New Hairstyles, Storms, Mishaps, and Phone Wallpapers

So, I was going to delete the last two posts because it ignited a firestorm of sorts but then I went back and read them again and I thought, why would I? It’s a beautiful piece of literary that came forth from the core of my soul, about being sad and feeling lonely, but reaching out to God and taking hold of His hand, and I realized, why on earth would I erase that? Absolutely not. I’m coming out of a bad season. I am ready to celebrate. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And no worries, I haven’t lost my gratitude for life as I’m grateful for all that we have and all that God provides. Going through a sad time doesn’t take away gratitude, but it can overshadow it. I wish it had been as easy as flipping a light switch to just “get over it”, but it’s not. Anyway, the good news is we are on the back side of it and that was supposed to be my message, but I think maybe everyone didn’t realize how bad it had been.

I realize that what people get here is a retrospective and introspective tiny sliver of a report of my time. And in those 40 minutes of writing whatever I choose as my subject becomes the whole matter of the day (for the reader). Not so much for me as I have 23 other hours of the day of thoughts that were not captured. It’s kind of like the news. You get the spin on life I’ve chosen to spin at the particular time of blog post. I may have a passing thought about something and mention it and dwell an hour on it, and go on, but it may not be the main topic of my life for the time period.

Anyway, I’m moving on to lighter subjects, as I think we were all surprised by the last two days as it ended up being quite different from the message I was hoping to send. Maybe it’s the full moon and the lack of what only a few minutes of blogging can capture. Somehow my main message was missed and I hate – the devil works that way – God gets the glory – He is good – He is everything – and I’m moving on to other topics of late. It’s all good! Everything will be fine.

New Hairstyle for Mom

Mom was very happy with her hair as we went Tuesday after work. Our new hairstylist is pictured on the end. She is very good. I wish she could style our hair every morning.

We also took Mom to dinner at an Italian place and went to get groceries last night. So we have been busy with her and getting her wants and needs done this week.

I’m not sure what is happening to her mail but she says she is not getting her utility bills. And some of those are late b/c the bill didn’t come in. She has called the post office to report it.

We will be helping her order her patio furniture Sunday while she is here for Easter dinner. She has a particular account she wants to order from and is not sure if her debit card has been activated from the new account so we have to figure all that out. And I have no idea what happened with this! This is at Mom’s. Will life give her a break? She is calling the customer care people as it’s under warranty. But the recessed light is hanging down.

Cardboard Kaleidoscope? lol

And what’s up with this? Do we not know how a toilet roll is to be made and do we not have QC? I guess not!


We have had a night of storms on Wednesday night. It rocked and rolled from about 8:30 p.m. until about 1:30 Thursday morning.

Little Roo has been very sick!

He has been sick with fever for several days and antibiotics took their sweet time to work but we got a FaceTime this morning from him and he is eating and playing and no fever. Thank you Lord.

Phone Wallpaper

I took a picture of the map on my wall yesterday and made a wallpaper out of it for my phone. You are welcome to download it if you want.

Here’s a couple of pics of what it looks like as a wallpaper on my phone. I really like it.

So George and I are headed out for a day on the town today. I will share pics soon. Tomorrow I’ll be working on our Easter Dinner and Sunday we will have church, stop by Mom’s and get Fancy, do some things here at the house (order Mom’s patio table and work a puzzle) and then eat and take Mom home.

The next two weeks at work I will likely have to go in early and stay late and work really long days. I’ve not had time to stay late so far and then we had a holiday week, next week Mom has a doc appt and I have a dentist appt. Next Saturday is Fancy’s trim so I can’t even work on Saturday. So I may be MIA for as long as two weeks until I get all that under control. I’m just not getting much time to work on it as payroll has been unusually crazy and all consuming and then I’ve not had extra time to work over so far. So it looks like I’ll have to cut out any and all personal time the next two weeks to be able to get it all finished. It’s just the way it is. I’m behind everywhere.

Including getting ready for our trip out. It’s hard to finish anything these days. Including a sentence, much less a blog post.

Over and out. Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back soon. Maybe in the morning!

4 responses to “New Hairstyles, Storms, Mishaps, and Phone Wallpapers”

  1. Your mom’s hair looks nice!
    I hate toilet paper rolls like that. I don’t bother putting them on the roller. $%&#=]@!
    I hope River gets well & can enjoy his Easter basket.
    Rainstorms is what it’s all about this time of the year. Ugh😵‍💫
    Maybe you found a doggie today. That would make us both happy 😊

    • River much better. Playing and no fever and eating. We FaceTimed! No doggie 🐶 today but we sure are talking about it! lol Soon. We have a trip coming up so maybe we look after that. I wish one would just find us!

  2. I have an important life rule that you might want to consider adopting –

    Never Delete. 🙂

    Love Mom’s hairstyle! Looks great.

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