A Fall Decorated Mantle of Loved Ones!

Mmmm the coffee is good this morning! The sleep was moderate but I feel refreshed. I think I only woke up whenever my arm fell asleep or George gasped for air amidst his sleep apneic snoring. Apneic must be a word as there is no squiggly line under the spelling. LOL Had some weird dreams but the main thing is that I feel good this morning.

Showing pics of our mantle and fireplace area. Probably had show these before but I took better pics this weekend after I had added a few more decor pieces. Above on the left is Katy and then George’s Mother and Father, Jan and George H.

Here is from the left, Uncle Ken, Aunt Martha from Amelia Island area of FL and Mom.

Below is my Dad, Katy again, Susan my SIL (Georges’s sister) and her husband Kevin, Then Cody and Katy’s engagement pic.

Nieces and Nephews. Back left – Ellen and Justin, Front Left, Sarah and Ryan and Back Middle is Kadon, My sister, her husband Don, and Ella.

Above left to right, Mam-ma my Dad’s Mom and then George’s grandparents George and Leona, then my Grandparents Chesley and Violet, and then another of George’s grandfather.

Yesterday went great – payroll was smooth. I got finished early. There were not many things to enter. And for the first time in a long time I wasn’t having to do a lot of corrections and configuring where people forgot to turn in things. I think I had only one. And only one plant had missed a few piece work issues they got cleaned up quickly, so I didn’t have to wait for plants to fix things. I love a smooth payroll where everyone has done what they were supposed to on time. Makes it so much smoother when you are not hounding people for things.

I had not been to the store lately to get things that I wanted to eat. I didn’t feel like I should leave for lunch on a payroll day so I ordered in and ate at my desk which I had said I would do this week anyway one day as it was quarter end. It’s just too expensive to order Uber Eats for yourself. By the time you pay delivery fee, tip, and then they charged me a low order fee of $2. So this little jewel went from $9.99 to about $21 in no time flat. I gave them a tip. But I don’t know that I want just anyone bringing me my food. Most of my experiences have been good. Yesterday was iffy. There were people asleep in the car, there were several folks in the car – the guy was not friendly and I wouldn’t have wanted to have been by myself in a house when they drove up. Of course you can do drop at front door delivery and never see them but I work in an office building so that might not be the best option. How do you know they haven’t tainted your food? You don’t know. Most wouldn’t but the people delivering in that area come from some interesting areas. So I decided that would likely be my last time to do that. This world is just not very safe anymore in any aspect. Then there is COVID.

It did not seem as good as it usually does. I think it’s time to stop that! Or if I do at least order from a restaurant in a different part of town. Maybe that is the best thing.

Anyway, on with the day. I had to go to the store yesterday. I spent quite a while in there looking at things that sounded good to eat. I started out with the makings of a salad as we were out of fresh things and that sounded really good. I was trying to pick things that were healthy. But before I left I threw beef bologna and pimento and cheese in there! LOL. Those just sounded good. I also grabbed a mac n cheese in a cup for work on some days when lunch is just not enough – like those lean cuisines that give you a finger’s worth of food.

I have gained a lot of my weight back this year as I quit doing shakes every morning and quit doing the cleanse days, and added back mayo, bread, cheese, and some dressings. Some days I could do the cleanse and some days it was just too hard. During the pandemic any rules were thrown out the back window. So the struggle begins again. Since I’m not selling my system and not ordering enough to get free food points when I do the challenges, I therefore quit doing the challenges and that took away the accountability.

So it’s time to shake things up a bit. I have to eat good when I’m on my own at breakfast and lunch, and do some 16 hour cleanses – like not eating from 8 til Noon the next day. Eating better when we eat out. Watching the bread intake. Watching the calorie intake. Exercise more. Less snacking. Less sugar. Less wine! More greens. More fruits (fruit drink from my system).

I looked at Glucerna for a shake alternative but those and the Ensures as good as they taste are made from a soy formula and one of them had some ingredients with longs names and things I wasn’t sure about. So I’m going to stick with our system for it’s awesome nutrition value, small amount of sugar, and great taste in most instances. I just can’t do them every morning.

Yesterday, I had grits with bacon and hot Constant Comment tea (decaf). A perfect tea for me as I have a constant comment about everything. Sometimes people don’t get to hear it though, LOL.

Yesterday on Facebook we had a fun day trying to figure out if my shirt was black or blue. lol

It looks black in these pics. In person and on me it looks blue. I wore it with blue pants and got away with it. As far as I know. lol

Me, no makeup except eyeliner and mascara! I will be glad when we can wear makeup and lipstick again. But right now, there is no point as it just transfers to the mask.

So on the virus. I don’t really see an end. With the antibodies not lasting long what good does a vaccine do? So…..yeah I don’t know. So are we going to wear masks forever then? I guess so. That doesn’t seem right either. I’m not sure what to think so I just don’t. It is what it is. Maybe we should have been wearing masks every flu season as the flu also causes a similar amount of deaths with complications. It’s all so confusing.

Anyway, we are making plans for the weekend to go out and eat and do some Christmas shopping. Also working on the Thanksgiving meal and plans. Mom is coming in for a few days while we are off. I will be going to get her Wednesday after work that day and bringing her in. Work will be nuts that week too as I have to figure out how to get 5 days done in 3.

Que Sera Sera, LOL. Always fun to try and figure out how to get work done when you are not there to do it. LOL. I’ve pulled bunnies out of the hat before. Ya’ll take care. Better head in. I don’t have enough time in my mornings!!! I have decided to keep typing when I want to instead of rushing off. Then I have to rush to get ready. But honestly I don’t do very good at rushing. It’s not my nature. I’m tired of being rushed! So I end up getting later and later every day the older I get. Take care.

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  1. I wondered why you had given up on your morning drinks. They certainly seemed to make you feel and look so much better, I was secretly quite envious but knew I just couldn’t afford to go into it as well as you did. I did wonder how long you would stick to thT way of living. Anyway perhaps if you just go back on the morning or evening drink you will begin to feel better again…..sorry no news from this end. It’s just so hard to think of anything other than my wee baby Masy…
    Take care, don’t work too hard.

  2. I like your blouse/top!! It looks black to me but it could be navy.
    Your Autumn decor is really nice. And the pics!! Great.
    See, payroll went smooth on this week of the full moon. BOO!!
    Covid cases are increasing big time in our county. I do think there is less flu so far this season. Maybe do to increased hand washing etc. I don’t have an answer. 🤓

  3. I think your top looks navy. Your family photos look nice the way you arranged them.
    I like fall colors.
    Since your husband is still snoring keeping you awake, let me tell you how I got my husband to get a sleep study done. I recorded him one night on my iPhone. The next day I told him I want you to listen to something. I replayed and he said What was that? I said that is you snoring and gasping for air. I cant hardly get to sleep and sometimes it is so loud it wakes me up. He looked horrified. The next time he went for Dr. appt he scheduled a sleep study. And apologized to me.
    CPAP stopped the snoring.

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