IN case you are getting a series of alerts. I am not sure if you are or not. I am having to update my blog to remove any references to THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I use. Apparently the FTC does not like the words COVID and THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO in the same paragraph. So, being the good samaritan (and the pissed off one) I’m removing ANY instance of the word from ANY POST. Which means – oh about 30 posts have to be fixed. So if you are getting alerts on anything please forgive me and you can blame it on THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I do business with and also the FTC. I don’t blame THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO as I know they have to do what they have to do to protect themselves. But it doesn’t mean I’m not still P’O’d at the lack of free speech.

So from here on out you will hear me ONLY refer to it as THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I use. Because if I have to be bothered to remove a silly sentence and tag then NO ONE gets the marketing or the mention at all. Have it one way or the other. And that is how I roll.

OK, back to changing that “I” word to the phrase “THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I use. (INSERT YOUR BIGGEST EYE ROLL EVER).

Oh wait, you probably used all those up on the news. I think all our eyeballs are stuck in permanent eye roll positions at this point.


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