Week of Halloween

Well, I tried to blog yesterday but the universe and it’s evil spirits were out to play with my day and would not let me online. I thought that the internet was down because it was very windy and stormy. However, George has been on and his computer is ok. So I rebooted. Now I can get on but my computer did not recognize my phone and even when it finally did, it took several tries to get the photos uploaded from my phone and when I did – the program didn’t want to show them. So I’m not sure what I did to tick the “universe” off, but I’d like to say “please just leave me alone and go bug someone else?” lol

Ahhhhhh…so here I am and I may end up being late for work b/c I’m thinking of all the blog posts I’ve missed since July BECAUSE of work – so tradeoff is fair I guess. I didn’t realize what a chore it would be just trying to have a little pleasure time of writing with my coffee in the morning. But everything it seems – is hell bent on keeping me from writing.

Yesterday on Halloween, I overslept. The internet of course was not working for me. George needed the oven at the same time I did as he was having a Halloween party at work too. And it was raining cats and zebras at rush hour. You know what I’m talking about – those mornings where it just seems like the whole planet has lined up to just mess with YOU. lol

So that I did not have a bad day I just told myself to chill that it’ll be ok soon and all the mishaps would soon go away. I can’t say that they totally did, but I prayed that God would step in. And I knew the day would get better as it went on and for the most part it did. I mean things like PDF’s that said they were fillable, weren’t and things like that. But our Halloween lunch went great. I wanted to take pics but my day was full of finishing quarter end and doing adjustments for some issues we found from previous quarters, so I did not get pics – you can thank work for that. lol Someone else had to be the office photographer yesterday. We enjoyed our lunch. My breakfast casserole did ok despite having to be on the top rack of the oven so George’s sausage and biscuits could be crispy on the bottom. All of it was eaten and it was a good thing to take. I may make another one for us – half of one – for this weekend as I believe we have enough eggs, milk, and another roll of crescent rolls – and we have some country sausage we can use up in the freezer. We will be home Sunday as we are cleaning and getting ready for Mom’s visit that next weekend.

I have been good this week and I have been bad this week.

I am struggling with doing “cold shakes” (or any shakes) in the mornings as the fall weather creeps in. But I did have some this week. But I can’t every day. Well it was 29 this morning. lol I remember doing this last year as well. Not wanting a cold shake. I think once winter gets here and we get used to it and we get through this “spousal thermostat olympics” period that we go through every fall and spring – then I’ll be able to do it again. We both have to climatize into a morphed comfortable temp which is hard to do this time of year with it being 70 one day and 40 the next. One of us is hot or cold til the weather settles a bit. It never really does but at least it’s better Dec thru March ish – then we will play thermostat olympics again from winter into spring. But – I just struggle with having cold shakes for breakfast this time of year. My coffee is good. lol

I’ve also been bad this week. Burger and FRIES and I don’t do fries anymore, but….the pressure of trying to meet the deadlines and not really knowing what I was doing for some of it – sent me to stress eat. I’ve got to learn how to handle the stress eating. I don’t do it very often. But when I get wigged out – the last thing I want to be is hungry so I go for comfort food. My entire career, lunch has been my “go to” for getting away for a few and destressing. I’ve not taken many lunches away in this job and so one day I just didn’t really have time for a proper lunch so we only have McDonald’s as a drive thru there and their salads basically stink so I said never again on that. I just got a quarter pounder deluxe. It wasn’t a deluxe b/c people can’t just do their jobs, lol. It was a regular one. Of course. Why would I think someone should get MY ORDER right? I have too high expectations I guess. So of course the day I get a burger they give me the wrong one. So it’s ok – less mayo, no mater and no lettuce. But hey since I ate the fries whose thinking about nutrition. So here’s the evidence anyway….

George and I ate out last night for Halloween and then went to shop at Providence area Penny’s. We ate at PDK Southern Kitchen. Cute little place. But….you know how I said sometimes it feels like the universe it set against you? Well, me trying to be good, ordered a cobb salad. The salad was good until I smeared the guac around and took a bite. It tasted like it had a chemical in it. George offered for me to get something else – so me thinking “ok I’m so tired of life today already” just decided to do what the universe wanted – and that was for me to give in and eat bad (again) so I ate a burger b/c George had one, it looked good, it had pimiento and cheese on it – and yes again – more fries. We ended up getting our meal free – all of it – but the beer we drank. So that was nice of them. I would have been happy to pay for 1/2 the salad and pay for my new meal. I did eat the chicken and bacon out of the salad before I’d touched the guac so I would have paid for half the salad, but they were kind to give us a free meal and brought banana pudding to each of us for dessert. I’d already eaten bad all day – having given in to m & m’s by 4 pm. and fritos with all the goodies and had some bread items at lunch so ….even though I skipped the donuts this morning – my resolve gave way by end of day. Here was the restaurant….Only a few people in the restaurant which is why it’s fun to go out to eat on Halloween. Everyone else is busy.

So George has harvested his herbs since it got down to 29 or so last night.

I believe he also did the rosemary. I hope so. Anyway, the to do list is still pretty much the same as the last one. I do have our Thanksgiving menu planned and our plans set for Mom’s visit next weekend.

This weekend, I get my hair done today and will have to leave early for that even though I have 2.5 days of work to do – but oh well – I can’t live there and quarter end sucked up most of the time to do the regular job since I couldn’t work late most nights this week. So. It is what it is. The important things will get done (hopefully) and everything else won’t. So give and take and so we’ll do the best we can. It is what it is.

So we also will be going Saturday to get the Mac (I think) – we may just look – whatever G wants to do. I’ll at least pick it out. It’s my CHristmas gift and as time flies, I imagine we will come home with it and I’ll get on Christmas. With my laptop wigging out on me – with this internet mishap – I was thinking I might get it early – lol, but I’d prefer to wait and then January during our hibernation month, I can play with it. IN reality, it’ll be quarter end, month end, and year end and no one will have time to play January but we can at least dream correct? It’s usually all work and no play these days. Yes, I need some time off. It’s coming! Soon! It’s almost time for us to go to Texas! I’ll pay for it though upon return, but in the end at the end of each day – you can only cram so much into one day. We have to work on these hours for sure. I’m looking forward to finding some balance.

And yes, I’ve had to wash clothes twice this week b/c our schedule is so damn packed I cannot find time to finish a whole cycle of laundry before they smell. Yuk! Who has time to do anything twice? Not me. So I’m looking forward to Sunday where I have this really long block of time to do laundry and housework and work on my to do list.

Here’s the list:

Financial info project – just copying the cards front and back in case anything ever happens and my purse is stolen.

Use my audible credit – Going to get “IN Defense of Food” I think for my free one. I have tried for two days to find time to download the thing. lol Geez. The internet down and either working or driving or eating, lol.

Christmas ideas – Some of Christmas is coming together little by little. Some of it not. I struggle with what to get George.

Christmas card list and buy Christmas cards – just store bought ones this years.


BLog logo with Turkey! 😉 on PSP

Get my ring cleaned and prongs checked. This has been on the list forever.

Made the dogs trims for Feb

Writing project #1.

Schedule dinner out with Kathy and Richard

Writing project #2.

Find funny ornament for ornament party

Check out Enneagrams

My 7 books that changed my life or had an impact – Facebook project I want to do

Driver’s license to fly – what is required and going and getting that done.

Thanksgiving store run (for Mom’s visit)

Any internet ordering needs to be done pretty quickly.

And that is enough for now.

I need to get ready and go – probably not going to be at work early today!

Everyone enjoy your Friday! We get an extra hour of sleep this weekend.

Ya’ll be good and take care? Any plans for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “Week of Halloween

  1. I can understand why you would want some comfort food like your burger they do make us feel better and as far as a cold drink on a cold that wouldn’t fly with
    Me either one would think they would come up with a hot drink for winter we had rain and the high winds and much colder weather for Halloween even some snow flakes were seen! I had hot chocolate to warm up hope you have fantastic Friday!


  2. I can understand why you would want some comfort food like your burger they do make us feel better and as far as a cold drink on a cold that wouldn’t fly with
    Me either one would think they would come up with a hot drink for winter we had rain and the high winds and much colder weather for Halloween even some snow flakes were seen! I had hot chocolate to warm up hope you have fantastic Friday!stay warm!


  3. I can understand why you would want some comfort food like your burger they do make us feel better and as far as a cold drink on a cold that wouldn’t fly with
    Me either one would think they would come up with a hot drink for winter we had rain and the high winds and much colder weather for Halloween even some snow flakes were seen! I had hot chocolate to warm up hope you have fantastic Friday!stay warm!while trying to post my comment I keep getting a message that says it appears I’ve already said that how strange…


  4. Well I tried 3 times to get into your blog and it would not open. It had not title which is what I usually click on to open. I went in a few minutes ago and there were 3 comments so I clicked on them and it opened for me. Do not know if the title is necessary, but I was giving it one mor try


  5. sounds like you’ve been busy. i know you will enjoy your thanksgiving with katy. a little cheating on comfort food is ok. i recently gave up soda pop. it’s hard not to order a dr. pepper when i go out.


  6. Whew! I got tired just reading this entry. And look at me, commenting! Something must have changed, because I couldn’t comment when you first changed it.

    Liked by 1 person

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