Tooth Woes, Embarrassing Moments, and Thanksgiving Prep

Ahhh good morning! Nice to sit here and be able to blog this morning. Friday and Saturday went by fast. Friday I was able to get caught up with the week’s work from being behind doing the quarter end “stuff”. I’m on track now and the next goal other than the next week payroll and normal deadlines is to get the monthly taxes by the 15th done. So I will gnaw away on that this next week. Compared to quarter end it is a God-send though so all will be ok I think. By end of Friday I was ready to be focused on our agenda b/c it had built up with my not having much time at night to do things.

Saturday was nice to sleep in, as was this morning – although joke is on me. What I thought was 6:30 was actually 5:30 apparently. The bedroom clock had not been moved back but my watch had, as I noticed later on. But 5:30 is better than 4:30 lol.

I was telling a friend this weekend how random electronic and software things go awry when I’m near – often. This friend has seen some of that. No sooner than I said that, the lights flickered and the music stopped at Logan’s. Is that not weird? I am hoping it is all just random and coincidence, but some times I wonder. My internet had quit on my laptop for two days and it was just the computer needed rebooting to fix. Not sure why that happened though. And then when we went in to buy my Mac computer suddenly their software quit working and we couldn’t buy it. I am starting to get a complex. Yes lights on the street go off when I go under it sometimes. Am I so compelling that other forces of energy are moved by me? Buahahahahahahahaha!

Anyway, we left the Simply Mac store without the computer b/c the software was down. We went to McKay’s. I wish I could say I enjoyed going but was totally embarrassed there. I was to turn in a pile of books and games and such for George. Only one person can do so much. He sent me on in ahead. But I didn’t know what account our name was in – so I kept letting people behind me go in front of me. I was waiting for George so I’d know what name it was under. I guess I should have gotten out of line but I didn’t want to make George mad b/c he wanted me to go ahead and get in line and it was a long line. Finally a guy asked me to just step aside. (For someone who does not like to be in situations, how do I always find myself in awkward situations?) Everyone was staring and I just wanted to run away. So finally George came in and I mouthed “what name is it under” and he told me it wasn’t under anyone’s name just go turn it in and they give you a number. So I got our number but I guess the guy realized then we were one family and so he wouldn’t take the 3 boxes of stuff I had – but only two. This puzzled George as he said why didn’t he take the 3rd box? I don’t know he only said “we could take two today for me – maybe he doesn’t like women? lol”. I was only being funny as I had no other explanation other than “honey I think they are on to you” (turning in more than he should have in one day). So I had to go put the rest of the stuff in the car for him to sort out later. It was in the McKay’s container but I wasn’t going to mess with it as “I was done” at that point and put it in the back of the car for George to deal with and sort out after he finished with the stuff he had. I wasn’t really thinking about it being in the McKay’s container as I had intended for him to sort it out and take it back in. More on this later.

So I went back inside and sat on the bench so George could shop for his items. I just refused to go shop because I don’t have the time to read and it only frustrates me to go see all these things and buy them and then not have time to read. I’ve had to do audiobooks and have more to read than I’ll ever read in a life time. I did buy a 2020 calendar though of adventures and it had an RV in one scene, lol. And then we finally left. But I noticed there had been a cop standing at the edge of the bench for a while and I wondered who he was watching. I was thinking “are they going to arrest us for bringing more than we were supposed to?” and I thought nahhhh that’s no big thing. They have bigger fish to fry than us turning in a extra box of books and games for credit, lol.

We went to eat. I had a shake earlier (added a banana and it helped me get over the fact that it was cold) and it lasted a long time but it was about 2 p.m. and we were hungry. I suggested tacos for lunch so we found a place to eat in Bellevue near by called Victor’s Tacos.

So……. I bite into the tacos there and my mouth has been bothering me for the last three days – like an ulcer on my gum and it hurts soooo bad. It gets better and then will hurt again, gets better and will hurt again. It is really bad when I eat something salty. Or when I start to eat period. Peanuts and peanut butter though will send me to the roof in pain particularly. But after a few minutes I can eat again. So now that this has been going on for about half a week I’m thinking I need to call the dentist. George said it sounded like an abscessed tooth. When it hurts the pain goes around the back of my mouth and up into my upper teeth and right temple. So I think that this was starting up that last time I went to the dentist and I thought it was my upper teeth, but it’s just the nerves shoot up that way. So Monday I will call the dentist and go in again when they can work me in. And this time x ray the lower part. I hate to keep going in, but this is not going away and it needs to be fixed before Texas and Texas is not far away! It’s also the last tooth in the back of my teeth and will be hard to work on. So not sure what will transpire. Is there a root canal in my future? If it is not one thing it is always something else. Ain’t nobody got time for a root canal. But I’m ready for the pain to go away. I don’t take anything for pain but I was about ready to take Advil yesterday.

Anyway, we then went to get my computer and went back and their software was back up and running. It had been off for about two hours. So we got my Christmas present! I am very excited and I realize how much this is going to help me be organized. The calendar will sync and I hopefully will not struggle with photos anymore. All the folders will sync. I love it. And I’m excited about it. Got the BIG screen one.

And then we went to get a brewsky b/c we usually do go find a craft beer when we are out. Yes I worried about the computer being in the car. But we were quick.

Czann’s Pumpkin Ale, making lists, checking it twice!
Pumpkin seeds from the Pumpkins that the Pumpkin Ale was brewed with.
George tries on a Halloween Mask at the Sale Shelf

So we stopped to get the fur babes their favorite food – so they don’t eat us alive. And we got me some meds for my sore gum/tooth.

Then home and had oatmeal for dinner and chilled out. I watched some of my You Tube shows and played games on the ipad under a blanket. It was nice.

Here we are on Sunday morning and we are about to go rent the carpet cleaner. A day of cleaning today, laundry, and organizing our life. And I will work my devos in on the drive to work I guess. It’s crunch time, but isn’t it always?

I did get my audible credit done and I think I have another one now that it is November, lol. I downloaded the Sally Field biography. And I have made copies of all my credit cards in case my wallet is stolen ever. I just needed to have that info on hand. I’m sure George had files on it somewhere but I needed one so I knew where it was.

We’ll be getting ready for Mom’s visit. I’m going to go get her Friday and will need to leave work a bit early to get her and bring her in. I’ve decided instead of using entire vacation days for the rest of my vacay days, I may have to settle for partial days or 1/2 days or whatever. Life b/w work and personal is just going to be a big jumble the rest of the year. Will just have to figure out and juggle to get things done. However, I plan to leave about an hour early or two since I have to drive to Columbia and back to Mount Juliet in a swoop. I think it’s a 3 hour round trip but I want us to get back in time to have dinner. George is making BBQ. And then on Saturday we’ll do Thanksgiving here with Mom. So I’ll be using the china I never get to use and also will be setting up a Center Piece for the table. I’m so glad to get to do a Thanksgiving at my house! 😉

Oh so I woke up this morning thinking “I hope George left the McKay’s basket at McKay’s b/c I didn’t mean for it to stay in the back of the car”. So this morning he said “No it’s still back there but I’ll take it back with the next load. I was thinking “oh no they are going to come arrest me, they got my license and the cop was watching to see if I was going to take it”. So I’m not in jail yet, so maybe it will be ok til he can get the basket back. lol I didn’t intend to take it as I thought he would be sorting the stuff out and taking it back in before we left. Oh well.

So better go as George is waiting on me to go to Lowe’s and also to the store to buy stuff for our T’Giving here.

Ya’ll have a great day!

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  1. I don’t think you have to worry about the basket I’m sure you aren’t the only one who has done that. It’s great your mom is coming for Thanksgiving at your house turkeys have been on sale here and I was thinking about having one soon happy Sunday ❣️

  2. Thanks for the tip on Aldi smoked turkey. I may get one for us to eat later. I don’t have to cook this Thanksgiving. I know your Mom will enjoy getting to see and spend some time with you guys. I bet she misses her Grandaughter too. I think I would get that place checked in your mouth. It would be awful for it to be hurting when the Holiday comes around. I love Thanksgiving. Fixing the table pretty and sitting with loved ones enjoying a good meal.

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