Why are We so Busy?

Morning! The coffee sure is good as I sit here and sip and type. It feels busy around here! We keep ourselves busy even when we are NOT busy, so it’s just always busy. I think perhaps it has been so busy at work and personally with so much going on and not enough brain time to soak everything in. I end up waking up at 1:30 and not able to go back to sleep because my body and brain is using that time as “think time”. So the last two nights I’ve woken up at 1:30 and not gone back until 3 or 3:30. Alarm goes off around 4:20 – I hit snooze – go back to deep sleep and it goes off again and again until I’m finally so irritated I get up. LOL! I also have a tendency to do this around a full moon.

It is definitely a full moon. It amazes me how some full moon’s don’t pull the energy around as much as others. I don’t know about tidal flows and such. I wonder if different moons bring in varying tidal flows at sea. See….look at my brain go. I’m way too curious about things for my own good and I’ll probably google that by days end. If I can find time. In all my lists, I need a “google list” as my curiosities are outweighing my time to google. Also on that list would be “how do the French stay so slim when they have such good bread?” I heard a couple discussing that on a recent video I watch and it’s perplexed me since. More than one person has said to lose weight eat like the French. I’m not eating snails – I mean, no wonder!

So Today is technically my Thursday – even though it is Wednesday! I’m feeling it. Normally on Thursday’s I’m counting the days til my free day. My free day is not til Sunday! Well I’m going to Mom’s Friday night, and we will be doing girls time. It’ll be fun time but no “free” time until Sunday. When Sunday gets here, I’ll be doing my normal “weekend thang” and trying to gnaw down my list some. Lord please help me to make some progress! These things are keeping me from making more videos! The sooner I knock them out, the sooner I can get back at it.

Most of these things won’t take long but just finding the minute to do something, AnYtHiNg! It seems every minute of my day is filled with something else.

The less urgent things are here. Many have been on the list for some time. The last two lists have not changed much and I’m not going to post those as I have posted all of these not long ago. Only the first two lists change. I do not plan to do this 2nd list before getting back to making the videos. But the many things on the first list just need to happen before I set in to having personal creativity time.

Colorful Car Wash

So last night after work I went “grocerying” after taking the car through the car wash. It needed it so bad. The birds are finally migrated from our parking lot at work and then with all the salt and snow and ice I had to get it washed. Also yesterday my mirrors were so dirty I could hardly see traffic. When it’s a safety issue – it has to be done. So I stopped on the way to the grocery as it was still light out. The line was long but it moved fairly quickly. I paid for the big wash! Wheels and all!

I love our little car wash with the colors. I’m like a kid every time I go through. Here is a video. LOL

Grocery Run Fun

Going to the grocery was fun. It had been a while. I was out of all my favorite things! So I’m good for about another two weeks I think. George will likely go again and if I need something he can get the urgent needs. I won’t have time again for awhile. I loaded up on some frozen entries for work. But also bought some fresh items, fresh salsa and hummus too, for healthier snack options. I allow myself to eat the tortilla chips. I try to buy a healthier version if I can, but at the end of the day, I usually just grab and go. I forgot the avocado though! I wanted to have avocado toast with a bit of fresh salsa atop! Also the salsa is good on eggs. So at least I have that. Anyway I bought fresh strawberries and plant to slice a few fresh ones for my shake this morning.

Get out the Cameras, I’m cooking tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night I’m cooking in the Instant Pot for the first time ever! Can you believe it? I’ve had a mental block against it. I felt the directions were just too specific. But all in all, what could be better? I was thinking it was going to be complicated. But so many people use them and love it and say that they are so glad they have it and couldn’t do without it. So I am “making myself” try it Thurs night (tomorrow night). I’m making a red beans and rice recipe. It just sounds good. And looks easy. The meat (smoked sausage) I’m cooking separate in the air fryer. And will toss the sausage slices in on top of the red beans and rice! So I’m excited to cook tomorrow. Also will have to pack for Mom’s. I will have a “few minutes” to do some things tonight after I get off of work and before dinner. George is cooking tonight. I’ll have to see what is on the menu board.

And so I need to get going! Can you believe it’s in the 60’s here this week? Gotta love weather in Tennessee, going from a Polar Vortex to the tropics in just a couple of days!

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  1. Hi Sonya, might be on your way to work now so hope the roads are clear of any accidents or daft drivers ! I’m going to go to Chippenham this afternoon but as Peter has day off he will drive so I needn’t worry about parking, he will stop and do shopping in Sainsbury’s on our way home. I want a chicken I think for dinner tomorrow, like you I am cooking on Thursday. Peter cooked yesterday a nice sausage casserole…..Oh now I wish you could somehow get your brain to slow down I’m always worried that one day you will just freak out completely and then what would we all do !…..if I don’t get chatting tomorrow have a lovely evening/ day with Mum, see and treat yourself to something nice. Our weathers a bit like yours last week we were in the – 10 c. / 27f aprox. Today it’s already up to 14c / 57f. Quite mad, but I won’t complain lovely to see the spring flowers snowdrops crocus, and even little tet a tee daffodils …. try not to drive yourself to much at work, and drive home safely. God Bless.

    • Oh I just get frustrated I can’t find time to do things I want/need to do – it’s b/c I’m two days short of getting time I’m used to. I’ll get over it and back on track soon!

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