Double Dogs, IHOP, and New Office Decor

Well, Mom and I have had a couple of good days – at least we ate well. I got off at noon, leaving quarter end behind to fend for itself, and we headed off to the eye doctor for her monthly eye injection. Afterward we ate at a place called Double Dog. Their menu looked really good. It is a newer place in Gallatin, TN. And I suggested we eat there. Mom was game. When we got in and seated, the music was pretty loud and there were sports TV’s all around.

I told Mom, I was sorry that I had brought her to a sports bar. I hadn’t realized it was going to be such. But we were glad to sit and be served. She ordered a burger and said it was fantastic. I ordered a salad. The food (kitchen) was slow but the service was good and attentive. They apologized for the late service of food from the kitchen.

I will go back there and would love to take George. They had local area taps. George has had a horrible flare up with gout in his big toe since our brewery tour, so he is putting a hex on beer for now. He is really suffering with it. It’s getting better. So no beer for him for a while. I have not been much in a beer mood myself for a loooong while. I prefer a glass of Chardonnay and an occasional red. I keep my lo-cal beer around in case I’m in the mood for one. And they sit in the fridge for months.

Car Update

I got my car back. George went by and paid for it on the way home from work yesterday as I couldn’t since I was taking Mom to the doc in Hendersonville. So he paid for it and then when I came home we both went back and I brought it home. So far so good. I was so tired from the week I went to bed early. I felt so tired I was almost sick. I was beginning to stop up also.

Saturday Morning

So this morning the alarm went off I kept resetting it. I wanted to have blog time but sleep ended up coming first. I finally got up, still feeling kinda weird but I felt better as the day wore on. Coffee helped. Picked up Mom and we dropped Fancy off at the spa. Then we ate at IHOP. Mom was thrilled because she had not eaten at one in years. We were delighted at how good it was and they were very attentive and food came quickly and LOTS OF IT. We both got the combo with pancakes. I was pleased to see that they have high protein pancakes with the whole grain and seeds etc. I got the blueberry ones with lemon butter on top. As well as eggs and bacon and hash browns (thus the combo). I only had very little maple syrup. I put it on the side and dipped sparingly. I also only ate half of my pancakes. I did not want the sugar shakes. It worked. So I know how I can have pancakes now! I am thrilled. I’ve wanted them for so long but the last time I had them I got the shakes and was very ill. I had said never again. But this worked.

We went to get our Pedi’s done after IHOP. Then Mom wanted to go to Sally’s and then to the Dollar Tree. I actually bought a couple of “leave in” hair products at Sally’s. One helps with shine and lowers frizz. The other helps it curl more and also helps with frizz. I wanted to buy some of that “It’s a Ten” but it was $30 and $40 and I just don’t feel the need to do that. I think that is ridiculous.

Then we went to Slim Chicken’s drive through for some unsweet ice tea with a bit of lemonade in it. Mom was thirsty. And then we went to get Fancy and then I went in Publix and got Mom what she would need to hold her over until after we get back from Knoxville. Then I took her home and got all of her stuff in. I have to work some long hours this week. And won’t be able to go over there after work for anything. It’s going to be a nutzoid week as I try to do 27 returns somehow in my already busy week. I told ya’ll I thought it was 50 something – but I counted. I had already done a lot of them. It’s 27 tax returns. Mostly unemployment returns. Some only take a few minutes. Others take a couple of hours like Oregon’s.

Office Filing Cabinet

George put my filing cabinet together today. I was so happy. Here it is unassembled.

I had been working on laundry and the kitchen some, and when he finished I switched to go work in my office. It’s been since May or so of last year since my office has felt normal. I was also glad to get rid of the plastic file cabinets and drawers and have more of a “real office”. No I can keep personal records and begin to keep some files on writings and things I’m working on. Here’s the “somewhat” finished version.

I think I made a good choice on the filing cabinet. It doesn’t even look like one. And my office supplies, greeting cards, etc are in the baskets on the shelves on each side of the filing cabinet. I got every thing switched over. One of those baskets is “not” like the other but maybe I’ll find a matching one. It doesn’t really show. I put a plant by the bookshelf. I floor plant (taller plant) needs to be there to hide the sharpness of the bookshelf edges when you enter the room. It’s a Feng Shui thing – not having sharp angles facing you. The energy of the room cannot flow. I love the Feng Shui decorating. I have a book on it.

I added the bookshelf which was supposed to hold camera equipment. And well it is holding the camera and the camera bag and ear phones. I put some books on the middle shelf as they are the books “next up” to read. Also my Bible is there. I’m very happy with it all. Now I’ll have to finish laundry and cleaning the house tomorrow after church and lunch after church. George is putting Mom’s patio table together tomorrow. He’s a busy man too.

Here’s the rest of my office. I didn’t show the wall with the closet as I had the closet door open. It’s not as neatly organized. It’s not too bad but not quite as neat so I’ll spare you that. lol

I was happy my Belk order came in. I have navy and white capris for summer now. Sadly I have to send the Ellen Tracy PJ’s back as they are way too long. Well you know what? They were such a good deal. I don’t know why I couldn’t just hem them? Funny I had not thought of that til now. Like I have time to hem them. But they are winter PJ’s so I will have time, lol. It’s a deal. I will hem them.

I also bought this “sun burst” of a necklace. Sorry the flowery background makes it to where it’s harder to see. It’s a very long necklace. I like them long. It’s both silver and gold. I hardly ever wear gold but I’ll have plenty to wear this with. It was a good deal also.

So, we are having lamb chops for dinner tonight. We talked to my SIL about our Knoxville plans. We are so excited to go hang with them for a couple of meals and spend the night with them.

So we have church tomorrow, then a quick lunch. George is going to stay at Mom’s and do her patio table and I will come home finish our laundry, clean house, pack a bag for next weekend so I don’t have to think about that Friday night on 4/30 which is the last day of quarter end.

Things I’m Looking Forward To:

*Gonna change purses – isn’t it sad to look forward to changing out a purse? lol

*Gonna change my iPhone watch band to white, lol

*The fact that Quarter End will be over 4/30 and I won’t be worrying as much about it. I’m not really worried too much. It is what it is and we are NOT set up for success anyway with it, and everyone else is behind too. But it will at least be over with by then and I’ll quit having to work so many hours trying.

*Going to Knoxville and getting away for a bit even if it’s just the weekend

*The next time I get to go see a beach which is becoming a bit critical these days. I use to ache for a beach – the surf, the sand, the seafood, the views. I’d even settle for a 4 day beach long weekend if we could fly. I no longer would enjoy hours of hanging out on the beach in the heat, but I would love to take morning and evening strolls, read a book on the balcony morning and night, and even cook meals in.

*Ordering a key chain that is huge so I can find it in my purse.

*Ordering Lula Roe blouses I found on Thred Up like I like.

And that is all the time I have as our lamb chops are ready.

Meanwhile in Texas

This little boy (Little Roo) loves his doggy and isn’t his curls cute?

How’s your weekend going?

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  1. I love the filing cabinet, it is perfect. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

    Thanks for sending me down a purse shopping rabbit hole! The one I have now is the “manbag” my Dad bought a couple of months before he died and it isn’t working so well for me. I had really wanted this particular Travelon one which was my favourite colour etc but it has sold out locally. I went looking for it on the google and may have found it on Amazon, but now there is another one the same colour I am on the fence about. It will work if I am mainly using my phone to pay for things, I think. So now I have to decide about that. 🙂

    I’ve got my keys on a long lanyard that I loop around the handles of the bag I am carrying and then tuck the keys inside the bag – makes it way easier to find them.

  2. You have your home office looking very nice. I like your new filing cabinet. We use to go eat at the waffle house quite often. I love their pecan waffles. It sounds like you and your Mom got a lot done this weekend. I know she enjoys seeing you and getting to do things with you.
    It’s funny you mentioned pocketbooks, I was just looking online for a new one for summer.
    I haven’t been feeling well so we stayed home except for a grocery run. I went to the Doctor and my blood sugar was 6.9. He wants to put me on a med Jardiance. I read the side effects. They sound awful. I am too scared to take them.
    So I am going to try counting carbs and being more mindful about what I am eating.
    Do you take anything for your blood sugar? It is hard one has to eat and not being able to eat my favorite foods is torture.
    Baby Roo is so sweet loving on his dog and I love his curls.
    It is a beautiful day. I am heading out to run a few errands. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • I took Metformin for a while and got off because of the damage it supposedly can do. I too just keep sugar at a minimum and cut back on carbs- not nearly enough- but add more greens and less sugary fruits. I could do better!

  3. Glad you & your mom took care of business & fun.
    I like your incognito filing cabinet. Perfect! Your office is shaping up nicely.
    I dread changing purses even when I have a new one.
    Last week was the Nor’ Easter with ice & snow. Today is air conditioning. Crazzee going ons 😵‍💫

  4. I am just now getting to read this. Glad your car is fixed (hopefully).

    I have never been to Double Dogs. Richard and I were planning to go and something came up so I have never eaten there. Glad you liked it!!!

    Your office looks awesome. It is looking like a workable solution!!!!

    We would love to go out with yall sometime… Just let us know what works with your schedule!!!
    Have a great week!!

  5. Tell George to drink either pickle juice or apple cider vinager for his gout. Ken has had several bouts with it overt he years. It usually is the result of him eating too much shell fish like shrimp. So he eats that more sparingly now we are both in the habit of drinking our pickle juice and our olive juice. We never throw it away. It has been several years since Ken had the gout but when he does it is painful. he lcan now feel it coming on so he increases his intake of pickle juice or apple cider vinegar

    • Geishas been doing apple cider vinegar. Seems most men have had it at some time. He also does tart cherry juice. It’s getting better every day but he says it takes about a month to go away.

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