60 Beers for 60 Years

The “Pick 60” Birthday Gift from Kate!

We had a grand evening. I came home early, with time sheets in tow. Isn’t that sad? George opened his birthday gift from Katy which was a card to go buy 60 beers for his 60th. He was so excited. He also got some “John Lemon” socks – lol

Then he opened mine. I’ll get pics later. But I gave him a Ninja Air Fryer and cookbook and accessories and some spices and a couple of things I bought from Fredericksburg, TX. He was excited about it. He loves kitchen gadgets and we should have fun with this one. Not sure where to keep it spacewise, lol.

Birthday Smile at Famous Dave’s, Hermitage, TN
Famous Dave’s Decor
My dinner: Ribs, Catfish Fingers. mmmmmmmm

So I previewed time sheets on the way to Dave’s and on the way back, and while George went in the grocery. I actually needed a few things but decided to wait and go later for my things. And then got home and finished the time sheets. All I could do was mark them up. I have about 5 changes/corrections I need to make and then I’ll be good to start working on piece work journals and closing payroll. Some things are getting easier is just that a lot of things are behind from the last two weeks and trying to catch up on things people need from me in between and before starting the day. Some HR stuff is bothering me and I have a lot of phone calls to listen to. I can’t even find time to do that. lol But at least I know I can bring time sheets home on Monday and at least listen to music in a home setting if I need to – and get these done. And do the corrections next morning.

So I need to get ready and head on in. We have an event tonight and I will tell you all about that later. Gotta get in and make some headway on to the payroll scene. At least I snuck a blog entry in. The birthday boy had a grand birthday and more planned for this weekend as we venture out with his sister and her hubby!

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