Hot Springs on a Cold Day

Wow it was cold one! We gathered our swim suits and flip flops and headed on into downtown Hot Springs for our Steam Cave and Mineral Bath appointment. We were early and cold. We popped into a little cafe for coffee while waiting. One more cup of coffee with an an added bowl of grits even though we’d had free hotel breakfast already suited me fine as opposed to standing in the windy cold.

As our appointment time approached we headed into Quapaw Baths and there was a line. I was very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect or what to do. Would the Steam cave be too hot? What do I do? Where do I go? We had to separate to get our suits on of course. The folks there were very helpful and guided us through every step.

We were given a key, a robe, and a towel. The key had a stretchy band so it would go on your wrist. The key went to a locker. We had a shower and changing stall and were required to shower off and change and wear flip flops too. Purses and clothes left in locker. So George was waiting for me and had us a lounge chair. We were told they would come get us when it was time for our Steam cave appointment.

They had a variety of pools at varying degrees of temperature. We noted the younger ones went for the hottest and the older ones preferred the cooler one which was around body temp. I preferred the middle! I wanted to take the phone to take pics for the blog but was not the place. lol

But here is where we were….

Quapaw Baths

They came and had us dry off a bit before heading down to the Steam cave. They led us downstairs to a man made cave area with Wooden benches. Two people per bench and each person had a wooden bowl of ice water and ladle beside them. We were given a cold towel with eucalyptus essential oil on them and they asked if we’d like that in our Steam and all yes. She said if you got too hot you could leave at any time and pour ice water on your head if needed to. I was prepared to leave and told George to expect me not to stay long. I don’t do heat well. However the rag and ice water worked! I kept the cold towel on my face and nose and neck. We had water and cups as well. After 30 minutes the attendant came to get us and we cooled off with fresh towels in the cooling area. She gave us coffee candy – her own personal purchase that she shares with guests. I loved it and found the candy store later and got a bunch for my desk.

George was happy I made it through. I was too. Keeping my face/head cool was my key to success. After that we went back to the pools and stayed another hour. Then went to the Bathhouse Brewery nearby for a flight and a cup of chili.

Chili at Superior Bathhouse Brewery

We shopped around a bit and checked out the Arlington Hotel- old hotel there with a lot of history.

Gift shop at the Arlington, Hot Springs AR
Arlington Hotel Lobby, Hot Springs

Starbucks inside the Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs
Ornate elevators at the Arlington, Hot Springs AR
George messing around while shopping

We headed out to a late lunch at a place George has been wanting to go!

McClard’s BBQ.

In business since 1928!

It was great! We went back to the hotel to get dogs and back out to the Hot Springs National Park.

It was such a cold and windy day we didn’t stay outside long.High was around 41 but a cold blustery wind. I did have to get some pics of the good view!

We went to visit the tower.

Then we headed back to hotel for rest and to wait for hunger so we could go out for dinner. I watched the sunset while sipping a glass of wine.

Hunger never came but we had to go out for dinner as we are foodies and didn’t want to miss the experience of another new restaurant while in Hot Springs!

So…. I could only think of maybe a taco or chips and salsa or a salad or maybe just a dessert. So I picked a place. Capo’s Taco’s. Such a cute place.

The bar changes colors. Capo’s Tacos, Hot Springs
My “small” Tostado Salad (Monstrous)

I loved the mango that was in this salad. I could not eat it all!

We headed back to the room and got some good sleep. The dogs needed water in the middle of the night. George took care if it. Dogs lasted til almost six!

We are headed on the road now to Texas. Please continue your prayers for us. What a nice weekend we had in Hot Springs. Pretty pics for you tomorrow from our morning already. So stay tuned! Have a great day today!

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  1. It looks like a really fun day. It’s fun to see your pictures, and you find the best places to eat! Have a safe day on the road.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I think my bones would enjoy soaking in a hot spring. It was interesting seeing your pictures. It was hard getting out of bed this morning. The cold weather is hard on my knee and back arthritis. I use to go to a spa that had a sauna. You could sit in there and sweat out all the toxins in your body. Then I would shower off and get into the pool. Then shower and dry my hair and head home. I don’t know what exactly it does but I felt so good and relaxed and refreshed afterward I wish they had one close to where I live now and I would go again.
    Have fun and take care.

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