”

  1. I do admire your look out on your things to do, I particularly like your ending !!! But really love you’ve got to take time out for yourself. It’s all very well having..and enjoying having Mum stay but it’s George and your home, and what you both want to have or to do must come first. It will be hard I’m sure cause you are always putting others first…..Anyway I’m sure your to do list will get done …sometime LOL. it’s been lovely reading and viewing ! the house that you could win if your name came out of the hat first !!! Like you I didn’t warm to it much it was in my mind very …flat…I know it was empty so that may have been it’s problem ….but as I say I doubt if you will win it but if you did you could always sell it, now there’s something to dream about ? Where or what would you do if you sold it and got lots of money for it ? The RV would definitely be top of the list I think LOL….take care at work today hope everything goes well and your not already exhausted when you get home. Hope also that Mum has been ok on her own all day with the two dogs….God Bless..

    • I told George if we won we could sell it and get an RV. He said no and that we could live in it while renovated the one we live in and then sell it or each have a house. Naturally that brought on loads of conversation “whaddya mean by that?” To which I replied it was ok I was fine with men anyway to which he replied “whaddya mean by that? “ lol lol lol! Probably best if the Lord passes this one on to someone else lol 😂

  2. The St. Jude’s house is too dark. You almost have to have all white furniture. Even the outside is dark. It’s somebody’s dream.
    I can’t believe you guys did all that moving & were still able to function. Going grocery shopping & out to eat, that’s impressive. lol
    I hope your week goes smoothly. 😎

  3. I hope you win something with the ticket you bought. I like The St Jude House. The color is not what I would have chosen but I love the kitchen and the big closet with shelves. I have always wanted to have a professional come do my closet. I like things neat and organized but my closet needs work.
    You and George did a good job with the move. I don’t know-how in the world you did it all working full time. You are a good daughter and your husband a good sil. Your Mom is very blessed. I hope she can fit everything into the new house. Maybe she can just leave some of it in storage until she needs it. At least you don’t have to rush.
    One thing I remember about our last move We were both so tired and sore from moving, and boxes were everywhere in the new house. I woke up the first morning and my husband was just laying there in bed. It scared me because he didn’t answer when I ask him if he was ok. He is usually the first one up. I thought the move had killed him. lol. He just said I am so tired I can’t move.
    I know you guys have to be the same..
    Take care and have a good week.

    • Thanks for your kind words! Yes we can take our time getting her in. We have 3 storage units and will get rid of them one at a time. Her new place has yard sales twice a year and we plan to have a yard sale and a good Will box going as we unpack! We are all tired but looking forward to a few months rest and will be exciting to watch hers be built!

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