Christmas is Happening!

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Tis the Christmas Eve ya’ll! So far, Christmas is happening! Finished off work yesterday. Left at 4. I got everything done that I needed to do and to be ready for Monday. I ordered a pizza before leaving work through Jet’s Pizza. Went to their website and it gave 20% off if you ordered through text. It made it easy. I did that. So it was ready when I got there. And the large pizza was pretty inexpensive compared to others.

Sausage Ball Recipe

Was pretty tired after the work week coupled with tasks every evening but such is the Christmas Crunch. Last night we ate pizza and I set out in the kitchen to get sausage balls (2 batches) made. It’s a recipe I have had for over 30 years. You probably have seen the recipe. It’s pretty basic. This combination works every time.

I’ve learned to just make 2 batches as that seems to feed our company and give a day or two leftovers. Great with mustard! 😉

Update on Daughter

I was pleased when Katy texted last night….”help, can’t find sausage ball recipe”. I had the recipe laying out in front of me when she asked. Of course I took a pic and then realized 30 min later, I had forgotten to actually SEND the pic of it thru text to her. Hey but at least I realized it so there is hope.

So we are happy that Kate is 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I had to ask “what does that mean?”. Katy began explaining the birthing process and I said, “oh I know that but I mean how long does that mean?” lol And Katy said the doc said it didn’t really mean that you could predict the timing, but did say she may have the baby about a week earlier than due. Remains to be seen. It’s definitely time to get excited as soon we’ll have a new Grandson.

New Global Blog Visitors from Zimbabwe!

New blog visitors. Hey Zimbabwe! I had several of you inquisitively stop by yesterday – something in the blog caught your attention? Thanks for stopping by. It’s always an inquisition on my end too as to why some people pop in suddenly from other countries. Some stay. Someone in China is watching. India is watching. And now Africa. I am shocked to have a global blog. I say “watching” instead of reading. I figure it’s all political. Or information driven. Or someone trying to get inside intel information on something going on in the country. Prove me wrong. Comment. Speak out. 😉 I love to have people visit. Spies, however, will be sorely disappointed in what they find here. However, if you have good intentions, then welcome. If not then “shew fly” off into the sunset? No secrets here. Nothing to investigate. But you might find a sausage ball recipe. lol. Merry Christmas and may the Lord be with you all and He is, in ways you may not even be aware.

Christmas is Happening!

Also made the Christmas Cheez-It’s. It was easy – box of Cheez-It’s and a bit of canola oil (1/2 cup I think), pepper flakes, and 1 oz of dried ranch dressing mix. Mix it in a bowl and then bake for – I think it was about 15 minutes on 250. You can google a recipe just to be sure I got those right. I had a few with coffee this morning.

I slept pretty good last night. I went to bed at 8:30 and got up at 3:30 when Roger needed up. Now George is getting his other end of the night by sleeping in. That seems to work well.

Family arrives a bit after lunch today. We’ll have light snacks available til dinner which will be at 6:00 p.m. We always have prime rib on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition. One we liked that stuck. Santa will come tonight. I always enjoy his stockings he leaves for anyone here.

I began setting the Christmas table last night. George finally was able to clear off his office from the end of the table after his work day finished yesterday.

We are very excited about today and tomorrow! But we are both pretty tired out from working and dealing with Roger and doing the Christmas Crunch. So we are ready to cook, eat, and enjoy our guests. And see what Santa brought.

Behind the Scenes on the Homefront

The house is fairly clean. I’ve set in to some much needed laundry this morning. I will spritz everything up this morning, light candles about mid day, put on the Christmas fireplace, get folded blankets out and set about for everyone – if needed – although we have been keeping the house warm. Sometimes as you age you need a little throw. I do – although lately George has been keeping the house warmer – now that he has been working from home.

Not really a lot to share today being the last 3 days have been work days. But I’ll take some pics today. My goal is to video some after the house is ready this morning. So I have some Christmas footage of the household and food for the YouTube vlog.

Vlogging Plans

I can’t wait to work on more videos and get that cranking again. It’s been on my mind more and more the closer we get to Christmas. The more you are away from it the harder to get back into it. Now I have to do a catch up video since Maisy passed and work on the new intro. So a lot to catch up on now. My goal had been to set a specific time goal for video, no matter what for 2021 after I saw in 2020 how much time everything will take! I had figured 3 weeks apart while I’m working FT. That was my average! I just can’t get anything done though until after Christmas and likely after New Years and possibly after the birth and our trip. Yikes we are looking at February? This is just always a busy time of year and lots of life happening at once. Maybe I should say “new videos monthly” and set a deadline for the date each month – like the 1st? I need to ponder on that. But that would give me more time. However, I NEED to at least get my plans for video footage together so I can create folders and begin to get some of the video and photos off my phone. And I think I want to be more topic based with each video instead of just “whatever is happening”. I think that will help the ratings and subscriptions.

My phone storage is getting pretty full. Sometimes the camera doesn’t want to work and is slow b/c of it. So I need to get some things transferred over to “files” on my Mac so I can take even more video on my phone as sometimes that is easiest to capture “moments on a whim”.

Supposedly getting an external drive for my videos and materials for Christmas. And a backup drive for the mac. I have to have two separate things, b/c I am not going to keep my videos on the mac anymore. And I have to have a complete back up drive just dedicated to the mac back up. I will still have files on the mac, but the videos need to be kept off of it so it doesn’t slow the mac down as time goes forward. Whatever I don’t get for Christmas or birthday, I’ll buy after Christmas. Need a ring light also for lighting. And I may buy a couple more cheap floor lamps to move about the house when filming certain things. Before long we’ll have a regular filming studio going on, lol.

This next year will be a transitional year for the VLOG – it all evolves anyway as does anything. My plans will deteriorate as God decides what really will happen with it. But I move forward in the direction I think I need to go until he swivels me on another path with it. Excited to continue to learn and develop the new hobby. NO virus is not going to ruin it for me either. Not going to let it. Matter of fact, I’ll use it to my advantage. ;-). For starters, the introvert that I am gets to spend more time at home learning and growing! And more time planning. So in this respect, time is on my side. I need time to develop more skills and learn. And I’m looking forward to the down time after the holiday and our trip to continue to work on it. But I may be February before able to make a lot of progress. I also have to upgrade the Mac. But I’ve got to make sure my security program has provided the upgrade for Big Sur. If not, I’ll wait. I have already paid for a year or so and don’t want to have to buy another security program. However, if Sophos (security) has not upped their game by Feb 1, I may have to. I’m ready to go on to Big Sur. And by now Mac has likely worked out most of the bugs. Just need to make sure iMovie working ok on Big Sur and will do some research before I set about the update.

That is all I have. I am ready to get more coffee, a shower, and get things aligned and set up for company. My clothes are in the guest bedroom, so I’ll need to pack a small bag for the next day so I have what I need when I need it, lol!

Ya’ll have a Merry Christmas! I wish you a happy time with warmth, love, laughter. It’s been a tough year. WE all deserve it. Do you have family coming over today? Tomorrow? Are you cooking something special? What is your food tradition for the Christmas meal? I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what YOU are doing!

Peace, love, big hugs!

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  1. Merry Christmas, Sonya! Enjoy your company and have a blessed holiday. I hope Santa brings you lots of wonderful things. I know you’ve been a good girl this year!
    Looking forward to more of your vlogs coming out in the future!

    • Thank you. You have a wonderful holiday too. Excited for the gift opening. Got my Maisy message filmed this morning in front of the tree tear free. Was proud George wanted to say a few words too. He was busy cooking but we are going to film his segment later this weekend. So I’ll be working on the next one soon. I hope. At least I got that done.

  2. Hi love glad to hear all is going to plan. By the time you read this I expect your visitors will have arrived safely I hope. Enjoy your evening I’m sure it will be full of fun and exciting chatter…..hope that Roger behaves tonight and if he needs to go out he goes quietly so as not to disturb your visitors……I have had a nice day as my niece Beth and Max her husband drove over from Bristol, we chat every week and usually meet up for brunch or lunch every 3/4 weeks but because of the virus it’s been about six weeks at least since we met up and today we coudnt meet in the house but we chatted as close as we could and passed over our presents…They will be on their own tomorrow .it will be their baby Layla’s first Christmas but they can’t chance visiting which is upsetting. Here at Box I only have Peter along. Our lovely village butcher brought the roast beef down a wee while ago…it looks too big for my roasting tin so Peter might have to trim a bit off tonight when he comes along. We normally have a meal with Turkey like your Thanksgiving dinner…but for a change roast beef was asked for so that’s we will have. First thing in morning we go up to church for a short 30/35 min service…then home to perhaps look at presents… Sending love to you and all those you love at this wonderful celebration of our Saviour s birth xxxx

    • Sounds wonderful Sybil. I hope next year we can all gather in bigger groups. We are gathering with close family today. It’s a chance everyone has agreed to. We’ve tried to lay low. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Merry Christmas to you & George! Roger too! woofwoof
    We are having a pork roast with pineapple bread pudding & green beans & rolls. We usually have a ham for Christmas. Honey Baked…the best.
    No company, just our pretty girl, Lucy.
    I love sausage balls. They are so good & easy. I have those made & in the freezer. I made this batch in bigger balls than normal. They just came out that way. lol
    I’m done except for some cooking today & tomorrow, with a little help. aka eggnog & wine & tequila. Not all at the same time but eventually =)
    Enjoy your company & food.
    Merry Christmas!!
    xo Monica

  4. We’ll be having our 2 grand kids with their parents. This year we get to have them for their santa opening ! I’m so excited! For appetizers we’ll have shrimp and veggies and maybe a mini hot dog. And for dinner its ham and scalloped potatoes , roasted Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar and roasted carrots! Its a lot of work but we love it. We love to host big parties as well but as we all know that can’t happen this year.

    Merry Christmas to you and George!

  5. Merry Christmas! That is so exciting about Katy. It won’t be much longer. I hope you have your bags packed. We celebrated Christmas with my daughter sil and grandson.
    We had a shrimp cocktail, wings, meatballs, a veggie tray to start with. Then we had our spiral glazed ham.
    My pound cake for dessert. It turned out really good. It was Paula Deen’s recipe.
    We then exchanged gifts. It was a good day.
    I am tired but happy. It has rained here all day. May see snow? A couple of inches I think.

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