UB40 IBTired

UB40, Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN

Absolutely loved the UB40 Concert on Tuesday night. Honestly was just not in the mood on a Tuesday for a concert. And while the DJ that opened for them jumped around on stage pumping the crowd around us, I found myself with arms crossed,feeling mighty old and just wanting to go home and get in my lazy boy and watch a quiet show on TV. I thought my concert days were over at that point. But when UB40 came out, I was enthralled. They were very engaging and fun to watch and I loved every minute. They even got this 56 year old out of her chair, moving and shaking, and helped me forget life for a few minutes.

UB40 and the rim of my Red Red Wine Cup

They still got it. Played the old favorites and some songs from their new album!

George came to my place (you know, work, that is where I live now) and we had pizza and he hung my picture up in my new office and then we ubered from the office to UB40 and Ubered back, got our cars and headed home.

Yesterday afternoon I was really feeling the loss of sleep. But we were in bed by 11 or 11:15 I guess. Just used to being in bed by 9 ish since I get up at 4. Sometimes 3:30 like this morning when the dogs were ready to get up.

Anyway, the hours on the new job are still very long but getting to be about 30 min to an hour shorter each day at least as I get quicker and know more of what I’m doing and more of the HR stuff lets off. I’m not finding time to do hardly ANY of the benefits role, so sadly I think that is not going to work. I’ve come to realize that as I’ve had time to assess.

Anyway more on that tomorrow. This week has flown by. I am tired but ready to tackle another day. And I am beyond ready to get into a more normal schedule. More on that tomorrow.

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