Sigh of Relief, Broken Mirror, and Settling In

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Good morning (afternoon/evening). I can’t tell you the ::sigh:: of relief we ALL feel for move #1, Phase #1, of Project Momma. We still have the truck to take back and then the final sigh can be had. All went well but…the mirror in the back of one of the China cabinets broke when George had to set it down hard as it shifted from the dolly. It is a straight piece and can be replaced and we will do so after Move #2.

The final day at the house was a bit hurried, harried, and tense. We grabbed chic fil A on the way out of town to go to clear out the final things from Mom’s house in Columbia. Mom and I thought we had plenty of time to pack and clean, but as my car quickly got packed, we realized it wouldn’t hold my vacuum we had brought for the ride back. I was NOT donating my vacuum for the cause – although I dream of a new one – lol! So we had to hurry and only got to halfway clean the house for the new owners. We had to stick remaining items on the truck, that was about to pull out, including my vacuum and cleaning supplies. My car had no more room. George encouraged us to leave the house as it was as the new owners were probably going to completely redo and rip out and replace. I’m sure he’s right but I don’t half “ash” do a job. I like to be thorough. So we hurried. George and the truck was about to pull out as he needed to be on a timeline to be able to have help in Mount Juliet end of unloading at the storage place.

Oh, and the guy that was to help on Mom’s end didn’t show. I was almost in tears. George couldn’t easily move the remaining china cabinets by himself. Mom got on the phone to call for help. We have family there but that was not an option as they are not there for Mom on a normal day, much less in time of urgent need. But there was a Christian couple Mom goes to church with that she called and said “is there any way you can help?” And the man said “I’ll be right there”. I was trusting God would provide. Mom and I were both praying. We are so thankful for this man coming to help. No excuses, no pausing, just “I’ll be right there”. They don’t make ’em like that anymore!

We through remaining items including the vacuum on George’s truck which also had Mom’s freezer on it and he was wanting to get that moved and plugged in as well. Then Mom and I grabbed a few things left I knew would fit in my car and drug some things out to the road for the city to pick up.

I did a final walk through in the house. I did find a few things – mostly cleaning supplies, a bottle of lotion, and some very nice Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers that were way back in the cabinet.

As we were backing out, neighbors ran over – three of them in unison to say goodbye. Wow! Their timing was spot on. One had a card for Mom. I know this jerked at Mom’s heart. How sweet of all of them to run over in her last moment of leaving the house. Wonderful neighbors. I let them talk for as long as they wanted. But after about 40 minutes I suggested it was time we headed out. lol. Mom was ready as I could tell her body language turned all the way into the car instead of sideways. So I knew she was ready to go. We were both famished as it was after 2 and we’d not had lunch after working hard.

We went to Sonic and got the best Coney Chili dog and onion rings and cold Dr. Pepper on ice, and we vowed to eat better next time. lol lol lol We had to wait for it. No one has proper help these days! I’m sure you are experiencing that too. Here in the states people prefer to stay home and get unemployment it seems. No one wants to work for a living as we were brought up to do. As they say “we work for a living so we can pay taxes so we can pay for you to stay home”. I saw a shirt with that on it last week! Isn’t that the truth?

Once home I unloaded Mom, and the boxes for upstairs. I had one big heavy box I could not get to until the stuff on top was removed for the basement. So I pulled the car around and unloaded and then I didn’t want to move the car again so I put the heavy box on an rolling office chair and rolled it up the sidewalk, with another little box on top! It worked. Caught it on the nest, LOL.

Then George and our wonderful neighbor David, drove up in the big truck. We all had a beer in the basement. His wife MaryAnne came over and met Mom. I thought it would be good for them to meet b/c she is so close and if Mom fell or got in a jam, someone could come to her help. That way they would know each other.

George requested Chinese for dinner. A man that has worked so hard deserves to have whatever meal he wanted. I crossed my fingers and asked Mom if she would be hip for Chinese. She quickly said “yeah”. No pause or hesitation! George really wanted to go out though – that was his first request. However, I told him Mom was done for the day. He said we either all go or all stay. I knew he didn’t mind staying in though b/c he was whooped out. He said he’d go get Chinese and bring it back.

We set it all up on Mom’s lazy Susan which works out well for our meals. Isn’t this great? We just turn it like a wheel and serve ourselves instead of driving one another crazy with pass this and that! I think we never were good at passing from left to right or vice versa. It had always been “pass me this or that” and you’d often not even realize if you missed anything so this works great!!!!

WE all slept good last night and are making plans for Phase #2, which is Momma living here with us. Mom is still getting settled, working on her clothes and we are bringing things up from boxes from downstairs as she needs something. Most everything has been accessible and found.

George ordered himself a surprise! The little ukelele on the right. When a man works as hard as he has with the move, he gets to order whatever instrument he wants! lol lol He already had the guitar on the left.

Anyway he is waiting on me to take the truck back. So I’ll be back as soon as I can with further updates. The main thing is WE ARE OUT OF THE HOUSE and Mom is here! And the move #1 is over.

Happy Father’s Day! We are going to return the truck and grab a Father’s Day beer, and then go get fresh groceries and staples we are out of and get Mom’s favorite items she likes to have for the week ahead and while we work.

Ya’ll take care and have a happy day!

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  1. Hi Sonya, I must say I have been anxiously waiting the news that George has succeeded in getting all the ….big….things moved and as I write this you will have returned that huge van and will now be shopping for what Mum wants. Do you always have to take a car to do the shopping ? Are there no little shops nearby that you can get a few things to ,,,top up .?….We do our ..big…shop In Sainsbury’s but we have a little shop in the village that we can get bits and pieces…it’s very handy if we run out of things like bread or milk….Anyway love this is short but I must go make dinner we are having a salmon risotto today looking forward to it…Take care all THREE of you plus two dogs !! Give Mum my best wishes and hope she will soon feel completely at home. God Bless

  2. Wow!
    I know the relief you are feeling. God bless the couple that gave you last minute help. Good people!
    And to the “no shows” well, God bless them too.
    Happy Father’s Day to George!!

  3. Whew ! You all have gotten SO MUCH ACCOMPLISHED! So thankful that BIG truck didn’t cause any issues especially on the interstate. So thankful this major step is over. I am in awe of what all has been done ! Yay for all !!! What a good daughter and son in law !

  4. So glad this part of the move is done. I know you are exhausted. Prayers for a calm and quiet week. Take time for yourself. Love ya.

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