Much Accomplished

Beautiful Fall Artwork by P. Wright

We had success yesterday at getting things done. My watch said I had done over 4 miles and over 10,000 steps. We went to Lowe’s and got the carpet cleaner, went to Walmart and got most of the groceries for our Thanksgiving this weekend with Mom coming. (I’ll go get her Friday).

We came home and put up groceries and I began moving things out of the way in the den and began vacuuming. I spent most of the time in the laundry room and kitchen while George did carpets: Putting together a cleanse kit, doing laundry, folding laundry, ironing, cleaning the kitchen, taking things downstairs, rebooting dishwasher, sweeping floor, mopping floor, making a breakfast casserole for dinner. Breakfast for dinner rocks as comfort food sometimes. Plus it gave George a break while he did carpets. He loves to be the one to cook but I think he likes a break. I like to cook too. So I enjoy getting a turn as long as there is time to do so. I don’t like to be rushed. Anyway I can’t believe all that was done.

Then so the carpets would dry, and me not be on it, I fixed popcorn and read in my John Denver book and sat for a while. I rebooted my game, Tropical Island Farmville.

Then began putting the laundry up and dusting the room Mom would be in and the den. And by the time I got to the back of the house, I realized that I would be in horrible mood if I didn’t get some things straightened up on my desk and get things in order. The office is the perfect place to store all the Christmas gifts we have bought – no longer stuffing it in a closet. And speaking of closets. I decided not only to clean off my desk and get organized and redo my to do list, but to throw some things away in the closet in there. I got rid of my containers I used for Tasting Parties, got rid of all of my seminar notes. I kept the best ones that meant the most in case I ever have time to dive into this again. It’s just that my personality cannot half way dive into something worthwhile. So it makes no sense to “go after” dreams and the money to support them if they are not inclined to happen at this point. So it IS worthwhile helping others feel their best and I can do that without tasting parties. If someone is interested I’ll help them, but as mentioned before, I’m done chasing it. 😉 I think the key thing that knocked this off course was changing positions b/c then I can’t go to the seminars as they will be at inconvenient times. So I got rid of about three trash bags of empty product boxes and papers.

I did get a lot of stuff off my to do list, but you betcha there is another list now, lol. I looked up what is needed for the “Real ID”: 1) Proof of Citizenship 2) Proof of Social Security 3)Proof of TN residency. The TN Department of Safety and Transportation has a nice little FAQ you can print out that says what is acceptable. So the first step was looking it up and the next step is actually doing it. Looks like we have until next October. I also want to get a Passport too. Might as well. As some point would love to do that Alaskan cruise and also go into Canada. So I added that to the list. But it’ll all likely be a 2020 project.

The Christmas cards were bought from Walmart yesterday. I couldn’t help but notice the prettiest ones said Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings. The not so pretty ones said Merry Christmas. It used to be that you could buy any of those and it be acceptable. However, now it seems to send a private message if you use one or the other. As much as I’ve fought in my head “not to care” what people thought as I like using all of those terms and to me they all fit in the Christian realm. But for some reason when I noticed that the Happy Holidays and the Season’s Greeting’s ones were so much prettier, it made me mad. So I looked hard for some pretty Merry Christmas one’s – just b/c I’m a rebel like that. Maybe it was just a fluke, but b/w how people are today and the Principalities of this World that is mentioned in the Bible, I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

Both audible credits were used this weekend. And I did get that “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollen – which I know is going to say eat real food and mostly plants – but I will listen to what he says. I DO need to eat more plants. lol

Oh I did also get the China rinsed off and did our place setting and center piece – however I do need to add the forks and glassware.

So I’m not doing cleanse today so we can finish the casserole, lol lol lol and plus George wanted hot dogs tonight. But I do plan on doing partial cleanses this week during the working hours. And maybe after – we’ll see.

So George and I watched The Mule, with Clint Eastwood – it was really good.

I see the glow of the sun coming through the trees outside the window. It will be dark on the ride home.

So this week (backwards) we have Mom on the weekend and Thursday night we go out with my SIL and BIL for her bday and then Wed nite will be a final cleaning night. Tues nite must do laundry to get George’s work shirts done. Also this week concentrating on: ABC order, make a list of what we have purchased and what is left to get, think up some things for George as he is my hardest one, and make the turkey logo for the blog, set the dog trims for Feb, and likely will have to see the dentist for this gum issue on that back tooth. I’m just not sure if it is something I can cure or if it’s an abcess but it is not getting worse. I think it’s getting better.

The above is my more urgent list and I have a quadrant to do list. I make a big cross on a legal pad and break it down. Urgent goes in the first quadrant, approaching urgent or coming up, goes in the next quadrant. It’s really like categorizing everything as 1, 2, 3 or 4 priority and it works really well. That way if you really want to number something you only have to do the first quadrant, lol. I’m a goofball. But I’m saying that to say that what I listed is only a quarter of my to do list. Having this list keeps me focused on what needs to be done right away versus what can wait. I’ve had periods of my life where I refused to keep a to do list b/c I was already so stressed. I guess I’ve always been anxious b/c I’ve always been detailed and focused and never had enough time to get everything done like I wanted it. But I will say that we had a great weekend of knocking things off the list. And now we are able to look forward to the upcoming weeks of Texas and Hot Springs. Then we come back and BAM it’s time to get ready for Christmas. So we are getting a head start. (I looked at the Christmas stuff at Lowe’s and wanted some new updated Christmas decor, but I let it go – lol.)

Anyway, I’m also going to be late if I don’t get moving. I tell you it makes a difference on Monday’s when you love the job you go to. My goal today healthwise is to drink my greens and take my vitamins. I keep forgetting to take them as I’ve not done a very good job setting out my “daily paks”. I get to work and set in to doing things and then the day is gone.

Ya’ll have a great week! I will try to pop in here and there! But I love hearing about you all. What is it that you are trying to conquer this week. Big or small?

Sign at Lowe’s. I love this!
Sloth at the Holidays…That would be my dream. Just move slow and enjoy it!

5 responses to “Much Accomplished”

  1. You did get a lot done on the weekend. I’m hosting Thanksgiving too and have been doing some planning.
    I like my cards to say Merry Christmas too, and they are hard to find. That sloth card is cute though.

  2. If only the time would slow down for the holidays every year it seems to go faster and faster! I like to get merry Christmas cards and also like to say it as often as possible too. So nice you can now look forward to Monday this job really makes a big difference

  3. We don’t have any big fuss at Christmas, so everything goes on as usual. We usually do have a Thanksgiving meal with whoever wants to come, and we often just do “finger foods” and such, and get together at Christmas sometime. But it’s not a big deal. I know most folks wouldn’t like our method, but it works fine for us.

  4. Sounds like you had a very productive day. I love a clean house. My husband makes it hard though. He never puts things away after using them. I think you do a lot plus working full time. I know how hard it is to keep a house up and running. Laundry is never-ending it seems at my house. Take some time for you and try to get some downtime. I’m glad you like your new job and it is less stressful.

  5. I got a great buy on Christmas Cards last year. I bought more than I would use then as they were all very outstanding. I went to Target to purchase a birthday card for someone that is religious and wanted on. They do not have religious cards. They had one or two in the get well and sympathy sections and they are marked with a small cross on the individual card markers. I made a quick scan of their entire card department and they were the only two in the store. Just thought that was interesting. Have a great week

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